Friday, February 27, 2015

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PSNI’s Double Standards

PSNI’s Double Standards On Investigating The Past Illustrated By Scapatticci Case. One Law For Boston Interviewees, Another For British Agents

Ed Moloney showing how the PSNI is implementing its Different Strokes for Different Folks programme for dealing with the past. Ed Moloney is a prominent Irish journalist living in New York. He was the project director for Boston College’s oral history project. He blogs at The Broken Elbow.
This was a story carried by Ulster Television today. No comment from me is necessary because the implications are obvious. Note the ‘no comment’ from PSNI. And not a squeak from the British military:


IRA victim’s father calls for Scappaticci probe
A man whose son was murdered by the IRA in 1993 has called on Freddie Scappaticci to be investigated for his alleged involvement in the killing.
Story by UTV Staff, Belfast.

Calls for Scappaticci probe
Frank Mulhern

Frank Mulhern’s solicitor Kevin Winters, who is representing a number of victims’ families in civil cases against the alleged Army agent, the Ministry of Defence and the Chief Constable, is urging more people to come forward.
Joe Mulhern was just 22 years old when he was abducted by the IRA.He was accused of passing information to Special Branch, interrogated for 10 days, shot and his body dumped near Castlederg, Co Tyrone.
No-one has ever been charged or convicted of the murder.
Six weeks after he was buried his father Frank – who first spoke to UTV’s Insight programme in 2013 – said Freddie Scappaticci, who at the time was alleged to be a senior member of the IRA’s internal security unit, told him about his son’s murder.
Frank Mulhern said:

I asked him again how he died and Scap said that the first shot had hit my son in the back of the neck and he told the guy whoever shot him to shoot him again, so the second shot hit him on the back of the head and apparently that’s what killed him.
Scappaticci was named in 2003 as the highest ranking Army agent working inside the IRA, a claim he consistently denies.
Frank Mulhern is convinced the security forces could have saved his son but chose to protect their spy codenamed ‘stakeknife’.
“It’s about time Scap was brought to court and that’s all I really want,” he said.
Frank Mulhern, together with a number of other families, are now taking a civil action against Freddie Scappaticci, the Ministry of Defence and the Chief Constable.
Their solicitor Kevin Winters believes all the abductions and killings allegedly linked to Scappaticci, along with the role of the state in protecting the agent from prosecution, need to be fully investigated.
Frank Mulhern continued: “The PSNI have files which could solve a lot of these murders but for one reason or another they’re not acting on them, probably because Freddie Scappaticci is involved.
“I say my prayers at night and one of the prayers includes Scap, that he is brought to court and charged or whatever. I mean all I want is my day in court with Freddie Scappaticci – I want absolutely nothing else.”
The PSNI said it would not be making any comment.


James said...

Scapatticci MUST be investigated full stop. He has been ushered of the face of the planet in order to save the embarrassment of the leadership of S/F and the MI5, special branch British handlers acting on behalf of the British establishment.

Never mind "We want Barrabas, WE want Scapatticci". He could end up like Billy Wright as soon as he became a danger to his British handlers he was simply bumped off.

I have often sat and wondered what deal was cut with the leadership of S/F, Scapatticci given in the information we already know about on the runs Amnesty to shuffle this illusion of a peace process.

I firmly believe this is the decade of the whistleblower, I live in hope, but not as much hope on the victims of the steaknife, in the his role of lord chief executioner.

I could overlook his role as chief executioner secretly working for the enemy back somewhere in the medieval period, but this was technically yesterdays brutal history.

Madness. Everybody seems to have forgot, or wants to forget, it needs to be revisted with gusto in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

People are living in a dream world ! I ask all people to look at the murder of psni officer Stephen Carroll and the conviction of the craigavon 2 ! They haven't gone away you know! Mi5 their agents all still at it !

I ask all people to just have a quick look, it's shocking stuff!

larry hughes said...

To tell that poor man the gory details as outlined is the work of evil. I'm not so sure about a day in court, I'd be looking 5 minutes with Freddie and 5 more with everyone belonging to him in turn.

AM said...


when Scap and most likely P O'Neill were doing their double act and sending wretches to eternity the Brits were having a field day. One using the thumb screws and the other giving the thumbs down. it is inconceivable that the Brits were not having them bug discussions at the highest levels. They have those tapes and won't be issuing subpoenas to get them but will use the power of the courts to stop us hearing them.

Anonymous said...

have a look at some background to the double agents in the dirty war - including freddie scapitticci

larry hughes said...

Connor Murphy bleating like a goat in Jurassic Park begging the RUC to 'act' in S. Armagh is going to look a pretty daft numpty if the RUC knew that poster was booby-trapped and told no one.

AM said...


would it surprise you if it emerged that the people behind the attack were also behind the attack on Paul Quinn and were trying a diversion that somehow went badly wrong?

larry hughes said...

Nothing would surprise me. Sad to say.