Thursday, December 18, 2014

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Urgent Appeal For Help

Anthony Connor, a local social justice activist, with an urgent appeal on behalf of a family in dire need of assistance. TPQ will be making a contribution and calls on any of its readers to do whatever they feel able to.

A local Drogheda family has come to my attention. They need urgent help for Christmas. Through no fault of their own they have found themselves in a very helpless situation.

They have 5 children and have nothing for the kids for Christmas. I am appealing for help for this family. My heart broke when I went to visit them today, and I want to do all I can to help.

So please, if you can offer anything please do by way of clothes, food, coal, toys or money. It would go a long way to help the kids have a nice Christmas.
The age of the kids:
18 Boy
17 Boy
14 Girl
13 Girl
10 Boy

Please give what you can. I have a van and I can collect. For more information call or text me 00353858560338

Thank you

Anthony Connor


DaithiD said...

Anthony , please send some postal details to, I have bought never worn addidas bottoms that are retro cool and a few Ralph Lauren sports wear stuff for the boys, I will post tommorow ( I'm 6'2 so hope they will fit)

AM said...

A big thanks to the readers who contacted Anthony or TPQ to help out in this matter.

Anthony Connor said...

Thanks everyone that has responded its overwhelming the amonunt of people willing to help and all received is greatly appreciated by the family