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Je Suis Charlie: Gladio In Motion - A Frightening And Ongoing Reality

Sean Bresnahan with his thoughts on the Charlie Hebdo affair. Sean Bresnahan is a Tyrone republican.

While not taking away from the victims in Paris, who are of course victims to be mourned the same as any other, why is it we never see the same moral outrage when the Brits and Yanks and their missile strikes kill innocent children in Pakistan or Yemen, or wherever else they decide on as the latest target of their deadly and daily ‘War On Terror’?

Over 200,000 are dead in Syria because of a situation the West created for its own purposes, Ukraine is on its knees, Palestine has recently been subject to the latest massive attack by their Zionist dogs and it seems the Koreans are being lined up for something also.


We don't see the Lord Mayor of Belfast out front at City Hall in solidarity with these victims, hashtags going viral or wall-to-wall coverage of any of these crimes – because they're not victims or crimes unless they fit a certain paradigm. I'd hope people are astute enough to realise much of this is agenda-laden manipulation as much as news, but given the power of television and its ability to warp and dictate our thinking you just wouldn't know.

By defaming Islam, whether through false-flag black-bag operations or, as is more likely in this instance, deliberately generating the conditions that create these sort of terrorist attacks, it criminalises a whole group of people, i.e. Arabs and Muslims, relegating them to the status of sub-human, thus impacting on our concern for what is being done to these groups in their homelands, with the ultimate purpose being the plunder of wealth and resources by and for the imperial interest. Our conscience suitably cleared of course.

The sad fact is the crocodile tears of political leaders are completely bogus, they care as much about the victims of Charlie Hebdo as they do those in Syria or Pakistan, or ourselves for that matter. These brutes don't care about anything. If they did they could not go to bed at night without putting up a rope and swinging, so perverse are their monstrous, heinous crimes.

Are we that blinded by their propaganda and psychological assault we do not recognise this fascist Wahhabi 'Islam' they encourage us to hate, and identify with all Muslims, as the pseudo-creation of our own governments?

People willing to dig deeper and beyond the scripted narrative, designed as it is to provoke these responses, should research the Cold War policy of the NATO powers known as 'Gladio' – the ‘Strategy of Tension’ – a creature of the CIA and British Military Intelligence in which psychological operations in the form of right-wing terrorism, crime and attempted coup d’etat, were mounted and assisted through the media to create conditions in men's minds that would permit a preconceived response by the powers that be to a contrived situation.

The tactics and indeed the purpose of today's synthetic war on terror are an extension of Gladio.

By defaming Islam – or any other targeted group, society, state or whatever – through manipulation of desperate individuals or the use of agent provocateurs to bring home the odd terror attack, itself likely manipulated and scripted, this in turn justifies their far wider, far more destructive and far more lethal and endless war – a war OF terror not on it.

Of course we sympathise with the families of those murdered in Paris and with the people of that city, this barbarism is beyond reproach. But we must never fail to ask the question why or to see these things in their context. Once we stop doing that, whether we realise it or not, we are the victim too.

Not of the terrorist but those behind the terrorist and their deception, the true architects of the terror paradigm, which is used to strip away our rights at home while looting other countries of their natural resources, physical reserves and anything else of value, while installing degenerate, client proxy-regimes to serve the imperial agenda.

Be afraid – be very afraid. But not of these 'mindless fanatics' served up to us by the world order to frighten us into surrendering hard-won liberties, as well as to justify the destruction of other societies and the theft of their resources. No. Those we should fear are the sociopaths in the corridors of power here in the supposedly enlightened Western world, the expert killers like the Camerons and Obamas and Hollandes, who kill every day without so much as batting an eye.

The stench of murder that pervades their every utterance might go unnoticed by their compliant friends in the media, and those enslaved by that same media, whose purpose is to disorient, demoralise, frighten and weaken, but we must call them out for what they are – depraved, malign psychopaths devoid of conscience and the greatest existential threat mankind has ever known.

