Thursday, October 23, 2014

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Justice for Inas Shawkat

Guest writer Steven Katsineris with an appeal on behalf of a Palestinian child killed in a hit and run incident by an Israeli land thief.

Inas Shawkat

5 year old Inas Shawkat was killed by a hit and run driver on October 19, 2014 while walking home from Kindergarten. Her friend Tulin was severely injured and has been admitted to the ICU. These sweet girls were purposefully run over by a hateful Israeli settler. He sped away and we have not heard of any investigation launched by the Israeli government to find and bring to justice this criminal. Please help us bring peace and some justice to Inas' family by signing this petition and sharing it with your friends so we can put pressure on the Israeli government to bring this person to trial.

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Inas Khalil 5, killed after run over by Israeli settler, and her mate Tulin Asfur severely injured

Published on Sunday, 19 October 2014

PNN/ Ramallah 

Inas Shawkat Khalil 5, from Sinjil village near Ramallah, was announced passed away in Ramallah Public hospital today after Israeli settler ran over her with his car, caused her severe injuries then ran away.

Her mate, Tulin Asfour 5, is still in hospital, suffering serious injuries and in a comma.

Eyewitnesses from the village said that the two girls were run over after they got off the school bus and were crossing the street.

Eyewitnesses added that the settler deliberately ran over the girls, since he changed his route towards them near the Sinjil village gate this afternoon.

Medical sources from Palestine Medical Center in Ramallah said that the girls were wounded in the head as a result of the incident. They added that the girls were put in the intensive care unit, due to comma, and Inas was announced dead shortly after.

This incident is not the first of its kind. When Israeli settlers in the West Bank carry out these attacks many are recorded not as 'hit and run' incidents, so the cases are often closed as "car accidents."

Fighting for Life


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Also signed. It's a real tragedy but that's the Israelis for you.

Rachamim Slonim Dwek said...

Uh genius? 30 seconds on a search engine would have told you that the driver who
Hit the little girl turned himself in at the first Jewish billage. He called police, waited for them and submitted to a full
Investigation. He was cleared. The two little gtlirls used to walk to and from kindergarten unsupervised. Not only were they walking each day on the territory's busiest hiway- Route #60- where not only are there no sidewalks but no shoulders to boot. Being only 5 the two girls walked side by side holding hands. Coming around a curve the motorist hit Einas, the other girl merely fell from holding her hand abd wasnt even admitted to the hospital (both were taken to PMC in Ramallah). The motorist stoed but when a mob of angry Arabs cake running he did the smart thing and drove to the nearest Jewish village Ofra. Funny though, 2 days later an Arab deliberate drove into train passengers in Jerusalem. 3-month old Chaya Ziss'l Braun's pram was hit. She flew 20 meters and impacted concrete head first. No indignajt rant there though. In fact you never mentioned it. You are a hypocrite as well as ignorant.