Monday, December 2, 2013

Ardoyne's History Needs to be Retold

Guest writer former blanketman Brendan McClenaghan asks questions of erstwhile republicans in Ardoyne about their silence and inertia in respect of the British state harassment of the family of the late Volunteer Alan Lundy.

I would like to pose a question to all the ex-Irish republican prisoners of war and ex-active members of those who fought alongside Alan Lundy R.I.P. in Ardoyne.

When you were on active service or imprisoned you relied on the people to stand by you; where are you today when the Lundy family are being subjected to the same type of abuse that we and our families were in the 70s & 80s? Can you honestly think or say that everything is okay in Ardoyne while this is still happening?

No-one is asking you to take up arms, but, the least you can do is stand up and defend your own people from the same type of harassment that our people suffered for too many years. Why have none of the elected representatives come out against this?

The R.U.C. the British army and the British government still rule on our streets. Is what is going on in Ardoyne and other like areas the price that must be paid for the continuation of the GFA and all it has profited the few?

We need to bring back the 'bin-lids' and 'whistles' and dogs barking on the streets. One things' for sure, the voice of the people has been much silenced (with some brave exceptions) by those who have most to gain by it.

Ardoyne's history needs to be retold ... the bin-lids, 'whistles' and all that meant ... the stories and heroism of ' the so-called long haired ones of 1969; of A Coy, 3rd Battalion in the face of overwhelming odds in the ‘70s and ‘80s; of the multitude of heroic deeds of ordinary people like Tom Fleming, Teasy Corrigan (may they rest in peace) and a thousand others like them who stood by the people and the volunteers.

The voice of these people must be heard again that people will know and understand that the struggle for freedom was not to gain a reconstructed Stormont, but a total end to it; and a 32 County Socialist Democratic Republic.

To the Lundy family, you have my support, solidarity and thoughts.



welcome to TPQ. As a former blanket man you will always find a home here.


" The RUC The british army "-

Noticed a few last week who thought it was a new invasion last week in Ardoyne but it was just the bomb disposal teams new police-like uniforms on show-

" We need to bring back the bin-lids and whistles "

Them new bin lids would not have the same effect but don't let no one stop you-lead the way-show that you are just not all talk in 2013-nobody would call you a bin-lid-


Why do you feel the need to constantly put down Irish Republicans?

As for the invasion as you called it, into Ardoyne last week, have you forgot that SF gave them the thumbs up when they accepted the RUC/PSNI...?

Michael, for someone who call's themselves an Irish Republican, you have a very British point of view at times..


I have a sense that Michaelhenry knows the SF position is rubbish in terms of anything republican but has hitched his wagon to it for who know what reason. Perhaps he feels he can give representation to his community on matters and that the republican ideology takes second place.

This to me explains the paucity of his contributions at times.

Which is a pity because at heart he seems a decent type and has been eminently fair to the Quill.

I'd like to think Michael sometimes thinks 'fcuk, what have Gerry & Co. said this time and how am I going to defend their position". Maybe you are correct that he gives more of his energy into helping his community and SF play's second fiddle.

But the constant slagging of 'disso's' as he call's them is playing into PRF's hands. Alex Kane makes a point that in order for SF to 'defeat' PFR, they (SF) need to concentrate on the bread and butter issues that concern most people (on both sides). But for whatever reason SF think by calling them traitors etc is actually going to make them go away.

The duplicity in Ardoyne is mind boggling at times. A few weeks ago Gerry Kelly stood shoulder to shoulder with the family of Thomas Begley in the unveiling of a plaque.But where absent when a commeration for Martin Meehan sr. took place...

Someone help me square the circle.

Any decency perceived in MH Anthony is merely an enmeshment of your own tendency to decency.

At the risk of revealing my own deceitful tendencies (lol) I'd suggest he's deceitfully decent if decent at all!

I've met and lived among Fianna Fáilers down here who try to maintain some sort of 'republican' façade. Their rationale ran something like this, "we're all really on the same side, just you guys are a little too mad for us. We're, at heart, really like you, but we're respectable (and decent) now".

I remember in the late 80's canvassing with O'Bradaigh on a county council election campaign in the village of Cootehall in North Roscommon, the home parish of former Fianna Fáil Justice Minister (and former not-so-nice Branchman)Sean Doherty; even though we had arrived first at the church gates Ruairí pointed out that the protocol was that the local candidate always got to speak first in his own parish.

