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The Source of Our Anger

The Pensive Quill carries a poem by Carrie Twomey on Bobby Sands' anniversary

The Source of Our Anger

We were on a march, for the hunger strikers
This would have been during that time,
Not later when the marches made a mockery
New blankets and fat bellies, no;
We were young and angry then
Although maybe we didn't know it
Or call it anger as such
Or know exactly what we were angry about

Anyway, we started out at the top of the road
Meant to come down and meet others feeding in
And then go onto the main road to make our protest
Already the Brits and the RUC were ringed round
And we were ready for the fight
Wanted it really, that's just how it was
The noise was something else, you know?
Just so loud, the roaring and thudding
and you couldn't even hear the RUC's blares
I remember shouting and we all just wanted to get stuck in

It was all so loud it became just a blur of noise
Yet this one woman,
an older woman like, and I'll not say who she is but
She started in, she started screaming
Yelling, yelling at us!
But it wasn't like that - no,
She was telling us to remember
What were we here for?
What was the march for?
We could get stuck into the Brits anytime
This, this moment, this time
Was for those young men
Who were right now dying
For us
And we owed them our dignity.

We owed them our dignity.

Somehow above all the din we heard her.
And all went quiet, we went silent
And down the road we marched, no more howling
or shouting or abuse
Mindful of the dignity
Those boys were dying to give us
And we needed to give them.

Nowadays that woman would be called a traitor
For having the guts to speak up
And shame us into doing what was right
And for reminding us the importance
Of what was being done in our name
And of the debt of honour we owed,
We still owe

Today where is our dignity?
I now know the source of our anger.


Fionnuala Perry said...

Powerful and poignant.
It's hard to believe that thirty years after such sacrifice we live in such demoralising times.
Criminalisation, ulsterisation and normalisation have almost bedded in.
The dignity like the hope remains though!

David Higgins said...

That would bring a tear to a glass eye. powerful

john muldoon said...

How can you go on RTE and openly say Gerry Adams should have spoke into the ears of the dying? like Fr Reid.then write this rubbish?

Surely if you were going too, you would have asked your husband did he speak into the ears of the people he murdered? no he laughed in court, now not the time he was caught stealing coffee the time he was up for murder and was found guilty.

The monetary gain from this venture with Ed Maloney like all his others before has failed.

No more TV programmes! the oddball couple that you have shown to be is an embarrassment to watch.

Republicans are scared to be seen or talk to you because of your quest for monetary gain, exposure, the dangerous nature of your behaviour and wrecking ball attitude.

Both your hatred for Sinn Fein is well documented, so why not head back to the US and go back to the collection tins around the Irish Bars because your a vile and disgusting human being, J

Fionnuala Perry said...

Fair play to you that you let John Muldoon post such a comment. You wouldn't get posting on their sites!

I went on the Felons website two nights ago ( a club that was founded in my grandmothers home) and asked a few questions, pertinent ones at that, as to why McGuinness failed to point out ' the dark forces' in Martin Corey's case, a man who spent four years not four days in custody and never even found out what he was in prison for.

He can't live in his own home nor can he speak to the media about the draconian restrictions of his bail.

The next night I went on to view what the party faithful had said, only to see my comment and been erased and I was blocked from making another one.
They hadn't pulled the entire post as they usually do but then 'Fear an Phobail' was on his way home and the excitement was all too much.

Martin Corey wasn't too excited, but then that's understandable because the last time he was to be released, the security services over ruled the judge.

Sinn Fein's hatred of anything outside its own iron grip is well documented.
Pseudo Republicans Mr Adams declared, somewhere between complaining about the stodgy food, bad timing for his election campaign and oh yes, finishing off the IRA.

On the subject of collection tins John.
Why would a multi million pound enterprise like Sinn Fein endorse it's members sitting outside a memorial for the dead on Easter Sunday selling God knows what? Any thoughts?

larry hughes said...

SF have joint script writers and joint sponsorship by the BBC with 'New Labour', enough said. I think SF are becoming increasingly transparent to an ever increasing number of people. Expect more of their graffiti here in the future.

Aine said...

