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If There is One Thing They Fail to Teach at Eton, Harrow and the Rest of the Private Elitist Schools it's How to Build Good Character

Mick Hall views with disdain the English public school system. Mick Hall is a veteran Marxist activist and trade unionist who blogs at Organized Rage.  
Since the UK Coalition came to power in 2010 it's not unreasonable to claim, where there was once harmony there is discord. Where there was truth, there is lies. Where there was faith, there is doubt. And where there was hope, there is despair.
Floreat Etona (Let Eton flourish and poison the world some wag might add)
On reading of the death of Mandy Rice Davies it struck me just how deceitful and godawful the English ruling class can be when it comes to destroying the lives of individuals who threaten there power and privileges and how the UK's main public schools like those mentioned below have played their part in talking up this reprehensible behaviour as something to be admired and their former pupils as hero's and not the despicable villains they undoubtedly were and in some cases still are.

After John Profumo, (Harrow School and Oxbridge) the Tory Minister of War was forced to resign for lying to parliament in 1963, the ruling classes of the day instead of turning on their own who were the main players in this sordid affair, concentrated there fire on the minor figures in the scandal, who were first pilloried by the mainstream media and then brought before the law court's. Henry Brook (Marlborough College and Oxbridge.) the Tory Home Secretary, then set a corrupt Scotland Yard detective to work to destroy the minor players in the saga, including 18 year old Mandy Rice Davies, who was bullied and threatened to help frame Stephen Ward a politically inconvenient man for living off the earnings of prostitutes.*

Whether Ward was murdered or committed suicide before the end of his trial is a matter of personal opinion. What is a fact is the chief justice of the day Lord Parker, (Rugby School and Oxbridge) and his successor Lord Widgery, Public school and Lincoln's Inn, helped muddy the waters during the actual trial by interfering in the case. While after the trial Lord Denning, (Oxbridge) was called upon to sign off the scandal in a neat, 'there was no coverup' legalese bow.

All three beaks were to go on to serve the British establishment well, their speciality was working on behalf of the English ruling class to whitewash away troublesome issues in fine words and nonsensical legalese. **

Thus it was hardly surprising to learn Lord Denning's Report and all records related to the Profumo affair, the transcripts of the trial, the police evidence and the Denning papers, are not to be released until the year 2046. When Rice Davies finally managed to winkle the transcripts of her own Old Bailey evidence from the National Archive under the freedom of Information act, archivists overseen by the spooks redacted every single name she mentioned including Profumo's, Christine Keeler, and Lord Astor.

Thus I almost fell off the twig laughing when Tristram Hunt, (Public school and Oxbridge) Ed Miliband's Shadow Secretary of State for Education said he wishes to emulate throughout the state education system the 'character building' which the public schools instil in there pupils. As an example he used a quote by that old rogue Churchill, when as a LP member far more appropriate examples should have stared Hunt in the face.

For unlike the upper middle classes, working class people often face failure at every turn in their daily lives due to the way the UK's ruling classes have structured society, ring-fenced and barricade their professions. Whether it be gaining entrance to one of the Russell Group of universities, finding a decent job; or these days in the case of many their struggle to put food on the table and a roof over their heads. Each day these folk sum up the courage and determination to carry on in their struggle to build better lives for them and theirs. That all this seems to be oblivious to Mr Hunt who much prefers to use a quote by a public school educated Tory can only be put down to him having had his wheels of life greased and impoverished by an elitist education....

Character building my arse

As far as schools like Eton and Harrow are concerned as the saying goes the proof of the pudding is in the eating. If a narrow outlook on life, sharp elbows, class prejudice, and an absolute belief in self entitlement and to hell with those whose lives are ruined in the process is the type of character building Hunt wishes state schools to emulate then he need look no further than schools like Eton, and Harrow as they turn them out in spades.

Don't take my word for it just check out the crimes, misdemeanours, prejudices and opinions of former pupils of such schools who gained powerful positions. I have tried to steer clear of the Coalition government even though as far as this thread is concerned it's very fertile ground as 65% of the Cabinet where educated in private schools, with Eton College at the fore, which makes a truism of Cameron's quote 'we' are all in this together.

All I will add is there is little doubt between them Cameron, Clegg and senior government ministers have enriched their own kind with tax cuts and favourable legislation, and created havoc and misery to millions of ordinary peoples lives. They have displayed a lack of compassion for the victims of the Coalitions policies which is unequalled by any post war government including that of Margret Thatcher. There grubby attempt to rewrite the history of WW1 borders on the obscene when with the help of a moat full of plastic poppies and the pens of pliable historians like Dan Snow, (Public school and Oxbridge) they attempted to turn that bloody and unnecessary conflagration into a 'good war'.