When Doherty swanned out of the chapel and spotted O'Bradaigh and the canvassers he strode right over and was ebullient in his welcome for us.
Mission accomplished, he had signalled to his Fianna Fáil small 'r' republican followers "Sure aren't we all on the same side".

I remember too at the removal of John Joe McGirl's remains to the church in Balinamore the same Mr Doherty, having sympathised with the family, crossing the aisle and making a great ado of sympathising with McGuinness and Adams.

You'll understand, I'm sure if I'm less tolerant than you of MH or indeed of any of his Northern or Southern Free-State colleagues.

re MH seemingly being a decent type and eminently fair to the quill.

If the Quill could be thought of as a neighbourhood then MH is the proverbial neighbour from Hell

As regards being eminently fair - there has been a right few occasions when he was asked to substantiate comments he made on the Quill and he didnt do so.

im surprised at you tolerating him never mind giving him credit. Im not sure who he is or what he is but in the main his postings seem to be with the point of upsetting people more than anything else

you might not want to censor him but giving a fool credit will only encourage him to be a fool. And thats alright of itself so long as the fool is not dangerous. With MH we just dont know.


We had the southern Staters, now , We have the northern Staters.
Those supporters of SF , ex combatants/Blanket men/Hunger strikers have been indoctrinated into the leaders thoughts, £$€, and they just stand and look out their windows when the RUC comes into the district, if only one would take that brave step, and remember all the hassle of being raided , arrested, tortured, interned, I hope some are reading this because the good life will come to an abrupt end, It never last for ever, Think of your comrades , Those who have past on, also those who are still here but don't support SF gfa. Its now time for you to stand up and be counted and come out and support the Lundy families RUC Harasement.

Good until Adams decides to play the anti-immigration card in his endless pursuit of office. All to be determined by a vote not a belief.


I was referring not to his contributions to discussion which leave a lot to be desired but to his willingness to defend TPQ against attack by censor lawyers and their ilk. There is no chance of him being denied a platform here. We carry all manner of opinion.


I learned a long time ago that all the bastards didn't end up on the other side. Seemed to be quite a few on our own as well. But then again I am a Liberal.

Brendan. you are of course right and fair dues for speaking up. The heart of republicanism is discovering it has a voice once again and it needs to be heard. I am not from Ardoyne but know many who are, they are part of a community who wont be brushed aside by SF or walked over by PSNI/brit loyalist scum. I do hope that Dee Fennel will lower the colours of the treacherous SF, come election time. You can be sure there will be special attention given to Ardoyne by SF come elections. They could not even get a sports centre brought to the area. We had that wanker gerry adams for years and he done fuck all for the people of the west regarding bringing jobs. He did do plenty for himself though and his wee band of sycophantic useless cunts.

Feel te Love,

it is what you get with the coalition of the DUP and the DUPED

There is a deliberate policy in our areas to isolate Republicans.
It began in Clonard around the time of the Belfast Agreement.
All of a suddden we had an influx of undesirables and although the 'ra' rapped a few doors when these people went over the top they still remained.
Decent people began leaving in their droves and each time one left they were replaced by someone who was not.
In time it brought about an entire loss of community and this loss was exacerbated by a redesign of our district.
Sinn Fein and the police and army were at the forefront in the rehousing and the redesign.

Would we miss MH if he went? I don't know
What I do know was, he was sincere and considerate with me when I received those threatening and menacing letters.
I practically never agree with one word he says but when someone's in your corner at a bad time it's something that you tend to remember.


when someone's in your corner at a bad time it's something that you tend to remember.

how true

Brilliant to read Brendan's positive contribution to the ongoing harassment of Ardoyne Republicans in the 21st Century. Little did we all realise that so long after the '69 & '71 Pogroms that those we wrongly believed would have protected our community would've upheld the British Police, Army and Institutions in Ireland. Thankfully, there remains principled Republicans locally who refuse to bend the knee to oppression. The forthcoming election will demonstrate that Ardoyne and her people still have a voice despite attempts by the Provisionals to silence us! All the best to local Republicans, Sammy Cusick of RNU and Deer Fennel for putting themselves forward for the Council! Thanks again Brendan's and of course TPQ.

People such as Brendan are living in the dark ages, yapping about the RUC, Brits and Binlids.

This wee part of the World had moved on.