Nuala I too was banned from commenting on that felons site and a few others on Facebook - I wasn't even rude !!!! I was diplomatically challenging the narrative - then I got messages and emails to earn me about the dangers if talking - cos you know I care deeply about what others say about myself,
Then to seem people like this john fella and their ilk spraying walls of west Belfast and making dangerous allegations - but no challenge or comment on that behavior from the party faithful?? that politic is endorsed as it always has been, totalitarian style control of both physical places and people - surely we all deserve a change ???

Aine said...

^^ I also need to stop typing on my phone and walking around because clearly it is somewhat counterproductive in creating appropriate sentence structure and spelling !!

Fionnuala Perry said...

They have a stranglehold on our areas, on our voices and our thoughts.
They have created, disunity and hopelessness amongst Republicans.
They know what they've done. Yet the Sinn Fein delusion just grinds on.

John was entitled to his opinion but how can a Republican slight another Republican about their trial and conviction?

It was written in my depositions, that I had laughed about widows and orphans.
I laughed because the cop was a bloody bible thumper and I couldn't believe some of the crap he was saying.
Is someone now going to castigate me for that?

Fionnuala Perry said...

I write from my phone also! Handy but a mountain of typos.

Aine said...

Yes you are correct Nuala, it's baffling that it's lasted this long -

Yes John and people like him are entitled to opinions they hold- but seeing as opinions are like assholes, in that we all have one,but some are just shittier than others :)

Dixie said...

Beautiful poem Carrie...

John Muldoon said...

"Republicans are scared to be seen or talk to you because of your quest for monetary gain, exposure, the dangerous nature of your behaviour and wrecking ball attitude..."

Where were all the Republicans and in fact the people of West Belfast at the unveiling of the mural to Adams' ego?

Despite the fact that the employees of HMSF in Belfast alone must number in the hundreds, not including their close family members which would hike up the numbers and then those whom Paul Maskey claimed had come from all over Ireland, only a few hundred turned up to support the leader.

Despite the fact that the photos and video from your own party backs this up you lot still lied to yourselves that thousands turned up.

Silly Shinners... When the likes of of a former British SoS Peter Hain sings the praises of your leader you know he's still useful to their interests at least.

john muldoon said...

I don't know about Easter Sundays because for one I don't go and two I never will.

I was talking about Carrie going back to the USA because she does nothing but talk complete rubbish about the situation here.

I became interested in the site in the light of the Gerry Adams arrest and seen for myself what utter rubbish is wrote on this site, Begging for money and embarrassing post's from Pseudo Republicans most the same people i.e moderators,repetitive people grabbing there last bit of limelight on a micro level its an emotional state of intense discomfort with oneself.

Reading on twitter and other sites Anthony hasn't been truthful about the whole Boston College Tapes he lured people into an attempt to make something that is not the case appear true ask Billy Hutchinson who walked away from his lies and pursuit of money,

When Brendan Hughes I could see the money signs in Anthony Mc Intyre's eyes also because of his hatred of Gerry Adams.

I disagree with writing on walls whole heartily its wrong and dangerous.

larry hughes said...


you gotta be a shinner. Not even a trace of irony in your post talking about money and self interest, never mind talking crap. Is there a relevant political point to be made from your place in the lines of the silent terracotta army ranks of SF?

Saw Gerry on tv tonight again, the BBC blue eyed boy, the BBC Panarama made him in the 70s and BBC remains loyal to their wee creation even today. I notice also Bik will be good with the bingo microphone in the care-home shortly with all the practice he's getting. How sad is that!?

sean bres said...

Interesting poem Carrie, seen it earlier on Facebook, but gee's that John man's attack on you is thoroughly sickening to read. I think it shows the dangerous situation Sinn Fein have brought about with their ratcheting up of the tension. A friend of mine from Belfast told me last night there was a worrying near-civil war type feel on the ground over the past few days and that is down to this horrible attack they are mounting on yourself, Anthony and others associated with the oral history project. It's discerning to say the least but it doesn't represent the feelings of ordinary republicans at all. Whatever way things are in Belfast is one thing but outside the City their stranglehold on republicanism is broken bar in their own self-absorbed minds. They disgust me

Anonymous said...

