Wednesday, November 26, 2014

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RNU Calls on Citizens in the North to Actively Oppose Water Charges!

A piece from the blog Ardoyne Republican calling for opposition to water charges.

Oppose Water Charges
In recent months RNU have been to the forefront of the fight against water meters being installed across the Six Counties. To date we are the only party who has consistently addressed the issue, leaving behind sound bites and uninformed condemnations.

RNU spokesperson Liam Morrison has called on the people of the Six Counties to follow the example of the Twenty Six and organise today:

Over previous weeks and months RNU has exposed the disingenuous nature of NI’s waters claims regarding the work they were carrying out in Belfast and beyond. The consistent hard work of our activists in discovering boundary boxes, functioning meters and future bills has smashed the credibility of NI Water who claimed that these things simply never existed.

Our consistency and constant pressure encouraged the Irish News to launch an investigation into the work being undertaken by NI Water. They discovered that 35,000 water meters have been installed across the North of Ireland in the last 7 years, an astronomical number considering NI Water have denied that water meters exist anywhere in the Six Counties.

RNU are calling on the public to reject calls from political opportunists to organise only when water charges are announced by the Stormont regime, and RNU plead that we organise now, as an effective unit, capable of abolishing the very notion of water charges that will be on the Stormont table in 18 months time.

We cannot allow NI Water to install water meters at every home and expect to win a campaign further down the line. We must learn the lessons from the anti-water charge protests in the Twenty Six Counties and apply them here. This means using direct action, protest and popular mobilisation to ensure that profiteers cant install their meters at ANY homes.

Republican Network for Unity will continue to lead the way in exposing NI Water and opposing this profit driven initiative. Over the coming weeks and months we will be exploring further measures aimed at tackling the water meters head on, we encourage all those concerned to join with us.


Ardoyne Republican said...

It's crucial that all Republicans, Socialists and Democrats across the Six Counties unite to oppose these unfair charges before they are introduced..Our Comrades in the South have shown us the example in recent months...Time for us all to form an umbrella movement folks.