Using terms such as "active service" and "heroism" only glorify and paint over the barbaric and depressing nature of the dirty little war that was contested in NI and sometimes elsewhere.

Time to set down the Green Goggles and start preaching positivity instead of the backward rhetoric that I just read from Brendan.

Purely out of curiosity, where has ' this wee place in the world' moved on to ?
There is no point in replacing green goggles with rose coloured specs.
Brendan has outlined why and how we haven't moved on so perhaps you can demonstrate how we have ?

You know fine well this wee neck of the woods has moved on. Do you prefer dead bodies on the streets?

What was achieved here by politicians from these isles was nothing short of miraculous, from the brink of civil war to the peace we have now, albeit a fragile and uneasy peace at times but a peace nonetheless.

I've a couple of kids, I'd rather they grew up now than during the Troubles

I'm not being simplistic but we've made progress, let's build on it.

AM / Fionnuala

MH can be derogatory, maliciously so, to others on here and even the dead but hey if he is in someones corner at a bad time that makes him a good guy.

I wonder why we are always critising GA and his like on here, GA has probably at some point in time in the past or the future been in someones corner at a bad time, GA is therefore probably like MH a decent guy too.

I wonder if MH is as good as GA at pretending to be in someone's corner during a bad time?


there is any amount of people here who fit the category of being derogatory.

Michaelhenry's freedom, or the freedom of anybody else, to write remains. If GA wants to write he can too.

AFter all these years of getting it in the neck I imagine the lot of us have a thick hide by now.

Heard two commentators on the other day debating whether the place had really progressed. Quintin Oliver saying it had and Chris Ryder saying it hadn't. While I had a pre-existing tendency to agree with Oliver I thought he laboured to make the point and didn't sound persuasive whereas Ryder sounded less hype free and didn't use spin.

Some of how we see it is explicable by the index we use. If a decrease in killings are how we measure it then the change from say 94 to now is much less significant than the change from 76 to 93.

While I think it has improved the rate of improvement has slowed down, and on parts of the snakes and ladders board that it is all played out on there has been regression.

Thankfully you optimism outweighs your manners, even if it based on fiction rather than fact.

The only benefit you cite is Peace?
A precarious, bought and highly unstable peace.
A Peace that was not secured by miracles, but devious underhand deals which the miracle workers renege on when and where it suits.
We have a corrupt band of politicans, running an unjust corrupt state.

I remember a former blanket man quite poignantly posing the question.
'where are we moving on to'
I genuinely hoped you may of offered something of an answer.

I have never mentioned censoring anybody but if you dont me saying so 'no censorship here' is becoming a bit of a war cry here on the site to beat people back.

I have a thick skin but comments MH has made on this site about Joe O Conner for example were particular beyond the pale.

Thus I dont think him decent at all and maybe implying that somebody is less than thick skinned for taking exception to such remarks could be perceived as a subtle form of censorship.
Forget about GA posting on this site point, is GA a decent guy, a good guy because he gave a bit of comfort to someone at some point?
i think MH is at least an imbecile and for the most part I skim over his comments. Maybe it is because of his outlandish remarks on this site that he is encouraged

The biggest reason for the 'lack' of bodies on the street is due to several factors, (JMO), probable informers within PRF, RUC/PSNI good luck, more oxymorons built, a lot of the hardware on both side are buried under tons of concrete...

It isn't for the want of PFR-ism trying. Every other week there are bomb scares both real and fake, throw into the mix the recent spate of letter bombs and a host of other 'deeds'..

Most of the posters have kids Andy and most (if not all) want our kids growing up without the threat of violence. But what is happening today isn't far off what was happening in the lead up to the civil rights/NICRA (there is a serious under current of sectarianism).. it wont take much to for it to kick off again. All either side have to be is lucky once...

I think that Andy is mistaking "peace" for a forcible normalization strategy.

The idea that "this wee part of the world" has fallen in behind the capitalist driven consumerism that follows the lead of the great "Western Civilizers" is not peace it's a great big fallacy.


im surprised at you tolerating him never mind giving him credit ... you might not want to censor him but giving a fool credit will only encourage him to be a fool.

That, to me, looks like a nudge towards censoring him. If it is something else fair enough but it would need to be outlined because at the minute I fail to see what else it is.

There is 'no censorship' here even for those who might believe in censorship, and outside of this exchange I think a few do. So it can't be a question of beating people back because they don't get beat back. They can still put their views.