Iv often thought of my own anger back then as ma nineteen year olds` were. We had logical reasons to release that inner rage which evolved from more than one source.
All originated from different fearful experiences.
That old lady`s words of wisdom "We owed them our dignity".
To protest in such a manner focussed on respecting their sacrifice rather than reacting exposes their limitations to control

Anonymous said...

Iv often thought of my own anger back then as ma nineteen year olds` were. We had logical reasons to release that inner rage which evolved from more than one source.
All originated from different fearful experiences.
That old lady`s words of wisdom "We owed them our dignity".
To protest in such a manner focussed on respecting their sacrifice rather than reacting exposes their limitations to control

Tain Bo said...

John Muldoon,

how’s your good self and welcome to the Quill.

Where are your manners, what gives you the right to tell anyone where they should live?
Are you earning your name as John Mul-goon or loon whatever floats your boat.

Try taking a deep breath your leader is free and why would one of your high intelligence lower your standard and be seen here on a micro level?

I would suggest you go to the Boston College Subpoena website and read through it nothing has been withheld and is in the public domain.
Tweeter and other quick-fix sites are not exactly the most reliable places to find unbiased information.
I suppose if it is on the internet and it suits ones view then logically it must be true.

I hate to bust your balls but “how can you go on RTE” is redundant you should have said “why would you” you babble and insult people that you don’t know that speaks well for your outstanding character.

You mouth off which is no bother but at least mouth off in understandable sentences.
You are as transparent as air so no need for your “I became interested in this site” rubbish.
The Pensive Quill seems to annoy you overly sensitive tail wagging believe what the master says eegits and don’t dare break the cardinal rule and think outside the party.

If you are here to argue your point then do so without slinging shite, present evidence to back up your claims and no, just because Jimmy Ribshit said so on Tweeter is not evidence.
Are you and all those other Irish heroes proud attacking a woman a wife and mother?
I feel embarrassed for the party as they can’t accept criticism so they incite the mob to attack where is the move on peace in this?

Am I supposed to be impressed with your regurgitated hate speech? I would think that you and all the other highly intelligent people would not lower yourselves to promoting violence towards Anthony, his wife and family.
Do any of you humanitarians ever consider the affect your vicious hate campaign has on the two young McIntyre children?

Are you a proud Irishman who supports this vicious campaign that is sending one clear message that adds up to death threats even though you and the other spineless bastards can’t publically say it directly.
No one should be fooled by this and from Adams down in the so called peace party should be ashamed encouraging the mob inciting hatred against fellow Irish people.

Explain how your party toasts their queen and collaborates with the crown forces at the highest levels and yet play the Provo card threatening republicans who don’t share their view.

Isn’t it just a little too embarrassing that the former crown force killers now have the full protection of the crown forces?

It is odd that this wee micro world all of sudden interests you in the wake of Adams cooperation with the crown forces and why would that prompt you to post on such an insignificant micro site with pseudo-republicans?
Do you see how your own words make you sound daft? You have the right to speak your opinion then perhaps you should afford Carrie the same.

Victory to the collaborators’ and may your god save your queen.

Tain Bo said...


thanks for sharing your poem I think it is the loss of dignity within republicanism that leaves us so divided.
The recent bowing to their Queen no matter how SF dresses it up was officially a humiliating act of surrender.
The last piece of respect I had for SF went out with the contaminated rubbish leftover from the banquet table.

I was thinking it is just as well you are not Polish I assume the xenophobes would increase their attacks unhindered. I doubt the American government would be pleased at the SF incited hatred towards you and your family.
Perhaps the next time one of the leaders is invited to America the media their might inquire why the peace party are attacking an American.

frankie said...

Source of my anger is directed at Boston college, Bob O'Neil, PSNI, DFM, Danny Morrison, Gerry Adams and the rest of PSF who are (in my eye's) part of the real dark forces that people talked about over the last few days...

Tain Bo said...


Without hesitation I completely agree with you this whole spectacle has been a success for the dark forces and truth and justice have now been added to the list of the disappeared buried in a secret grave.

frankie said...

