Monday, January 12, 2015

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"Amnesty by Attrition"

Pauline Mellon with a piece on the Bloody Sunday war crime. Pauline Mellon is a rights activist in Derry and blogs at The Diary Of A Derry Mother.

Bloody Sunday 2015 March for Justice - 5 years after British PM David Cameron's apology not a single soldier who fired live rounds on that day has been questioned about the murder of 14 people in Derry.

Liam Wray, brother of Bloody Sunday Murder victim Jim Wray spoke to BBC Radio Foyle on 9th Jan 2015 - listen to what he had to say. March for Justice Sunday 1st Feb 2015!


Henry JoY said...

Amnesty by attrition?

Hardly so Pauline. We definitely know (that) one John Downey benefited from such an amnesty. We can only guess who the other beneficiaries were.

Misdirected efforts, me thinks.

Amnesty by agreement, more likely than by attrition?