People are either censored or not. There is nothing subtle about it.

You have the right to criticise Michaelhenry and people in turn have a right to challenge that. There is no pressure on you to withdraw your comments, take your foot off the pedal or change course altogether. You are free to continue sharply criticising all you went. But you will, like the rest of us, be disagreed with.

What does beyond the pale mean? Beyond the point of what somebody finds acceptable? Not my job to protect people from offence. He can annoy but that is what happens when we permit free discussion.

In the round GA is not a good guy or decent. The balance sheet either adds up or it doesn't. Michaelhenry seems to have less on the debit side than GA. He has a different opinion from most of us on just about everything but literature. But that's fine here. We allow all manner of opinion.

Eddie..GA is a good guy and decent lol.hes that decent he would give the sleeves out of his waistcoat.

earlier I described MH as the neighbour from hell - thats not to say I would want him to be made homeless and I didnt say that. Similarly, i said you might not want to censor him but giving a fool credit is encouraging a fool, by this i mean MH's previously comments,for example, where he to all extent and purposes made no attempt to disguise his glee at how joe o connor was shot, why he was shot and delight for those who shot him; that you by saying he is somehow decent is saying the joe o connor comments are ok and encouraging MH to repeat them and similar remarks.

I would consider MH's Joe O Conner remarks as beyond the pale, are they not? I was not asking you to protect me from offence. I could say also that the person who took a piss in Royle Avenue in from of Xmas shoppers recently is beyond the pale. Am I not supposed to mention that in case you mistakenly think you have to protect me?

People are either censored or not? There is nothing subtle about it. Really? I thought you more learned than that. People cant be conditioned into remaining silent? Next you'll be telling us people are either bullied or not, nothing subtle about bullying.

Following MH's joe o conner remarks and similar remarks, if he were to offer me support on anything I would be worried but then tell him Thanks but no thanks


In my view the implication of you comments about MH were discernible – best off rid of him. You say it was something else. We don’t agree on it but that’s all it is a difference of opinion.

People here have described their ‘glee’ for others being shot. Is that beyond the pale? Not for here. It might be offensive and get up noses but not beyond the pale if by beyond the pale we mean something that should not be carried. While you are not drawing any comparison, it seems to me that his comment is in essence no different from a comment that welcomes the killing of David Black or Ronan Kerr.

The same rules apply to Michaelhenry as they do to others. Nobody yet has been sanctioned for expressing their feelings about an event. It makes it easier if they desist but that is not really what the site is about.

Because he strikes me as decent does not mean approval for his views. Lots of people who are hostile to what I think are without doubt decent. It’s the balance sheet thing again and avoiding the temptation to reduce people to one single event or dimension.

People are either censored or not, they are either pregnant or they are not, they are either dead or they are not. Attempting to censor by subtlety is another matter which is probably the crux of your point. For the record you have been neither censored nor the target of any subtle form of censorship: you were disagreed with.

Following MH's joe o conner remarks and similar remarks, if he were to offer me support on anything I would be worried but then tell him Thanks but no thanks

Your judgement call in your own particular situation.

I would make the same comment again. I value people who are genuine with me and I value them more when they are there for me at a bad time.
I make my own mind up about people and if people think that's wrong, so be it

AM / Fionnuala

So it all comes down to the balance sheet or the balance sheet we choose individually.

Pensive Quill balance sheet 2013/14

Gerry Adams, (castigate him, open season, non stop)

MH staunch supporter at least of Gerry Adams and all that Gerry says and does. Watch what you say, he is a good decent lad.

Smells like double standards to me and I suggest it would smell like double standards to the relatives of those who he gravely insulted but thats just my balance sheet.

My balance sheet takes into account the feelings of the families he insulted.

If others can separate the families from the matter in their balance sheet and insist MH is one of the good guys then then thats a matter for them. It makes me wonder if you can easily do that why take up any Cause at all


as you say, just your balance sheet. Just as the other balance sheets are not yours. And no balance sheet can claim poll position. People see things differently. Long may it continue.

You set your own perameters, not me.
I have plenty of friends who agree with Gerry Adams and I have plenty of friends who despise him, but they are my friends, through my choice and if that doesn't fit your balance sheet, well then it doesn't.

