Tuesday, May 20, 2014

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Ireland's Scientologists and their Chair of Cultology At Dublin City University

The cultic mindset that grips Sinn Fein has been on public display lately in the wake of the arrest of its party leader. The imagery that best graphically defined the demented derangement of cultism was the lost child shot of MEP Squeaky Anderson being consoled by Martin McGuinness because bad men had come and stolen the leader.

Ireland's Scientologists
Cultism is not just something that only those who lack the ability to discern the world around them become absorbed by. Anderson is a highly educated and intelligent woman. Another educated person, this time Dr Sean Marlow, a Dublin based academic and party member, has exhibited the same unthinking symptoms. Only last year he sent me a friendly Facebook message in praise of some favour I had supposedly done for him when we were teenagers which I had long since forgotten. He claimed I and others had saved his life and said ‘Thanx again.’

While probably an exaggeration I did not view it as some attempt to either mislead or ingratiate; just how he either viewed or remembered it.  In the couple of exchanges we had on line he was the epitome of civility. Doubtless, he was fully aware of the Boston College oral history controversy that I was immersed in but if it figured in his thinking he was good at concealing any trace.

That all changed in the wake of the party leader’s arrest. The friendly face of Dr Sean Jekyll was replaced by the snarl of Mr Sean Hyde. The assuming of that ‘Mr’ persona was symbolically emblematic of the abandonment of the supposed detachment of academia. I was not being thanked for anything this time but instead stood accused of being a tout. He even came up with a tale that I had supported some ‘morons’ who had killed a cousin of his in Omagh. Unless he had a cousin that was one of five British soldiers killed by an IRA booby trap device in the Tyrone town in 1973, it is something he invented. Apart from supporting the organisation that carried out that operation – the one that was his party’s armed wing back in the day and which his party leader served as military chief of staff for – there is no other body responsible for armed attacks on Omagh that I have ever endorsed.

At this stage in my life I can hardly claim to pay much attention to anything Sinn Fein says. And in fairness to Sean Marlow he was only repeating what prominent Sinn Fein figures such as Councillors Kevin Campbell, Micheal McIvor and JJ Magee had been saying online as well as party spokesperson Danny Morrison and a plethora of others: seemingly approved by party leaders Gerry Adams and Mary Lou McDonald as they also re-tweeted the ‘tout’ comments.  To boot, unlike the staff member at Griffith College who uses monikers like Mick Finnegan, Adam O’Toole, Harry W, Mick Griffith and John O'Leary to smear people Sinn Fein disapprove of, Sean Marlow doesn’t hide behind anonymity.  Credit for sure, but it is limited.

What I did find intriguing is that an academic at the heart of scholarly life in Dublin City University would lend himself to a strident campaign - not of criticism but of vilification - against other academic work. I would never contemplate raising the issue of his conduct with his employers in the university, and even yesterday dissuaded a former Queens graduate from writing to DCU management about it. Sean Marlow should be free to write what he wants. But I am not going to help conceal it for him just in case he gets into trouble at the university. His problem, not mine. He can stand over what he says.

Dr Sean Marlow canvassing for Sinn Fein in Dublin.
To me it seems both sinister and indefensible that one person working in academia would throw his shoulder to the wheel of fascistic intimidation against others in the trade. The Boston College project was not criticised by Sean Marlow on academic grounds (something he is quite entitled to do) but on party political grounds that showed all the totalitarian hallmarks of Sinn Fein's dark side. People who carry out work that takes them to dark side of the party that Dr Sean Marlow is a member of are thus labelled touts and supporters of ‘morons’ who supposedly killed his cousin.

That Sean Marlow moved from the pleasant to the poisonous came courtesy of his having been swept along on a personality cult wave that ravishes reason and affirms prejudice.  Fintan O’Toole wrote in the Irish Times:
There is a deliberate attempt to generate a literally dangerous hysteria around the project by questioning not just the motives of those involved but the validity of this kind of research. Sinn Féin has very publicly labelled those involved as touts – a term saturated with threat.
Dr Sean Marlow might now explain, even if he intended no threat, if the danger enhancing vilification promoted by him online is consistent with the ethical standards set out by Dublin City University or any other university.


larry hughes said...

If you stand shoulder to shoulder with the PSNI Chief Constable and go to Windsor and dine with the Queen, as long as you and your mates shout loud enough, you can call everyone else traitors and touts. Hitler and Co. would have been amazed!

David Higgins said...

I am not on facebook or twitter so that was the first time i seen any of they tweets, Sinn fein calling people touts and saying the project was compromised as money was at it's root! How dare you turn a wage Anthony? poor Martin, has to put up with quail and the like and you want paid for working, outrageous!
Well everybody knows that s.f work for free and would never speak out against the actions of republicans! You've got to laugh at this, the ministry of truth is alive and well when this mobs about. Very nearly pissed myself laughing at those tweets, McIntout? oh the famous Irish wit eh? move over Wilde, Morrison's took wordplay to a whole new level.

larry hughes said...

If you look at the tweets/twits it is merely among the long term British agents at the top of SF. Morrison McCartney etc. I honestly don't think they even listen to themselves any more never mind anyone else taking them seriously. Just let them electioneer away there. 3000 dead being required for that is mind blowing.

DaithiD said...

Has Danny Morriscunt said anything interesting since 1995?

