Tuesday, December 3, 2013

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larry hughes said...


next time the mrs ventures onto ebay I'll give her a few bob extra. I don't have a card myself.

menace said...

Done but, Hughesie, never let your wife nor your kid's loose near e-bay with your money, I learned that long ago.

larry hughes said...


I don't have any money. Sometimes wifey treats ME.

Fionnuala Perry said...

I knew somewhere below that hard exterior there was a man longing to be kept under the thumb. Good to hear from you again.
Yes Mackers any of us who can should contribute just to show appreciation

AM said...


we put out the appeal periodically. We are getting a new computer for the blog. So, as the readers will have bought it rather than us, we will be putting the details of the change online, showing the computer etc.

The cops lifted the Blanket computer one time and an appeal had a new one in very quickly. The cops returned the old one a month later but it probably reached the end of the garden before they did as we got rid of it extra quick!! We actually gave it away to somebody who had none - with the proviso that it was probably bugged!!

Maitiu Connel said...

lol it probably was bugged.

I will certainly donate to this wonderful site. I believe it is critical that we are able to have a platform to express our opinions. Having ran several large sites in the past, I understand the expense and time involved. It took up many hours per day of my life to ensure everything was running according and that was even with a team of 10 moderators.

Fionnuala Perry said...

I remember reading about the 'Blanket' computer.
It's like a different life time, all those great people who contributed, now gone, Dolores, Brendan and Brian Mor.

frankie said...

Why didn't you take the hard drive out, re-format it. And use the drive as an external device for storage space?

AM said...


the Blanket one that we ditched or this one?

frankie said...

Both I susspose. I wouldn't dump a hard drive, I'd clean it up and use it externally.

AM said...


last time around we were not just worried aout the hard drive but the whole thing. The guy who got it did clean it up and reformat it.

As for the current one, it is so old and on its last legs. The main TPQ computer is operated by Carrie and is operational most of the day, doing a lot of stuff and using a lot of apps and programmes. But it is near gassed. We will keep the hard drive then as you say and use it as an external.

I tend to stick to what is very basic so anything will do me. But we have always put more effort, time and expense into the TPQ/Blanket main computer.

Maitiu Connel said...

Macs are good. My laptops are Apple. Worth the investment. Wiping drives, Killdisk is a great product.

Tain Bo said...

I certainly will donate a few shillings considering it’s a small price to pay for the upkeep of an excellent blog that is educational and gives a voice to the ordinary people like myself.

I would encourage those readers who have a few shillings to donate to the upkeep.

And a big thanks to Anthony and Carrie for providing the platform that welcomes all opinions.

AM said...

Maitiu and Tain Bo,


aragman said...

Finally found some gainful employment. First paycheck went to bills and holiday consumerism (presents). Get my next one Friday, and TPQ will be seeing some, its long overdue.

AM said...


thanks for that. Much appreciated.

Tain Bo said...

Looking at the date of my last donation another is overdue and certainly will gladly donate a few shilling for the worthy cause of TPQ.

Ronnie Austin said...

Donating to the Quill is honorable to the cause of freedom. If you appreciated the Blanket, you will this, too. God bless you, Anthony, and your stalwart stand and bright, shining light that shines in the Six Counties of precious Ireland.

Your friend,

frankie lanigan said...

Get paid on sat ,will give what I can,this site is precious