AM said
"as you say, just your balance sheet. Just as the other balance sheets are not yours. And no balance sheet can claim poll position. People see things differently. Long may it continue".

Thats a cop out worthy of SF.

Why not go even one better and enlighten us by reconciling your highlighting of the murder of Joe O Conner and the personel price you paid in doing so with comments MH made on this site where he least poked fun at the murder of Joe O Conner and whereby you go on to see him as a decent guy?

And before you any further and down the old censorship line Im not asking to censor MH either then or now.

Hopefully you will give us a bit more substance and because I have been contacted by others who have a bit of an interest in this now.

Fionnuala Perry
"I would make the same comment again. I value people who are genuine with me and I value them more when they are there for me at a bad time.
I make my own mind up about people and if people think that's wrong, so be it"

I was going through a hard time last month and Lism Adams wrote me a letter letting me know he was thinking about me, and him in his prison cell too and still concerned about me.

Youse crowd 'ave it all wrong, Liam Adams is a good and decent man. And genuine, he must be to have taken the time to write to me with all his bothers. And if you dont like me saying that, feck off

Ridiculous or what?

I really have to put my eggs into the basket with Nuala. We may not have an armed campaign raging from the Republican and Loyalist sections of society but times have really not changed that much.
Of course Belfast has experienced a great capitalistic growth and I myself love going out at the weekends with my friends and not worry about bombs or shootings. Worse part of our nights out is handing over £4.30 for a pint of Harp in most bars.
Despite all this, we do still experience sectarian hatred in our everyday lives. We have a police force that is not as effective in tackling certain situations as would other police forces around the world. Flag protests are one such example. The place was held to ransom last year thanks to road being blocked and the PSNI did nothing to prevent this. In reflection to how they treated the people of our Ardoyne who peacefully sat in the road in protest and were beaten and dragged away within minutes. So obviously they have not changed.
Our politicians still pander to the sectarian tribal votes. The situation right now with the likes of ONH,RIRA and loyalist extremists is pushing us years backwards and no politicians are really taking charge of this very delicate situation.
Many areas are still under the thumb of rule from paramilitaries as they were 20 years ago. Drugs are rampant from these criminals. People still live in fear of speaking out. Flags and murals all over the place to mark " their " territory.
Where is the change?


That’s a cop out worthy of SF.

What – we should all share your view and not think differently?

Yeah, I paid a price for writing freely about the killing of Joe O’Connor. And my sentiment on the killing will never be reconciled with Michaelhenry’s. My sentiment on his freedom to write is the same now as it was then.

If you don't want him censored - and I will take that as your position - all you are really discussing is if people have the right to disagree with you and see him as being essentially decent. It's hardly the greatest of disputes.

Hard case makes bad law

"If you don't want him censored - and I will take that as your position - all you are really discussing is if people have the right to disagree with you and see him as being essentially decent. It's hardly the greatest of disputes".

I dont want him censored. Most people say Im bold enough to say what I mean when it has to be said. Decency is an intregral part of credibility, I would find it hard to give respect or credibility to someone I thought was not basically decent.

This dispute is not as to whether MH is decent or not, Im in no doubt he is not decent following his Joe O Connor comments. To this end I dont heed MH's comments since.

What Im trying to work out is how you find him to be decent following his Joe O Connor comments so that I might bear it in mind and regard it in future discussions involving yourself be it here on The Pensive Quill or elsewhere.

If someone was to say to me they werent sure if the guy who pissed in Royal Avenue in front of the Xmas shoppers was decent or not, your right, I wouldnt dispute it with him. But I would have as much respect for that person and his credibility as the person doing the pissing.

Is MH's decency tied up with his participation on the Pensive Quill because he causes a stir and creates a flurry of activity on the site every so often with his statements?


I don’t mind you having a different view to me on Michaelhenry. I will not be taking the SF position of I’m right, you are wrong and I am going to call you names if you disagree with me. You are free to hold whatever position you like on it and not a worry will it give me. I can hardly demand that you must agree with me. People have the right, you as much as anybody else, to believe whatever they want.

If Michaelhenry agrees with somebody being killed he probably differs from many of us here, at some point in our lives, only in the choice of target. What makes him not decent and the rest of us decent if that is the criterion for judgement, I fail to grasp.

You answered you own question better than I could, 'ridiculous or what?'