In my view the motives of the attackers are inconsequential to the wider paradigm, regardless of their wickedness, regardless of whether they truly believed in them, regardless if they believed they were fighting for Allah, the Quran, France or Uncle Sam himself.

The true value in such an operation, for reactionary imperialism and the world order it promotes and serves, is found in its ability to shape politics, shift the narrative when and where required and all with the purpose of maintaining the dominant consensus. To that purpose the Charlie Hebdo attackers are the servant of imperialism rather than its assailants – that they themselves may not have been aware of this truly matters not.

Historical archives from the Cold War, relating to the evacuation of Nazi intelligence, entire regiments of their foot soldiers and their redeployment against perceived 'subversives' on hunting grounds of old within Italy, France and other theatres of conflict in the intelligence war, tells us they've done this type of thing before, and worse, and we have no reason to presume they would not do it again.

Aside from that, the onslaught against Islam, and the analysis of it as an evil to be rooted out, is an extension of the war on terror and its true function – which is to create terror so we can fight it, so we can kill, destroy, loot and pillage, all to take what isn't ours with a clear conscience.

Our moral compass as a society won't allow it unless we dehumanise those we wish to kill and rob as dangerous fanatics, who will strike at us in our beds if we stand by and let them. In short, the 'Dirty Arab' mindset of old and the racist worldview it promotes is no longer enough to warrant turning a blind eye or closing our minds to what are in essence our crimes.

Today we need the fundamentalist, jihadi-bogeyman to scare us into submission, to keep us from asking awkward questions. For our own good.

Racism is a necessary feature in all of this, as instilling a racist analysis and perception of the Arab world, as the source of evil and terrorism, is required to justify our taking what doesn't belong to us, or more accurately an unwillingness to confront those who do in our political leadership or to even consider that this goes on.

Arming all sides in conflict, profiting of the blood and controlling the debt created by war is also a huge element of the wider picture. What type of psychopaths would really engage in such conspiracy? The military-industrial complex and the financial powerhouses through whom it operates. This is no conspiracy but was warned off by the highest office in the United States, not once but twice. The second time round John Kennedy had his head blown off in Dallas, Texas.

Coincidentally one of those identified by New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison (who brought the only case ever tried around the JFK hit) as involved in the matrix of lies surrounding the Kennedy assassination was none other than Alan Dulles, former CIA supremo and architect of the clandestine NATO-controlled P2 death-squads of Licio Gelli – himself a lieutenant of the depraved Hermann Goering. These secretive terror units terrorised Europe throughout the Cold War, committing massacres such as the bombings in Bologna among many other heinous crimes now referred to as 'the Years of Lead'.

The Charlie Hebdo terror attacks are in my view an extension of this strategy. Where they fit into all of this is in their ability to shift the narrative of any given situation to one more suited to the interests of power. I believe the war on terror was created to serve this agenda.

There is a resource war going on in the world around us and the powerful must retain the ability to strike when and where required. The refusal of the British Parliament and an impending no vote on Capitol Hill to endorse an R2P intervention in Syria last summer was a shock to their psyche and something which they can't allow to become norm. Terror redirects to serve that end.

As incredible as it sounds, it's more than possible this was no mistake or lapse on the part of French intelligence – we have seen the 'mistakes' of late in Syria, whereby arms have been mysteriously airdropped into ISIS-held territory only for the Americans to describe it as 'logistical error'. Strange also how the missile strikes against ISIS positions have proven utterly ineffective with extremely limited casualty-rates.

Then again it's only strange if we actually believe the purpose of any of this is to fight terror. The purpose is to create terror as pretext for intervention elsewhere, to take down regimes which refuse to bow to the corporatist, fascist elites.

The military-industrial complex, and the criminal banking houses which gave rise and are partner to it, should be of far greater concern to those who aspire to a meaningful peace in our world than anything else we think we know or have seen.