Outside of Gerry Adams passing a lie detector test. I'll always believe he was a very senior member of the PIRA for most of the troubles. The 33 interviews GA gave, if they were video taped/DVD'd etc...why didn't they use microexpression's technology. I find it hard to dismiss the Brian Arthurs comm that said "McG' is standing down (mid 1990's) etc.. 'McG' wasn't Marty McGartland.

I also believe the PSNI had more than enough to charge GA but didn't make the call because they were afraid to and 'copped out' knowing call me Dave and Whitehall wouldn't approve. So they passed the buck in the knowledge that the PPS would do the dirty work for them.

Tain Bo said...


If Adams wasn’t a high level commander then Adolf Hitler was not a Nazi. I think there was a reference to Adams going to an IRA meeting in west Belfast and he allegedly leaned against a car and waved a friendly gesture to the driver who happened to be a member of the DET or 14th intelligence.

Why would non RA man be seen attending a RA meeting I suppose the uncover Brit was also not telling the truth.
His denials are pointless why did he hold so much control over the hunger strikes he didn’t become leader of the party because he was not involved with the RA. Why did the RA agree t o follow him in the split if he wasn’t a high ranking member.

Truth be told if he and the other wasters were not in the RA then republicans probably wouldn’t be agreeing with toasting the queen and accepting Brit rule.

Insufficient evidence is not a vindication he gets to walk as like the others he has friends in the right places and obviously they still have use for him but that is going to hang over him and the party until he is actually vindicated.

He got arrested and was shocked by that as he expected better treatment how ballsy is that. SF threw a pretend fit, the unionists are a wee bit happier, and the hypocrisy goes on.

IF several people made allegations’ against an ordinary individual do you believe that person would walk free?

The reference from the undercover Brit is on YouTube I can’t remember the name.

john muldoon said...

Tain Bo or moderator *which ever you choose.
I don't support Sinn Fein or other groups I'm interested in politics- because I disagree with you, you automatically think I'm with Sinn Fein?
Know what's wrong with you lot you all think your Ireland's last hope including Sinn Fein. A laughing stock to who gets on with their lives is that a sin? Of course it is.
why don't you all come out of the shadows and fight like men? NOT A CHANCE!

Why not embrace the cause of real
democracy is the only gaurantee of all our future, not taping some guy who has a grudge against and making money from it, its pathetic, j

Fionnuala Perry said...

You say your imterested in politics, yet you come on a political blog and castigate people for expressing political opinions!

'Come out of the shadows and fight'
I think it you have led by example or you will.
We've fought all our lives and I would say we fought a damned sight harder than the likes of you.

If you don't like what people are saying here, why are you on reading it?
I wonder who's last hope you are or what bit of limelight you trying to place yourself in?

No ones stopping you embracing what you want to embrace?
No one wants you on the site a second longer than you feel necessary.

You are talking about democracy, yet your opening lines were the least democratic remarks I have heard in sometime.
Bitching and finding fault and spreading gossip like some old biddy collecting washing off the line.

No one is interrupting your democracy the poem or the blog doesn't infringe on your life. You came on to infringe on people's right to speak or give a view that you disagreed with and that ain't democratic.

If you ever heard the saying, ' a little knowledge is a dangerous thing'
Your snippets of backstabbing and character assassination have just proved it.

Aine said...

John if you are truly interested in democracy and politics I'd suggest reading some background information on this case before you Jp to assumptions and inappropriate conclusions. You stated that you thought the writing on the walls was the wrong thing to do - but you are doing the same in regard to your unnecessarily aggressive stance towards Carrie.
Please try not to present yourself as silly - calling out one theme ( that you feel someone made a lot of money from the Belfast project) because all we need to do is look around us to see who is rolling in the dosh - and it certainly isn't the mcintyres.
It is futile to come to this blog with rhetoric not based on fact - you may get more respectful dialogue if you choose to be real or just talked in truths.

Dixie said...

Is John muldoon offering us a fight? lol

"why don't you all come out of the shadows and fight like men? NOT A CHANCE!"

Must be that rugby player boyo...

Anonymous said...

