Monday, December 8, 2014

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History Matters

Carrie Twomey recommending an article which helps put in context the importance of battle over the past.

If you want to understand what has been behind the British motivation in regards their pursuit of the Boston College archives, and the cold war being fought over the narrative of the past, this article gives you the big picture and shows you exactly what we are up against.

It is not about 1972 and never has been for the British state: it has always been about protecting today's War on Terror and ensuring the state's ability to continue to prosecute their wars using whatever ... methods including and relying on civil and human rights violations that they see fit.

Northern Ireland's past is relevant to today's torture and war crimes. That is why the state will go to any lengths to cover it up. And that is why we must continue to pursue the truth, no matter the cost. We honour those who came before us, push the boundaries to protect human rights today, and cut the path for those who will come after.

History matters. This is why we stand up for it.

Hidden files on policing could change the definition of torture



gerard hodgins said...

the European court ruling has been used to justify the torture of thousands of afghan and Iraqi citizens; and other peoples afflicted by the cancer of western imperialism.

thankfully we live in a technological age with good communications and access to knowledge in a way our parents could only dream of; and equally thankfully we have human rights advocates (like kevin winters)who will pursue these criminal activities and seek justice for the victims and hold the torturers to account.

ozzy said...

Very right history matters.
What never ceases to amaze me is how after the European trial the British stated that they would ban these techniques.
Yet if they were banned, How were there British soldiers , on hand in Iraq who used these very same techniques!!!!!! Now how did that happen if they were banned.
Also, with regards British control of history according to Tim Pat Coogan, he wanted to view British files on the 1919 War of Independence..And the Brits have sealed these for 100 years!!!!!!
so, Who does control the Irish history????
It makes you think. What are in those archives.

Organized Rage said...

Thanks for this Carrie they certainly kept this out of their media.