The dominant narrative, even among those who consider themselves of the left, is now on a par with Farage and Le Pen, which goes to shows how well they've done this job. We should expect nothing less, they are masters of deception – 'by way of deception thou shalt do war'. The writing on Paris' gable walls proclaiming 'Death to the Arabs' is but an indication of their success, no matter what level of involvement, if any, imperialism or its agents had in this specific operation.

What ultimately matters to them is setting the background not the foreground. The rest to them is just dressing.

Charlie Hebdo was an unspeakable crime to be denounced from the highest heavens, of that there's no doubt. Those who carried it out deserve no pity or understanding and no excuse can be made for them. That though is a separate matter to uncovering the full, deep-seated, frightening truth, or to speaking out where we see it. The false left-right paradigm is irrelevant, this is on a totally different level.

The crime of Charlie Hebdo runs far deeper and is far more nuanced than we could ever possibly imagine, in this our ignorant state. The easy thing to do is sit back, say nothing – or even to join in and compound their narrative – but we must set ourselves apart from that and recognise the connection in all these events and the wider agenda they serve.

To understand Charlie Hebdo, Syria, Ukraine, the Peshawar, the petrodollar, debt, and everything else that are ultimately tools of control, we must look beyond the looking-glass and to a world where white is black and black is white.

The ordinary 5’ 8” would likely be surprised to find what people would be prepared to accept, tolerate or ignore if need be once sufficiently frightened. For those aware of this enduring reality, and how it can be manipulated to serve their ends, no surprise is involved.

If we are really ‘All Charlie’ or ‘Je Suis Charlie’, then we will confront their lies and wicked agenda, no matter where we find it, no matter how it may pervade our sense of righteousness and morality, no matter how difficult it may be to take in, no matter how unbelievable at first it may seem, no matter how crazy we may sound for speaking out.

We owe the victims of this terror in our midst no less, be they from Paris, Shuja’iyya, Khan al-Assal or wherever.

‘First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out – Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out – Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out – Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me – and there was no one left to speak for me’ — Martin Niemöller


Niall said...

'Death to the Arabs' used to be 'Death to the Jews', my haven't the Isreali's changed Europe!!!! times have changed.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

maith thu bres, and tpq, brilliant article. more of this please.

DaithiD said...

Kind of like a dung beetle building his spherical meal, you rolled all the wrongness into one neat package Sean. The only reality that exists in this piece is in the title.

David Higgins said...

I know you weren't addressing me, but, where in the article do you see fallacies? Are you suggesting intelligence agencies don't have strategies? That they don't manipulate groups or individuals to implement these strategies? Are you suggesting the private financial system doesn't have huge influence over governments and by extensions militaries? Just curious.

Anonymous said...

i love the net, u can find out shit (pardon the pun) like this on it - i got this under ten fascinating facts about dung beetles:

"4. Many dung beetles are good parents.
Dung beetles are one of the few groups of insects that exhibit parental care for their young. In most cases, child rearing responsibilities fall on the mother (surprise!), who constructs the nest and provisions it with food for her young. But in certain species, both parents share child care duties to some degree. In the Copris and Ontophagus dung beetles, the male and female work together to dig their nests. Certain Cephalodesmius dung beetles even mate for life.

7. Dung beetles navigate using the Milky Way.
With so many dung beetles vying for the same pile of poop, a beetle needs to make a quick getaway once he’s rolled his dung ball. But it’s not easy to roll a ball of poop in a straight line, especially when you’re pushing your ball from behind using your hind legs. So the first thing the dung beetle does is climb atop his sphere and orient himself. Scientists had long observed dung beetles dancing on their poo balls, and suspected they were looking for cues to help them navigate. New research confirmed that at least one species of African dung beetle, Scarabaeus satyrus, uses the Milky Way as a guide to steering its dung ball home. The researchers placed tiny hats on the dung beetles, effectively blocking their view of the heavens, and found the dung beetles could only wander aimlessly without being able to see the stars.

