Monday, February 2, 2015

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Controlled Movement Reinforced in Maghaberry Jail.

TPQ features a press statement released by prisoners aligned to the Continuity IRA in Roe 2, Maghaberry on the latest tension in the jail. The statement was issued on 31 January 2015.

As to date, all within our community will be aware of the ongoing construction which commenced on Thursday within the Republican landings in Roe House. Now that the construction is coming to an end it is clear to be seen that the jail administration has employed yet another dirty trick.

The access to the canteen /recreation room has seen controlled movement enhanced whereas before we only had to travel down one stair in this area, we now have to traverse three corridors beginning with a turn stile and ending with a turn stile. From today January 31 a number of POWs have been charged with refusing to lock up as the system cranks up the pressure.

Over the past few day the screws have continuously locked us using the excuse that alarms are sounding from other landings, We feel that theses alarms are being deliberately activated in an attempt to slow down movement on our landing; coupled with the fact that the new turn-styles are causing great problems as the screws in the pod are now operating a go slow policy when moving POWs about the wing thus tightening controlled movement as opposed to relaxing it.

How can this be interpreted as progress? They have constructed cages which link three areas on Roe 4 and two areas on Roe 3. 

This sees unprecedented levels of control inflicted on Republican POWs to the extent that security bully boy ..... refused POWs access to food on Sunday, January 25. His reasoning for this is because in his view there were too many POWs in the “said area”, yet in his words the reason for creating the cages was to allow unlimited numbers access to the three areas. 

He also refused to pass the food through a purpose built opening. We continue to highlight the situation because of the lack of progress since 2010. 

The continued tightening of controlled movement will ensure that any future consequences will stem from the administrations’ refusal to make progress and the blame for such consequences will lie solely with the prison administration and their bosses in NIPS for creating and operating a conflict fuelled environment.

NB: The jail was also lockdown on Sunday February 1, 2015


frankie said...

Anthony just posted the same statement along with a BBC report about an 'on going incident in Roe House'..

AM said...

There is a protest this evening outside Maghaberry. Reports are coming out of the jail about the prison staff resorting to the time honoured tactic of beating prisoners.

frankie said...

Belfast tele are reporting

"He said no prison officers or prisoners had been hurt and security had not been breached."

Hands up who buys into that line... I don't. I reckon there more than a few slaps given out by riot police in Roe House as I type..

frankie said...

According to Radio Ulster prison staff have been pulled from Roe Hse and some reports are saying at least one prisoner has been 'slapped'..

A riot landrover has entered...

Reports are sketchy...

AM said...

Update from Mandy Duffy via Sandy Boyer

UPDATE: A RPP who was assaulted last night by screws on the wing has been in severe pain since last night and has been refused medical attention due to the ongoing situation. This mans condition has deteriorated throughout the day and IRPWA have been informed that he is now passing a serious amount of blood in his urine and is still being refused medical attention...Martin Kelly has now left the wing to be transported to hospital and will face a brutal forced strip search while already in excruciating pain from his injuries at the hands of the Riot Squad...IRPWA have been overwhelmed by the support which has been shown for Maghaberry RPPs today and in turn so have the Republican Prisoners when we relay back to them the mood of the Republican Community..With this in mind it is important that every effort is made to attend this protest at the Gaol tonight. Victory To The Republican Political Prisoners.

UPDATE: RPP Martin Kelly has been returned to the wing and has received 5 temporary paper stitches to a wound on his cheek which the doctor has confirmed was inflicted by the heel of a boot. Martin is awaiting transport to hospital to have his broken arm set in plaster and have the temporary stitches replaced. He is in good spirits despite his injuries and expressed gratitude to the Republican Community when the RPPs informed him that a protest had been organised tonight at the Gaol in response to the Riot Squad acting with impunity today on Roe.

ozzy said...

The British are making a very grave mistake here.
First off this "new" IRA is not that popular so there is no need to operate a harsh prison regime.
It reminds people of what the brit(scum) did to Tom Clarke and the others.
Whereby they created a corrupt and depraved prison regime specifically designed to drive them mentally insane.
So why do this when the Brits are already winning the propaganda war?
If there is one thing that would create popular support for a New IRA it would be a harsh prison regime.
Is this a 1916 execution of the Rebels, moment? I think it could well be. I have always been mindful of a Brit mistake ( they are arseholes-afterall) and this could be it.
Secondly. The BBC have just reported this.
The Brits are really stoking up the propaganda war..They must be worried about 2016. And this BBC story could so easily have come straight from the desk of MI5

frankie said...

Incase anyone missed it.. Here is today's Radio Ulster's Talkback Mandy Duffy gives an update on Maghaberry. Also on the show is Paul Given DUP MLA for Lagan and David Ford who fails miserably in down playing the seriousness of the situation. (Talk begins at 8min 15sec in...)

The prison service didn't have anyone available to talk but issued a press release. And there are one or two telling calls from listeners..

frankie said...

Prison protests will fail without outside support

By Liam Clarke – 12 February 2015

Irish republicans have always continued their struggle within the prison walls. The results have not always been great, but occasionally prison protests have been successful, or affected the big political picture.......