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Morrison is no Monkey

  • Monkeys are superior to men in this: when a monkey looks into a mirror, he sees a monkey - Malcolm De Chazal
Danny Morrison seems to have left the shelter of the monastery, freed for a while from his vow of silence. A relapse or full recovery - we don’t yet know - from the effects of at least two embarrassing encounters that showed the measure of the man. There was little to measure.

Just muteness when he was the recipient of a deftly delivered public slap down from Mairia Cahill over something that happened in “BD’s kitchen” after she had apparently disclosed her experience of abuse to him. He further underwent a humiliating experience at the funeral of Gerry Conlon where, with practiced summersaulting, he flatly denied ever having called anyone supposedly associated with the Boston College project a tout. The speed with which his undercarriage retracted up into his throat – which explains why he always talks balls – was said to have been every bit as rapid as his exit from the cemetery.

Composure now somewhat recovered, Bangers has fallen off the quiet wagon and is back on the smear. There is no longer any mileage in this for the cupid stunt and there has not been for many a year. Old habits just take a long time dying. Still, it opens up another opportunity for his critics to shine light on the omnipresent damning tapestry that now serves as the backcloth to his pernicious role during the hunger strike.

In 2012 Morrison complained to the Belfast Telegraph that the British Intelligence agencies “ran agents like puppets ... They decide who lives and dies in perverse, private war games.” Of course they did. Shadowy, mendacious, manipulative men benefitting from facelessness. Now, thanks in part to the Boston College oral history project, the mask of anonymity has been peeled back, leaving us knowing the identities of the committee men who played perverse, private war games, behind the back of the IRA’s army council, with the lives of six hunger strikers. 

It matters not in the slightest what kiss up kick down Danny says about anyone, good or bad. A slow learner, he is dogged by a chronic incapacity to comprehend the immunity from smear his integrity deficiency syndrome bestows on those he seeks to malign. A history of slime is the consummate dissolvent for his believability. Without the adhesive of credibility there is no moral authority with which to make any derogatory label stick.

In one of his latest forays he has taken to labelling myself as McInTout and a Brit informing journologist. It is not the first time despite his graveyard denials:

Well,  Whoopie Doo and pardon me for living.

If I were to say I was even faintly hurt by it not a soul would believe me. I treat it just as I did Denis Donaldson’s claim to a US journalist that through my writing I was doing the work of the Brits. Whether from Dirty Den or Dodgy Dan, who gives a monkey’s? I merely find it useful to collate and pass on to journalists, researchers and elected representatives as evidence of intimidation. Nor can I deny that there is a measure of self indulgence on my part. It is somewhat uplifting when confronted by a cornered rat baring its teeth, to shake a stick and see it scurrying.

Morrison also makes the charge that Ed Moloney and me are rewriting the history of his suffering.

This sounds more like a pathetic self-pitying whinge than it does serious critique. Ironically, in the same year that the Boston College project commenced, Morrison was making the case in the Andersonstown News for denying Britain – and by extension its agents of influence - "authorship of our history".

The Boston College project for all the criticism that has been hurled at it, took authorship of history out of the hands of people like Dodgy Danny. His visceral hatred of the project is rooted not in any rewriting of the suffering he endured but in its having acted as the catalyst for a new writing of the suffering he inflicted through his perverse and private manipulation of the hunger strike: a blistering critique from the pens of Richard O'Rawe and Carrie Twomey showing how Morrison wilfully threw six dying men under the train. He does not want writing like that out there for perfectly understandable reasons. For as Robert Cox said of Morrison’s Dirty War counterparts in Argentina: ‘They could never admit what they did because their crimes were so terrible.’

So while what he says about others does not matter in terms of what people think, what is said about him by others seems to concern him very much. Hence his attempts to bully the people who uploaded the Youtube video that snared him in his lying about the hunger strikes.  

On the subject of trains, monkeys it seems have evolved a higher ethical standard than Morrison. The monkey in the following clip, when looking at Morrison’s behaviour during the 1981 hunger strike will readily see itself in Mark Twain’s terse observation: “In discarding the monkey and substituting man, our Father in Heaven did the monkey an undeserved injustice.”

What the Monkey did

What Morrison did

5 July 1981

A poem, The Spy by Jorge Luis Borges, might easily have been written for Morrison on account of one single line: I betrayed those who believed me their friend.


Anonymous said...

"I betrayed those who believed me their friend"

An epitaph fitting for the leadership of sinn fein/pira.

In contrast to...

"Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends".

larry hughes said...

Boy that is a serious read to begin the day. So indicative of SF leadership being given a blank cheque and a free media run on the 'piss-process' gravy train until now. This upcoming election in the south will see the media compliance aspect of this 'process' hit the buffers. A stint in government will be enough I suspect to see SF exposed and the entire criminal interest train derailed completely.

'I treat it just as I did Denis Donaldson’s claim to a US journalist that through my writing I was doing the work of the Brits. Whether from Dirty Den or Dodgy Dan, who gives a monkey’s?'

Pigs attempting to throw muck-balls, SF leadership modus operandi.

Niall said...

Very direct and unequivocal comment Seán Ó....I liked it.
AM - do these people ever, seriously think before they speak? Sometimes their daftness defies all logic and reason.
Unlike the monkey, Morrison when looking into the mirror sees Danny OBE....well, it' the direction they're heading in, isn't it?

AM said...


I think it is a residue from "the pleasure of command" days when they could push the chest out and were used to people not answering back. That combined with living in a cultic bubble where one sycophant is not going to accuse another sycophant of being a sycophant. So they turn on everybody outside the sycophantic circle.