Indeed since the coalition came to power in 2010 it's not unreasonable to claim where there was once harmony there is discord. Where there was truth, there is lies. Where there was faith, there is doubt. And where there was hope there is despair.

If we look back beyond the early1960s when the Profumo scandal took place, where ever evil lurks you will find Eton old boys to the fore.

Whether it was plundering or enforcing the murder and grand larceny which was the British Empire, or in the 18th and 19th centuries placing on the statute book, or implementing laws which were solely designed to protect the wealth and property of the ruling classes. There was no country on the face of the earth in which there have been so many different offences which were punished with death as in England. The criminal law included some 220 crimes punishable by death, including being in the company of Gypsies for one month, strong evidence of malice in a child aged 7–14 years of age, or using a disguise whilst committing a crime which potentially made carrying a change of clothes a capital crime. A notable example of this so called rule of law was the Black Act of 1723, which created 50 capital offences for various acts of minor theft including poaching, which for many poor folk in the countryside was the only way to put food on the table. This abomination was introduced by the government of Eton old boy Robert Walpole.

When slavery was finally abolished in British colonies in 1733, Eton old boy Charles Grey was on hand as prime minister to handsomely reward/compensate the slave owners whilst not providing a single penny to those who had been kidnapped from their home countries, held in bondage and brutalised by the slavers and Plantation owners. Indeed much of Eton College's great wealth came from the slave trade and not only this shady establishment benefited from this obscene trade in human beings. David Cameron's great-grand-uncle's, the second Earl of Fife, was awarded £4,101, equal to more than £3m today, to compensate him for the 202 slaves he forfeited on the Grange Sugar Estate in Jamaica.

Transportation to Australia at its height was overseen politically in England between 1824 to 1847 by a collection of Eton old boys including George Canning, Arthur Wellesley, Charles Grey, although for good measure Harrow school chipped in Robert Peel. These ruling class cretins showed no mercy towards their victims, men women and children where shipped across the world in death ships, some were totally innocent, others having only committed minor crimes. They were transported in the most appalling conditions and those who eventually arrived were very lucky to have survived the voyage.

These men and women having showed such resilience and courage often went on to help build the Commonwealth of Australia which is today one of the most prosperous countries in the world.

Now there's a fine example of character, resilience and courage for you Mr Hunt!

Where ever the footprints of Eton old boys went sheer evil was not far behind, some might claim all schools have their share of bad eggs, true, but if a state school had produced them on such a scale far from being placed in special measures it would have been long ago dissolved in infamy having been held up by the education profession as an example of what not to do.

If there is state school which has turned loose on the world as many political satraps, corrupt businessmen and financiers, psychopaths, criminals, and class prejudiced bigots as Eton College I would be interested to hear about it.

 * More on Death of Mandy Rice Davies here

**Lord Widgery's Report whitewashed away the Bloody Sunday murders.

One only has to read Lord Justice Denning, then Master of the Rolls, before the Court of Appeal in November 1979 on the Birmingham Six to understand all you need to know about the so called rule of law....

"Just consider the course of events if this action is allowed to proceed to trial. If the six men fail it will mean much time and money will have been expended to no good purpose. If the six men win, it will mean that the police are guilty of perjury, that they are guilty of violence and threats, that the confessions were invented and improperly admitted in evidence and the convictions were erroneous."

"This is such an appalling vista that every sensible person in the land would say that it cannot be right that these actions should go any further." 


pat murphy said...

My o My,how time changes nothing. Would many on the hill be old Etonians by any chance?.

James said...

To compliment this post, if anyone is interested Owen Jones book titled The Establishment: And how they get away with it 2014 was superb reading on how the elite manage to remain at the top of the tree.

I was not a great fan of Owen Jones speaking, but I tell you that boy can paint a picture with words. The reviews on amazon speak for themselves. My favorite that summed it up for me was "This is the most important book on the real politics of the UK in my lifetime, and the only one you will ever need to read. You will be enlightened and angry". (Irvine Welsh)

There is also a Look Left forum in the Holiday Inn, Ormeau Road next thursday at 7:30pm thursday 12th Feb 2015 if you are into that type of thing. All sections of the community invited, to discuss the stormount house agreement.