Friday, December 19, 2014

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PSNI Liars

Ed Moloney flags up a PSNI deception in The Broken Elbow.


This is from Peter Sefton’s blog and arises from email correspondence between us today. This is an outrageous lie by the PSNI. No-one from the police in Northern Ireland has ever attempted to speak to me about the contents of my book ‘A Secret History of the IRA’. I will support Peter in whatever action he chooses to take against the PSNI over this matter.

PSNI “liars”

Readers may know that on more than one occasion I asked the police to investigate McGuinness’s part in the murder of my parents and the allegations made by Ed Moloney, in his book, "A secret History of the IRA”, page 347.

Here is what ACC Harris [now DCC Harris] wrote to me on 11 August 2104:
The author Ed Moloney has previously been spoken to and is unwilling to disclose the identity of his sources”.

Here is what Ed Moloney told me today, when I put Harris’s version to him:
No-one from the RUC or PSNI has ever approached me about anything I wrote in ‘secret history’ and certainly not about your parents’ terrible deaths…if they are telling you that , they are lying to you and you have my permission to say so in whatever arena you choose.

I will be writing to the Chief Constable, seeking an explanation and possibly taking the matter further, depending on his answer. So much for ACC Kerr telling the PPS that my parents’ case had been thoroughly investigated.

Other inconsistencies are emerging in information supplied by senior officers and this will be the subject of future blogs.

Where would we be without the opportunity to put these matters in the public domain , by blogging?

I say this because the Bar Council avidly reads my blogs!


marty said...

Shock horror the po-lice farce lying whatever next are we going to be told that our politicians are thieves and gangsters, this is all an anti peace plot by people who obviously have not moved on, next we will hear that there was torture, collusion and state killings all happening in our wee pravance.