Friday, November 21, 2014

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No cooperation with British Forces of Occupation! Build RSF in North Armagh!

Statement by the Thomas Harte Cumann. The cumann is  part of Republican Sinn Féin in Lurgan/Craigavon. 

In statement, the PRO of the Thomas Harte Cumann Republican Sinn Féin Lurgan/Craigavon, responded to allegations made in public against members of the Cumann in recent days. In the statement, the PRO of the Thomas Harte Cumann said that no one in Republican Sinn Féin in general and in the Thomas Harte Cumann in particular has any intention to ever seek permission from the British Occupation Forces to march on the streets of Ireland. Instead, the Thomas Harte Cumann is actively building a strong and revolutionary Easter Commemoration on the Centenary of the Easter Rising in 2016.


The statement read: “Contrary to myths spread in public over the recent days, the status quo remains the same. This status quo was and is that no member of the Thomas Harte Cumann has any intention to cooperate with the British Occupation Forces in any way. Republican Sinn Féin is determined to resist British Rule at all times and by all means necessary. One of the main areas of this resistance to British Rule in Ireland is on the streets of Ireland. 

“In previous years, dozens of Irish nationalists and Republican activists were charged for attending marches in support of then-internee Martin Corey and Easter Parades organised by Republican Sinn Féin in Lurgan. These were attempts to break the Republican spirit of Lurgan and drive Irish people opposed to British Rule in Ireland off the streets of Ireland. 

“The Thomas Harte Cumann, supported by the nationalist community in North Armagh, successfully resisted these attempts to silence political opposition to British Rule in Ireland. Consequently, in the last two years, the Thomas Harte Cumann rebuilt successfully the Easter Parades in Lurgan. This resulted in one of the most successful parades for many years on Easter Saturday 2014. 

“Lead by a masked Colour Party, hundreds of supporters from all over North Armagh, other parts of Ireland, and from abroad marched together with two Flute Bands, one travelling to the Parade from as far as Scotland. Sunday papers carried this parade on their front pages. This parade sent a clear and revolutionary message across Ireland and abroad: The Republican Movement is alive and well in the Occupied Six Counties; the British Forces of Occupation will not succeed in driving Irish people off the streets of Ireland. Republican Sinn Féin in North Armagh and the Thomas Harte Cumann will resist any attempts by the British Forces of Occupation to criminalise those marching on the streets of Ireland.

“The Thomas Harte Cumann is determined to build on the success of the Easter Parade in 2014. The Thomas Harte Cumann stresses that neither the Cumann nor any individual member of Republican Sinn Féin will seek permission to march at Easter in Lurgan. 

“Our aim for the coming two years is to build the Republican Movement in the North Armagh area and organise a large and successful Easter Parade marching through the streets of Lurgan on the Centenary of the Easter Rising in 2016.  

Only a successful Easter Parade, led by a strong and well-organised Republican Sinn Féin organisation will send a clear revolutionary message throughout the world: One hundred years after the Proclamation of the Irish Republic outside the GPO in Dublin, the Republican Movement is alive and well in the Six Occupied Counties.”


dieter said...

Important statement!

andrewg said...

If they support the unrestricted right to parade, do they support the right of Orange Lodges to parade also?

David Higgins said...

I don't think the order right to parade is the issue, it was the violence that went with it. The oo had ample opportunity to get their house in order and refused to do so. The protest against parades, for me is just a basic defence tactic

pat murphy said...

Andrewg, not presuming to speak for rsf,but I would have thought that if the local orange brethren wish to march in Lurgan to commerate the 1916 rising no one would stand in their way. But on that day at least they should realise that it is no longer the Queens Highway.

grouch said...

taigs shud have a brown order parade every july 11th. thats the day they march their highly laxatived cattle down the queens highway.

sean bres said...

This is a fascinating statement. Whatever went down at that Ard Fheis, given the various briefings, official and unofficial, that have been bandied about on the internet since, there is serious confusion as to what the position of the party in relation to the Parades Commission now is. While this appears to put the issue to bed I'm not a hundred percent convinced those who claim there's been no change in position are being entirely honest. It's their own business whether they choose to apply for parades in the six-counties or not but if that is what they have agreed to, whether by proxy or whatever, they should be honest enough to say so. If this is not the case, as the statement suggests, it's hard to figure out why all the resignations, especially of Cait Trainor with her being the party's Vice President. I still wonder is there more to this....