Friday, October 10, 2014

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Voices From Radio Free Eireann

Sandy Boyer with his regular Friday night spot telling us what Radio Free Eireann is broadcasting this weekend.

Radio Free Eireann will focus on the documentary  Voices from the Graveon IRA Belfast Commander Brendan Hughes and the UVF's David Ervine this Saturday  October 11 at 1 pm New York time as we try to raise the money needed to keep Radio Free Eireann and WBAI on the air.
We will play excerpts from this 90 minute documentary which will be available to everyone who can make a $75 contribution to WBAI by calling 212 209 2950 or contributing online at

On Voices from the Grave Brendan Hughes describes in his own words: the Belfast Brigades war against the British army; his trip to the US to buy aramilites and arranging to ship them on the QE2; how the 1980 hunger strike ended; his discovery that the IRA was riddled with informers; and being targeted for death by the IRA among many other things.

David Ervine reveals that the UVF knew that the IRA leadership wanted to end the war long before rank and file republicans. UVF commander Billy Hutchinson says that they systematically killed republicans in East Tyrone to head off any opposition to the cease fire.

Radio Free Eireann is heard on WBAI 99.5 FM and on the web. We broadcast live from Rocky Sullivan's of Red Hook, 34 Van Dyke Street in Brooklyn where Black 47 will give their last Brooklyn performance Saturday at 7:30.