Thursday, February 19, 2015

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The Attendees at the 2015 Davos Economic Forum Are Part of the Problem Not Part of the Solution.

Mick Hall lambasts this years Davos Economic Forum. Mick Hall is a veteran Marxist activist and trade unionist who blogs at Organized Rage.

Egyptian democratic dictator with Friend, just two of this years guests at 2015 Davos Forum

It's hardly surprising the paedo prince, Andrew Windsor will be attending this years Davos Economic Forum in Switzerland for it is where the world's tawdy collection of Billionaires and their political and media gophers go to find new ways to increase and ring fence their great wealth.

While their political 'elites' throughout the world fleece ordinary folk with their self serving austerity measures, times have been good for the most wealthy, the share of the world’s wealth owned by the richest 1% has increased from 44% in 2009 to 48% in 2014, while the least well-off 80% currently own just 5.5%.

To understand how these billionaires entice alternative sources of power into their web one only need note one of the six co-chairs at this year’s forum is one Winnie Byanyima, executive director of Oxfam International. Pray tell what is Oxfam doing there? The fact that at last years Forum Oxfam produced a study showing that 85 of the richest people on the planet have the same wealth as the poorest 50%. (3.5 billion people) Not surprisingly this fell on deaf ears and today those figures are far worse, with only 80 people now owning the same amount of wealth as more than 3.5 billion people.

Does Byanyima seriously belief her power of oratory is so great she is going to convince this bunch of cleptomaniacs, war criminals, tax dodging shysters to change the ways of a life time. If so she is whistling in the dark as the reason these people give up their time to attend conferences like Davos and Bilderberg, where the memberships are interchangeable, is to network amongst their own and to come up with new ways to increase and ring fence their ill gotten gains.

This being so no honest politician, trade unionist, business person or head of a charity would be seen dead in such disreputable company. Why would they wish to attend a conference at which the likes of the paedo prince will use his presence to justify his wretched behavior. Indeed one of the regular attendees at Davros in previous years was Andrew Windsor's procurer, convicted billionaire paedophile Jeffrey Epstein, who it's alledged organised parties in which delegates at the conference were entertained by underage girls.

According to the conference organisers this years Davros will be attended by Angela Merkel, George Osborne, John Kerry, Jacob Zuma, Italian PM Matteo Renzi, the dictator of Egypt Abdel Fatah El Sisi, Ahmet Davuto─člu, Christine Lagarde, Tony Blair, etc, plus 2,500 CEO's, including the heads of the Banks which crashed the world economy in 2008, plu academics, scientists and other 'global shapers,' what ever that may mean.

It is far from unfair to sum up many amongst this disreputable bunch are the very people who have played an important part in getting the world economy into the neo liberal mess it's in today. They are part of the problem not the solution and should all be poked with a very long stick, although there are those who might suggest something much heavier.