" i.e moderators,repetitive people grabbing there last bit of limelight on a micro level its an emotional state of intense discomfort with oneself. "

thats some sentence. sounds like u got a bad handjob. are you mac tires boyfriend by any chance.

Tain Bo said...

John Muldoon,

You are a laugh you come out swinging for SF and rail against “the lot of us” and then in an act of bravery you hide behind this “real democracy” but not without adding the BC Tapes and “money.”

Since you seem so knowledgeable regarding Anthony’s finances and since you position me as a moderator is there any change you could ask the “wealthy man” if he would square me away with a few quid.
I have been accused of a few things in my day but never moderation.

Again, I will explain how you make yourself sound daft!

You don’t support SF yet to date all you have done is vomit up the wonder wall bile. The all our future is funny no need for ALL as OUR takes care of that.

I don’t know what is wrong with the rest of the “you lot” but my doctored has diagnosed me as being not right in the head.
Personally, I couldn’t give an ounce of feces if you support SF or the Khmer Rouge your politics sound familiar and absolute I will address you as an SF impersonator.

Now the interesting bit, are you offering us all a fair dig? Interesting, “real” men as opposed to toy men, no need for real as “men” covers it as you are a real man and live in a real democracy should you be encouraging real violence?
If you say the magic word “please” I will take you up on your offer!

Now, in this John Muldoon democracy do I have to engage in verbally abusing women and young children and demand that they should vacate the Island?
For appearing as a rational pacifist with a belief in democracy your own words contradict your non allegiance remember that transparency ta da its showing again.

Anyways, Mr. Real man, once again, are you proud attacking a woman and her children and please don’t digress just answer the effing question.

john muldoon said...

You can use that sentence in the future, its the only one I could think of to describe the bunch of inspirational misfits.
On the talk of hand jobs I'd rather keep my dignity please.

Anonymous said...

the last time i had "an emotional state of intense discomfort with oneself " i was caught in the act.

Anonymous said...

there, i used that sentence in the future, past.

Aine said...

funny how selective some are when it comes to responding.

Tain Bo said...

John Muldoon,

I thought as much you didn’t even attempt to answer so I will take it that yes you are a proud man who attacks a woman and her children.
And there we have you talking about dignity. I wonder how dignified your association with inspirational misfits is.

john muldoon said...

"a proud man who attacks a woman and her children".
When did I attack children???
I'm attacking a women who went on RTE and spoke about Gerry Adams talking into a dying person's ears....
Did her Husband have integrity when he murdered a man and laughed in court at his family and to the other person's he tried to kill in a drive by shooting? no!

Did she have integrity when she was thrown off a Republican website for giving out names of people, who posted on the site that she didn't agree with? no!

Do you have integrity by not using your real name? no!

Does Anthony McIntyre, Carrie or this site have any integrity for telling lies and trying to blame others for their pursuit of money over the Boston College tapes? no!

Just because your sapiosexual over McIntyre, believe me, its clouding your judgement.

Anonymous said...

ur a wanker muldoon.

frankie said...

Do you have integrity by not using your real name? no!

First of all, you question people's monikers they use. How do I (or anyone) know that John Muldoon is your real name? Setting up an email addy and using any name, takes a few keystokes. I don't know who Tain Bo is. What I do know is he thinks about what he is going to say, probably proofs reads it several times aswell and then post's (you should try it sometime<--re-reading what you say before you press post)

I'm attacking a women who went on RTE and spoke about Gerry Adams talking into a dying person's ears....

You mean when Gerry Adams went to visit Brendan Hughes in hospital. Why didn't Gerry visit Brendan while he was very much alive and in good health. Gerry Adams went to see Brendan Hughes while in hospital as a PR stunt. As the song goes John...

"And you can dress it up and try to pretend. A car's a car and that's a fact But A deuce and a quarter ain't no Cadillac

It was a PR stunt. Gerry Adams didn't give a fcuk about Brendan Hughes living a tower block (anymore than he (Adams) gives a flying fuck about you or me). In fact Adams was going around saying Brendan has lost the plot etc.. The same things he said about Ivor Bell in the '80's.