9. Some dung beetles are surprisingly strong.
Even a small ball of fresh dung can be hefty to push, weighing 50 times the weight of the determined dung beetle. Male dung beetles need exceptional strength, not just for pushing dung balls but also for fending off male competitors. The individual strength record goes to a male Onthphagus taurus dung beetle, which pulled a load equivalent to 1,141 times its own body weight. In human terms, that would be like a 150 lb. person pulling 80 tons!"

Anonymous said...

whod a thought this little creature was such a mighty insect, i might use the dung beetle as a symbol for my party. anyway, im glad ive someone to help me shove my ball of shite. if only humans could mate for life and rear their children like dung beetles and navigate by the milky way, the world would be a better place.

DaithiD said...

Grouch , there are some massive claims in the article, a dung beetle seemed apt imagery. For some reason I am minded of the verse *innocent face*:
“And still they gaz'd and still the wonder grew, That one small head could carry all he knew”
David, I have a tried to address the substance of some points of this article, in their prior piecemeal form, time for something more frivolous, for both mine and Sean sakes.

sean bres said...

The comment regards the dung beetle using the galaxies as radar just shows us how intricately connected the entire universe actually is at every point. Amazing and thanks grouch.

Got into a bit of a slanging session earlier on Facebook, where I was accused of being a reactionary rightwing bigot for daring to cite the left-right paradigm as yet another construct of control. Could have done with you buddy. I feel Marxism is designed to lead its adherents into a trance, with an unshakeable belief that nothing else can succeed in its place. The trouble for me is how this leaves the real enemy, of which it is a part, even if it or its proponents don't realise it, intact and free to continue unobstructed. The real enemy is above all these ideologies and uses them to manipulate us. All it cares for is control according to its agenda.

A mention of how the left-right analysis of society has been engineered to serve such a wider agenda, no matter whether it's right or wrong (it's just my opinion), is an attack on neither Marxists themselves, the working class, or anyone other than those who have the power to set this all up. That's where I concentrate my fire not on any of the aforementioned.

Likewise, a mention of how efforts to delegitimise the concept of religion, in order to attack and discredit the underlying moral standards of religion - rather than the religion itself - is no more an expression of support for any religion than it is an attack on atheism or those who engage in behaviour we may or may not approve of. Got into a wile row about that too with people mistaking my politics as an endorsement for chastising people rather than a criticism of media manipulation to more easily control societies by debasing them.

That all of that goes over their head shows how caught up in their own views they are, prisoners of their own ideological belief system. And that is the true purpose to it all - regardless of how accurate some of Marx's criticisms of power and the state may have been.

Marxism as an ideology is committed to a globalist paradigm. Because its analysis of the state and its relationship to the working class finds synergy with our progressive instincts as human beings it appears attractive. It of course has qualities to be extolled, no-one in their right mind would suggest otherwise, but it's also globalist by design and it promotes a 'dictatorship of the proletariat' as a necessary stage on the road to freedom Surely we've learned by now dictators free themselves and enslave the people, no matter what intention they begin with. In my opinion such an analysis has no place in a meaningful struggle for freedom.

There's a far bigger picture in all of this than what such people consider my narrow-minded views. It's that picture we should concentrate on in my opinion if we're serious about creating and carrying through meaningful change. That's all I really try to do with my political views, hopefully they get through to at least a few and maybe they'll start to question everything like myself. Question more, question everything. Oiche mhaith, I never mean any harm, it's just discussion

AM said...

Marxism is the opium of the Marxists

DaithiD said...

"Question more, question everything."
Sean I feel you countered my points on other threads so i wont revisit those themes again, but do you really mean the above quote? Because you know the motive/bigger picture/whatever of the next attack before its happened dont you? Essentially,your questioning is limited to how, and what degree, America can be blamed.

AM, I like the phrase : the problem with all the "isms" is the "ists".

Anonymous said...

stay off facebook for while bres, stay of net for while. observe the milky way tonight. observe jupiter over there. commune with your inner dung beetle. forget the world for a while, humans will only rek ur head, stay with your mate for life and stay loyal and strong and navigate your way home by the milky way. dont leak any energy to fatskinnycunts on this addictive keyboard. how many of them give a shit about dung beetles. i bet u not one. they're wasters and ur better off disconnecting from that facebook scene. ive since discovered that the dung beetle is in fact a sacred insect and an incarnation of the sun to the ancient egyptians. how mad is that. seriously though get out and observe the milky way tonight and dont waste any mental energy on facebook. pray for everybody.

sean bres said...

