Saturday, December 27, 2014

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Our History Good ... Your History Bad

TPQ favourite Marty Flynn with his wry take on the latest slurry to be flushed on the long suffering citizens in the North from the sewer on the hill.
  •  It is madness for sheep to talk peace with a wolf - Thomas Fuller.
A few days ago as the innocent prepared for the coming of Santa and a bag full of goodies, one man we all know must now be seriously contemplating the meaning of Christmas.

Those who contributed to the Boston College Oral History project have been vilified and classified as touts on gable walls all over the country, with threats to life and limb issued to those who took part in this worthy project, not to mention the abuse from one agent in particular, the rat in the hat Bangers Morrison. 
That day as we awoke to read the details of that which has been agreed in the latest con job called Stormont we read that apart from implementing Tory welfare reform cuts (told you Frankie) that those supporters of "not an ounce, not a bullet, put manners on the RUC" etcetera, etcetera, blah, blah - namely Quisling $inn £eind - have "informed " us that their president for life alongside agent J118 and cronies in conjunction with MI5 are starting their very own "Stormont Oral History Project."  
I kid you not! TOUTS R US eh ...
Anthony must now seriously be thinking that there is a Santa after all.
You couldn’t make it up.


Tain Bo said...


that is the trick they can make up anything. I am guessing that the BC project was not the golden egg the Brits had hoped for.

Though why bother with the egg, now they have their eyes set on the unholy grail the Stormont State project.

It will be an odd recollection as I doubt they will out agents of influence but as usual they will out those further down the food chain and if it is concluded it will be a revised history with nothing conclusive, a paper rag for the Brits to shine their boots with.

SF doing the shinning of course.

marty said...

Tain bo a cara as they say history is written by the victors can you imagine the finished product,perfidious albion,s involvement here sanatisted to the point of honest broker quisling $inn £eind leadership namely Gerrybroy and Martybroy risked their lives to bring militant republicanism in the direction of peace and reconciliation irrespective of how many decent men /women went to an early grave on their disgusting quest for power, something along these lines is what they have been feeding us to date , everything else from the information gathering point of view is in my opinion just dotting the i,s and crossing the t,s,one thing we can be absolutely sure of we will never hear of what really happened here in that grubby dirty little war , mainly between s/b and mi5 if truth be told.a paper rag to wipe your ass on and of course quisling $inn£eind will do the wiping

Tain Bo said...


A State managed history that alone should say enough much like the disappeared the truth will be buried.

The pathological liars should at least be praised for their consistency on spinning yarns.
I wonder now if this was the reason for destroying the BC archive.

I doubt Adams the chief of denial will volunteer any truth unless the financial incentive is there and of course the other chimps will follow. They can’t lose as the dirty dishwater version of the truth will be followed by the convenient regrettable apology with the standard footnote it is time to move on in the name of peace.