Secondly, wind you neck in. You talk about Carrie's integrity. Where was PSF's integrity when they surrounded Carrie's house, a pregnant womans and shouted and hurled abuse at her? Then forced a family to leave their home? I don't hear Gerry Adams or anyone in PSF saying that was wrong.

John, do you think they were brave men , who kept their integrity, who surrounded a pregnant woman and made threats to her and her family?

And this sapiosexual crap.. I reckon Jeanette was diddling herself about Gerry when she tweeted that. Fuck off!!!!!! He spends four days in a crime suite and then talks about the food he couldn't eat, they same wekend other republicans where thinking back to 1981 and the hunger strikers....

frankie said...

“It’s important that we send out a clear message from Belfast that of our solidarity with the schoolchildren and our disgust at the actions of the kidnappers.” - Megan Fearon MLA, Sinn Féin (on PSF FB page John)

Where is the solidarity shown to the McConvilles John?

Anonymous said...

that was some tweet frankie, what a shower of numpties. north koreans dont come out with that shite.

frankie said...


It's frightening that people think like that...Talk about brain washed. I was waiting for Jeanette to burst out into the Peter's and Lee song 'Welcome home'...(she probably did)

john muldoon said...

Thanks Grouch, truth hurts.


Where is the solidarity shown to the McConvilles John? I have full solidarity with all victim not ones who made themselves into victims if you ask me if the McIntyre's are... no Anthony MURDERED A MAN AND TRIED TO KILL OTHERS IT WAS HIS CHOICE SO NOT A VICTIM.
The real victims are the people with family members whose lives has been ruined by psychopaths like McIntyre.
Whatever situation they have found themselves in is no fault but their own. They should accept what they have done, not try to make money on the back of being a psychopathic MURDERER cause that's what history will tell us in years to come, no freedom fighter, no anti/pro republican, no poet or laureate just a bitter old man with sapiosexual followers, J

Anonymous said...

truth hurts, tell that to gerry, and most of the human race.

Anonymous said...

and ive never tried sapiosexual sex. whats it like.

frankie said...


just a bitter old man with sapiosexual followers

I'm not sapio anything. I'm very much hetro with more notches on my bed post than Billy the kid had on his colt 45. So lets put that to bed.

I have full solidarity with all victims not ones who made themselves into victims ...

Gerry Adams is trying to make himself to be a victim John.

The real victims are the people with family members whose lives has been ruined by psychopaths like McIntyre.

Then by the same rule you have to include..Declan Kearney, Ray McCartney, Martin McGuinness, Gerry Adams, Gerry kelly, Miniskirt Martina, Brendan McFarland, John Downey...Want me to continue?

They should accept what they have done, not try to make money on the back of being a psychopathic MURDERER cause that's what history will tell us in years to come,

Again are you including Gerry Adams books or Gerry kelly's book on the great escape or Danny 'the dog' Morrison and his efforts??????

John your logic is all onesided.. Can't you see that (everyone can)....

Tain Bo said...


that one is hilarious I thank the crap holes of hell that my imagination is limited. Nothing cultist about that at all couldn’t stop laughing though in reality this blind obedience is frightening onwards to the new Fascist party hailing their messiah.

Tain Bo said...

John Muldoon,

this is purely for entertainment purpose only as man to man I cannot take you seriously as you insist on parading around with your trousers down around your ankles and underpants over your head foolishly in anger vying for Anthony’s attention.

I am a bit of an ignoramus at the best of times and struggle with understanding the English language toss in my dyslexia and poor eyesight I tend to read everything thrice or more.
You have me stumped, engaging me with questions that you took the liberty of answering for me with a simplistic, no!

In your own words you admit you are attacking a woman for appearing on a show and the grounds for your attack is she said something about Gerry Adams. I suggest you watch again and listen as we both know you are twisting what she said to suit your defense of Adams.

You also state that you do not support Adams or Sinn Fein which contradicts almost everything you have mentioned as if you are honestly a non-supporter then Sinn Fein should tap into people like you as you display a vicious hatred against anyone who holds a different opinion on Adams and the party.

I will applaud and commend you for the only factual line you have spoken that being Carrie appearing as a guest on an RTE show.