America eh David? Great country, lived and worked in the Bronx years ago and you're talking the best of people.

Remember doing a job down by the West Side Highway 10-15 years ago, fencing in a building with concrete-reinforced security bollards that went 6-ft. beneath Manhattan. To protect it from possible truck bombs in the frenzied, fear-ridden city that was New York post 9/11.

You wanna see the shit these people are subjected to through the news on a daily basis to maintain that fear by the way.

The CEO of the building we were told in conversation earned a $20 million bonus that year. $20 million bucks. We were on $14 an hour or something. There were 3 guys from the Dominican Republic, a guy from Puerto Rico, a black fella from Brooklyn and little old me. 'Irish' they called me, the only Irishman desperate enough for work to be stuck hand-digging rock-hard soil with a battery-powered kango in the freezing cold of November, like a scene out of the great railroad construction projects you see in old Westerns. Hard labour.

Loved every minute of it and the guys I worked with and one of the most valuable experiences in my life. I think of them from time to time and wonder what they're doing now, especially one of the Dominicans, Renee, an old guy in his late-40s who used to take a pint with me on a Friday evening in the Pig and Whistle after we got paid.

One of my friends, still a friend and a friend for life (I used to spend Thanksgiving in his parents home and we'd meet for breakfast on a Saturday morning in our favourite diner in Bedford Park Boulevard in the Bronx), joined the Fire Department after 9/11, he felt he had to do something.

The first job I ever done in the US was on State Street, Lower Manhattan, just off Wall Street. Crowd of Paddy's fire-proofing the steel structure, again a response to the terror that was being waged against us by mad Arabs who could strike us at any time.

All of these people, like the vast majority - like ourselves - are just ordinary people and it's not that I hate or oppose or wish to attack anyone, it's just I'd like to see a reasonable measure of freedom for us all. As usual it goes over your head David.

Not sure what point I intended to make at this stage but I'm pretty sure that neither America or its people are my enemy but those who control America - Wall Street, the Fed, the Rockefeller's, the Bush family and all the others, too many to list. As I say, maybe that just goes over your head, I don't know.

It's not countries or people or ideologies I hate but a debt system designed to keep human beings basically in chains, no matter if they're from the Bronx, Belfast, Beirut or wherever. As for your comment Groucho you're right mate, I'm logging out for a few days peace, I'll chat to you shortly

AM said...


your experience of working in the US would make a great human interest story. You should put it down some more.

Anonymous said...

im logging out for a while too bres, fair play, i held a kango for 18 months chasing walls, i know ur pain, still get a buzzing in me thumbs, but yes, logging out is to be recommended every now and again. its sometimes unproductive engaging with people who arnt ready for looking into that dark side of the global power cabal just yet. speak your mind and leave it at that. when they hear it from someone else in another situation it might get them thinking. thats the best we can do. and mind our health. beir bua bres. victory to the saordonian dung beetles.

sean bres said...

I might try Tony but for me it would have to serve some tangible point, don't think anyone be much interested in what I got up to while living in New York! Were you ever over or does your time in the Blocks fuck you up for that? An unforgettable experience, you haven't lived until you've lived in NYC... Amazing place. Grouch, there'll be no looking at the Milky Way tonight, it's full of snow! Definitely going to reconsider Social Media, as Anthony knows it's been on my mind this while. The Quill a more homely experience for sure! Victory to the Saordonian Dung Beatles... Our Day Will Come!

Laobhán Ó Flannagáin said...

@SeanBres - Jaysus Sean - Renee an 'old man' and him only in his late 40 ' s. Feck that - means I'm positively ancient and decrepit at 55. I'll sort the coffin out tomorrow!