Myself and Michael Henry have a love-hate relationship which is probably best described by the following two paragraphs. It is from an email I sent to a journalist whom I know from Facebook and who had been smeared by Michael due to her exposé of the Liam Adams case:

"Despite my better judgment, I like Michael Henry. He comes out with such utter rubbish most of the time - and some of it is quite nasty - but there is a decent side to him. In fact, for some reason I don't understand, he has never said anything remotely unkind to me since I first encountered him on TPQ about three years ago.

The Pensive Quill was the place where I started to emerge from years of darkness and mental anguish. I suppose each one of the motley crew who regularly comment and write articles for the site will always have a place in my heart - even religious zealots like Sean Mac An Ghirr and foolish SF apparatchiks like Michael Henry!"

I wish I knew how to quit you, Michael Henry!

PS. Happy Christmas to all on the Quill.


there will be no agreement here. Eddie has his view which I think is too rigid, and we have ours which he thinks too loose. There is unlikely to be any meeting of minds on it.


I think you capture the nuance of the matter quite well. How do we regulate decency as character as distinct from decency as a comment? Some people are considered as violating decency if they support abortion or a woman's right to choose. Often these things are a matter of following our instinct. It is an art rather than a science. Being right or wrong is probably a matter of perception.

Perhaps Boots should start selling Michael Henry patches. Try to ween you off him slowly.
There should be a TPQ get together.

I feel Eddie is missing the point but it's not worth falling out over.


he is hardly addictive! He did a review for us recently which is still to run when we get a space. It won't be controversial!

AM / Fionnuala

I don’t think somebody who would come on this site and express delight and glee in relation to

1) How someone was needlessly murdered
2) Why they were murdered
3) And who murdered him

could then be properly characterised as decent by AM, Nuala or anybody.

And that’s irrespective of whoever expressed that delight or whoever was murdered or whoever done the murdering.

I’m genuinely amazed that somebody could make out that I am some how wrong for thinking that or making that point. Maybe selective ambivalence is why we are where we are today.

Maybe not worth falling out over but obviously it’s worth being dismissive of it, eh Nuala?

I stand corrected and I have no wish to take up anymore of your time.


it's not that you stand corrected. It hasn't actually been shown that you are wrong, merely that you have a different take on it that is not shared by others.

I have met a lot of people over the years who in relation to the deaths of Sticks met the three criteria you outlined above. But I don't regard them as not being decent.

You know perfectly well I wasn't being dismissive with you.
'Eh, Nuala? ' Somehow I don't think so!
But now it really has to be a case of whatever?

At 6-30 pm this evening, 3 RUC/PSNI Land rovers came under Heavy Rifle fire from Brompton park. lets see how many touts are out squealing for a pay out. District will come under extenseve searches.

Thats Re Writing Ardoyne History.

Shots fired at police vehicles in north Belfast


All I have to say is this

One day they will get 'lucky'. I hope PFR don't fall into the same 'tit for tat' sectarian cylce the provisionals got sucked into.

Mr Dodds said "This would obviously appear to be the work of dissident republicans.

Why do people state the obvious? It was hardly loyalists or friendly fire.


I went away for a computer free week and am playing catch up on the Quill.
Had to scratch my head a few times as I thought I was reading the comments on the wrong article.
I see your tactful diplomacy is winning over new friends?

99% of what you say I will disagree with but it is that happy 1% of your right to say it that I don’t object to.
I am sure you and I will buttheads in the future but it’s nothing personal as you always make a greater argument as why people should not follow Sinn Fein!

As I said before, well, at least for me you provide levity no matter how callous your remarks are they are more to be laughed at than believed or even giving a minute ounce of serious consideration.

There is no chance of Sinn Fein becoming a party for the people they have been absorbed into the British blood stream and have become the happy willing minions masquerading as republicans when they need a vote and how forgetful they are branding anyone who disagrees with them a minority.

It wasn’t that long ago they were part of the minority and now they mimic the usual British rhetoric as they go about pretending they are bringing the castle down from the inside… stopping short of calling fellow republicans terrorists but I am sure that line will be on the cards.

You remind me of the old passing cars as you drive by the Quill open up and then speed off laughing, although less dangerous you know your comments will rattle some nerves.

God bless your cotton socks Mickey and as well paid by the British government as you lot are don’t spin any poverty yarns.

All the best mucker

PS: with no disrespect to the original article I thought I was reading our very own Mickey’s history needs to be told.


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