Henry JoY said...

By golly what a sharp quill!

In this seriously clever multi-media piece Dr Big Mackers draws attention to significant legacy issues, legacy issues for the cabal that hijacked the Provisional Movement, legacy issues for those that indiscriminately and blindly followed and follow. Legacy issues too for those who'd attempt to breathe life back into this putrid corpse of a cause that ought to have been long buried. And buried in unhallowed ground at that!

Any self-appointed saviours of 'Irish Republicanism' might be well advised to consider that the whole thing is now irredeemable. Who in their right mind would want to follow such an ignoble path, never mind lead another generation down it?

John Morgan said...

The lord high executioner has the blood and suffering of our brothers and sisters to account for in full. He is answerable only to their judgement

Anonymous said...

danny, like ALL the senior sf and provo leadership, is a pathological liar.

Tain Bo said...

Not sure if Danny was let out the monastery or he just took off his hat and walked out in disguise. Now he is sufficiently lower on the pole he is the obvious choice for shite-stirring, he has yet to master the art of throwing it with the wind at his back as usual it lands square on his bake.

Tain Bo said...


Bangers already had/has his Obvious Buck Eegit along with the rest More Buck Eegits. I don’t think it is a matter of do they think but a case off they spew out so much it is not possible to keep track. Pre-computer world that wasn’t a problem but undeniable when twits rant on twitter or anywhere on the web, though I am sure his accounts were hacked and he is the victim that is always a good one.

Anonymous said...

Leave him alone lads. He is a monkey. Pea brain fecker!

Organized Rage said...

Fuck me AM, remind me never to get on the wrong side of you.

AM said...


LOL. Lots of people get on the wrong side of me. Me and you get on the wrong side of each other over this or that, disagree, move on, but never fall out.

This person is one of the most despicable and treacherous ever to have come through our ranks. A bully who kicks down and kisses up, he'll not cower anybody here into submission whether he ties them to a chair or not.

Every time he presents us with a penalty kick regarding what he did to six of our own from the blanket protest it will be converted with force.

Anonymous said...

I had the pleasure of meeting Richard Ó Rawe for the first time and shaking his hand at Gerry Conlon’s funeral and I coincidentally happened to have Richard's first book 'Blanketmen’ in my car that day which he signed.
I can confirm the "crat in the hat" did make a hurried departure from the graveside that day.

Anonymous said...

how many people on army council were not touts/agents/oil barons.

AM said...

Grouch in my view very few of them. While it is not popular in republican circles to say it, I have never been of the opinion that the likes of Adams or McGuinness were. Most republicans seem to think they were but I disagree.

I think the Brit strategy was to have people very close to them who they turned. I remember the fuss about Jonathan Powell writing army council statements but my attitude was the Brits always wrote army council statements through the pen of P O'Neill.

Anonymous said...

sound anthony, maybe i shudve asked how many people on army council were republicans.

AM said...


or women

a woman free zone seemingly

larry hughes said...

Disagree Mackers, the way those 2 run their wee cult no amount of agents close to them would have deflected their course. Statements made from 86 onwards were a Trojan coin a topical phrase. It was probably difficult operationally before the Westminster office idea.... but that venture was recognition that the job was done and the danger passed for both of them. They are self serving Brits, no question.

AM said...


you and Grouch may of course be right. I just have an opinion. Having it doesn't make it right!

Henry JoY said...

Good point on the absence of females on the Army Council.

I think its a fair observation to state that the greater the emancipation of women in a society the greater the dampening of hierarchical testosterone drives towards wanton excesses (Lack of female emancipation in society is a significant contributor in current conflicts and the level of entrenchment can be correlated).

The movement would have benefited greatly from the inclusion of more women in both the political and military leadership.

Certainly the lives of prisoners would not have been allowed to be sacrificed for a dubious political strategy.

Anonymous said...

brits out

Henry JoY said...

tits in, in this case 'grouch' LOL.

larry hughes said...

Quids in ....SF

Dixie said...

The Rat in a Hat only went and blocked me on Twitter. SF's Lord Ha Ha can call the likes of Mackers touts all he wants but it's clear, especially given Adamsism's move towards the Commonwealth, that hidden hands are directing Gerry and Marty.

And I must strongly disagree Mackers regarding them being touts, if not both surely others in the AC should have noticed that Marty was a protected species throughout his IRA career.

Anonymous said...

i wudnt trust most of the figures on the ac. the more u learn the worse it gets. hughes saw the rot when he got out, changed people in security only for them to be brought back on board when his back was turned. so much for the most lethal undefeated paramilitary army in the world. lol. also, im curious to know - who exactly brought scap into security and who was in charge up there back then? how many figures did adams and mcguinness bring onto the council and ghq. marxists and oil baron wannabees make strange bedfellows, mix that in with CONSTANT LYING and thats why gerry adams can say he bounces bollock naked with his dog and nobody dares tell him to fuck up. i used to tear into people down here back in the day if they called south armagh bandit country. i call it oil bandit country now. what a bunch of toxic bastards and bullies the provos produced in that place. raymond mccreesh didnt die for green diesel. fuck u slob and co u bunch of cowardly bullying oilbaron bogmen and all belonging to you. 'patriots' who pump toxic sludge into our beautiful country. u homos should be interned for crimes against eire.

Tain Bo said...


Being blocked used to be a good night out. You must have been saying something right to the maggot the braying sheep do not like being sheared in public, on the upside its Bangers more to be laughed at than with.