Dixie said...

The thing is Mackers no one outside the Adamsite Cult is actually listening to them.

As I pointed out a few hundred cult members turned out to support Adams at his Kim Jong-Unesque mural while they had to lie about the numbers at the Devenish Arms...


The fact is if they were to look inwards at their own leadership they'd see that they were protected by the British. Even Brian Nelson looked out for Gerry and among other things Marty was able to claim that he walked into MI5's headquarters in London by mistake after someone spotted him.

As I remember An Phoblacht even laughed it off.

"You should have seen the look on their faces!" Joked Marty.

Aye, a whats that clown doing walking in the front door? look.

grouch said...

whats mccartney tweeting for. the gobshite canary. as are the rest of them. and ur right david about morisons attempt at wordplay, what a class A poxbottle. im just embarassed and ashamed i threw my weight behind these clowns back in the day. and god help historians of the future looking back at this peace-surrender process. what will they make of these tweeting cretins in psf. and gerry kelly ur a bigger bucket of puke than morison (i only recently found out how much the psni turns u on). u guys and gals are deluding urselves if u think the boston tapes and the truth are buried. just like ur beloved leader for life found out the truth will eventually be dug up to your shame. u are a shower of north korean wannabes. u wont disappear the truth. and anthony i dont understand why ur so surprised at academics being total runts.

grouch said...

and maskey - to answer ur question - about the same ur leader paid to get his arse fixed.

AM said...

Case against McConville accused based on US interviews

frankie said...


You don't need a twitter account to read their tweets. Simply put Danny Morrison into your browser and the first link should be Danny Morrison (molloy1916). and click on the link and read away. If it say's 'expand or view convo' click it and follow what has been said.

same for Gerry Adams, Ray McCartney.. Their accounts are all open for everyone to see.

As for FB.. it's ok, but if you open an account and you want to hide your privacy etc.. you can by going to their privacy setting and block who sees what. Most people talk crap on it. I basically use the message service to chat. I never post what I had for breakfast or talk about rubber ducks or tree hugging.

Henry JoY said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Niall said...

That American judge paraised the project for its academic and historical quality so an academic had to be called on from their side in an attempt to demean his words....hence, cometh the hour, cometh the idiot.....

By the way, I know you face a threat to your life now with the false label of 'tout'...but don't worry, they'll not kill you until after the elections!

Oh, Annie Wilkes was asking about you the other day...she says she watched you on tv and you looked worn...you have her sympathies.

Preacain said...

fair play to you for sticking to your guns m they are really showing what they really are a bunch of neo nationalist party loyal fanatical bully boys not surprising really as they are now allies and sharing power with the powers and forces of opression to help them govern the free people of Ireland, anyways thank you for telling the truth

AM said...


I am not calling her Annie! Best regards to her. Worn - it sounds complimentary given some of the things I have been called.

As for Sean Marlow, I don't think he is a malevolent sort but is more an example of how normal people can get swept along by the cultic atmosphere which generates the anonymous pressure of the group to maximum effect.

To paraphrase Steven Weinberg:

With or without the cult of personality, good people can behave well and bad people can do evil; but for good people to do evil — that takes the personality cult.

AM said...

Boston College to be sued by republicans over Troubles tapes

Niall said...

You could be right about his initial non-intention of malevolence but as this develops we'll see...in for a penny in for a pound!

Niall said...

I just had time there to read through those bloggs and stuff in the article.....here, 'super intelligent'...that was you who spread that one to begin with, wasn't it.....fuck'n 'super intelligent' my arse.....although, a blank A4 is super-intelligent to the likes of Maskey!!

AM said...

Jean McConville: The murder still haunting republicans after 42 years

AM said...


if you are familiar with Reserve Police Battallion 101 by Christopher Browning you quickly appreciate just how quickly the mundane become monsters. What was it Hanna Arendt said about the banality of evil?

So, I guess you are right.

AM said...

Adams criticises Boston Oral History Project

AM said...


Scap's handlers instructed him to access as much detail about Maskey's private life as possible. We may wonder why.

AM said...

Boston College tapes: Archive that turned into a can of worms

larry hughes said...


'Scap's handlers instructed him to access as much detail about Maskey's private life as possible. We may wonder why'.

Probably to see if there was another Liam Adams lurking in the background to be 'sexploited'.

Owen Sullivan said...

Adams and McGuinness and their cult calling genuine Irish Republicans "touts" is like the Vichy French calling the French Resistance traitors. And make no mistake, all cults, religious or otherwise, are run by narcissistic personality disordered people whose standard stock in trade are lies, slander and treachery. They would step over the body of a dead child to get lunch because they're always only ever on a self aggrandizing power trip that has nothing to do with honor or principle and goes way beyond Orwell in double think and back stabbing. They are the lowest of the low. The people of Scap! And so Dr. McIntyre it's a badge of honor to be vilified by them and evidence of your own sterling qualities and credentials. Now what do I have to do to get insulted by them?

Tain Bo said...

Is it just me or is Martina shell-shocked or suffering some severe withdrawal symptoms hopefully McGuinness kept some of that banquet food and give her a sandwich and cup of tea.
I hope she is feeling better now that her leader is free.

Looking more like a grieving widow than a confident party member definitely should be in the running for an Oscar.

AM said...

News of Interest: Belfast and Boston named ‘sister cities’