Did I bother your conscience as you seem emphatic or over emphatic with 3 question marks.
Don’t rush into absolving yourself of guilt attacking a mother has a negative consequence on children. Their parents can only protect them to a certain point and children are a lot savvier today and would you care to explain how they are meant to understand the unwarranted hatred directed at their parents from people like you?

I can understand you are anybody else voicing disagreement even strong disagreement what I fail to understand is why you are attacking with vigour and persistent without any factual knowledge or evidence to back up your vitriol.

On a personal level what exactly did Anthony & Carrie do to you that clearly has you confusingly raging in angry lines without truth?
You claim you only became interested in this site after the interview if I believe that I would have to believe you are not personally angered by the McIntyre family.

If you feel comfortable take a guess at the money you claim to be the bases for academic research throw up a number and I will let you know if you are close.

I cannot be arsed seriously responding to your growing mistruths and anger. You allege you are for peace but your talk certainly isn’t peaceful.

Ah, John, predictably the seeds of doubt grew and you made a genuine funny asapiosexual too late those feelings you have are normal don’t believe others just loosen up and all that repressed anger will resolve itself.

As endearing and charming as you are you should let go of your obsession obviously Anthony is not interested and Carrie put you to shame by ignoring your hate filled attacks that in a sense puts your integrity into questionable.

No, I told you I have been accused of a few things but moderation is not one and I have never been accused of having integrity in fact I cannot think of a single redeemable quality probably a result of all those bad habits of gambling, smoking, drinking and chasing after women.

But, don’t let your monastic beyond reproach attitude stand in the way of your angry tales.

Amazing that a Mother is such a thorn in the arse of SF but they are fortunate to have non-supporters like you.

As for names couldn’t be arsed who uses what name I am not a cop and can only respect the content of the post I enjoy the articles and appreciate the commenter’s after I close the page the politics can wait.

As for Anthony being a guru, here’s a funny thing unless he posts or someone mentions him at times I forget it is his blog as it seems to run smooth most of the time.

john muldoon said...

Tain Bo,
If your not a moderator on this site or one of the crazy McIntyre's, take your penis out of Anthony's ass.

Breezing through this awe inspiring site you nearly comment on every "look at my plight insert" on it. Your just a qwerty trooper, who spends his life in a dark room wishing the struggle was still on, your now not stimulating my mind now. poor Anthony and his wife has went through so so much and my heart bleeds for them.NOT

Anonymous said...

i mentioned a handjob a while back which was undignified according to jm. now hes talking about penises in mens bottoms. now thats a tad rude even by my low standards. between the sapiosexual stuff and the penises in mens bottoms, i think u shud go and get urself a good handjob john.

Tain Bo said...

John Balloon,

You are funny but please keep me out of you homosexual desires you are only confirming that latent wee swipe I took at you.
Again you fail to present any facts but keep on attacking a family based in naught and even negative naught.

The room has to be well lit John, remember poor eyesight given your wee fantasy I assume dark rooms are more your forte.

Nah john you only became an interest as you insist on attacking with lies so in kindness I thought I would emasculate you and given your latest response it seems to have worked a little too well as now you are sharing your latent desires.
That feeling you don’t need to share your private life is of no interest to me but you continue in your crusade.

If I can distract you from male genitals for a moment and return to the money where is your answer not even a guess?
Those pesky facts and truths only stand in the way of nonsense and baseless lies.

Play along John when the purpose is served I will clue you in.

Tain Bo said...

John Muldoon,

A friend informed me about the modern word sapiosexual. Naturally I had to look it up as I am unfamiliar with much of the lexicon that springs from the internet.

Anyways, since you are probably younger than I thought I will have to break off our short lived romance as If I wished to go round in circles I would talk with one of my nephews.
I am not insulting your intelligence or that of the younger generation that is if you are a younger bloke.

Anyhow, carry on up the Khyber and rage against the quill.

From Latin sapiens (“wise, judicious”) + sexual.
sapiosexual (comparative more sapiosexual, superlative most sapiosexual)

1.Attracted to intelligence or the human mind.
sapiosexual (plural sapiosexuals)
1. A person sexually attracted to intelligence or the human mind.