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4 September 2013


Mr Anthony McIntyre
Co. Louth

Dear Sir,


We have been instructed by Allison Morris, a leading and highly respected senior staff journalist with the Irish News in respect of false, defamatory, and harassing material which you have published on a website entitled “thepensivequill” which can be located at the following link (“the website”):

The website contains grossly offensive material about our client which is fundamentally untrue, highly defamatory and motivated by malice. For example, you falsely state that our client behaved in an unprofessional and dishonest manner during her dealings with Dolours Price and allege that our client has been involved in unethical journalistic practices. You further outrageously infer that our client has links with the illegal dissident Republican group Oglaigh na hEireann. This blatant attempt to undermine our client’s journalistic integrity is even more concerning given that you are aware that such reckless allegations could endanger her personal security.

Furthermore, it is clear that your website is being used by yourself and others as a platform for malicious, defamatory and highly personal attacks on our client. A series of extremely abusive and threatening posts, including, inter alia, those entitled, “What Price Justice”, “The Weird World of an Irish News Journalist” “I Have A Right To Be Angry”, and “Are You Being Gagged?” published on your website constitute a sustained campaign of harassment against our client.

As the author and publisher of these allegations you are liable, along with the Internet Service Provider, for the resulting damage to our client’s reputation. Now that you are on notice of the defamatory and abusive material you are publishing, we require you to:

1. Immediately and permanently delete the defamatory and abusive content from your server, and effect the removal of any reference to our client on the website;

2. Immediately provide your undertaking in writing not to allow the same or similar allegations contained on the website to be cached or otherwise stored in any way.

Our client has no desire to become embroiled in litigation and would prefer if this matter could be resolved amicably. Indeed, our client’s editor, Mr. Noel Doran, has contacted you on several occasions in an effort to resolve this matter without recourse to legal proceedings. Our client is disappointed to note that you have repeatedly refused to engage constructively with Mr. Doran’s attempts to settle this matter.

In these circumstances, pending confirmation of the above, we reserve all of our client’s rights, including the right to issue legal proceedings against you in support of a claim for substantial damages.

We look forward to hearing from you as a matter of urgency.

Yours faithfully,


"Indeed, our client’s editor, Mr. Noel Doran, has contacted you on several occasions in an effort to resolve this matter without recourse to legal proceedings. Our client is disappointed to note that you have repeatedly refused to engage constructively with Mr. Doran’s attempts to settle this matter."

From: Noel Doran
Sent: Wednesday, August 21, 2013 10:06 AM
To: Anthony McIntyre
Subject: website


Having just returned to work after annual leave, I have had an
opportunity to review the personal attacks on Allison Morris and the
other derogatory references to The Irish News and myself which have
been appearing on your website.

I can say with certainty that many of the claims you have published
are either entirely misleading or completely false, and, as you are
aware, no attempt has been made to check any of the background with me.

I am very concerned about these developments at a number of levels
and I believe it is important that we should have a telephone
discussion without delay. I would be obliged if you could provide a
contact number and a time when you would be available.

Noel Doran,
The Irish News.


From: Anthony McIntyre
Sent: Thursday, August 21, 2013 7:35 PM
To: Noel Doran
Subject: Re: website


If the purpose of you calling is to threaten legal action, or continue with
your previous threat of legal action, I have not the slightest interest in
talking with you. I am, however, happy to offer you a more magnanimous
right of reply than I was afforded in your paper's coverage of my successful
appeal against the baseless accusations of your reporter.



From: Noel Doran
Sent: Thursday, August 22, 2013 4:34 PM
To: Anthony McIntyre
Subject: Re: website


The claims in your latest message are as misleading as those on your
website are false. However, if you do not wish to discuss these
matters either before or after publication, my options are limited. I
believe that I have consistently set out to engage with you since we
first spoke some seven years ago.  As a considered position, perhaps
you could confirm that you do not have `the slightest interest' in my
point of view ?

Noel Doran.


From: Anthony McIntyre
Sent: Thursday, August 22, 2013 8:34 PM
To: Noel Doran
Subject: Re: website


I confirm nothing of the sort. I will indeed be very interested to read your
reply.  You continue to state that "many of the claims you have published
are either entirely misleading or completely false" without any further
explanation. As I stated I am more than happy to offer you a magnanimous
right of reply, with as much space you would like, certainly more than I was
afforded in your paper's coverage of my successful appeal against the
baseless accusations of your reporter. Anything you send in shall be carried
in full, and this gives you plenty of space to air your grievances, or
correct the record.

In our last conversation, which took place over a year ago, you immediately
sought to censor me by threatening legal action against me on behalf of your
reporter over The Pensive Quill's coverage of what I believe to be her
unethical behaviour. You did not pause to engage in any exchange of views
then, nor have you sought to debate this matter with me at any time since,
so I have no faith that you are genuinely seeking any resolution now.

If you genuinely would like to speak to me on these issues I am and have
always been available to discuss them, as my attendance at both NUJ hearings
instigated by your reporter's complaint illustrates.

If the purpose of your speaking with me is to attempt further censorship -
contrary to your public pronouncements on the value of free speech - or
again to threaten legal action, you can speak directly to my lawyer.



From: Noel Doran
Sent: Sunday, August 25, 2013 1:38 PM
To: Anthony McIntyre
Subject: Re: website


You say that I have not explained why a large section of the material
you published was either misleading or false, but that was the whole
point of my attempt to open some form of dialogue with you. This is
also exactly what I also set out to do in my previous telephone call
to you 15 months ago, which concerned the decision by an individual
named Mark McGregor to withdraw a defamatory article from his
personal blog which you had republished on your own website. Allowing
an article to remain online which the author had already accepted
that he could not stand over would have left you in an extremely
vulnerable position, and I believed the best approach was to
informally update you on the sequence of events. It is extraordinary
that you should present my telephone call as a threat when it
actually enabled you to avoid a legal action for which you had no
possible defence. In my email to you of August 21, I said it was
important that we should have a discussion about the latest
derogatory references to Allison Morris, The Irish News and myself
which have appeared on your website and I asked if you would be
available to take a call from me. I did not introduce any
preconditions and I never mentioned the involvement of solicitors -
although I note that you have directed me to an unnamed lawyer in
your message below. My suggestion of an informal telephone
conversation remains on the table, and I would be obliged if you
would provide a definitive response to this proposal.

Noel Doran.


From: Anthony McIntyre
Sent: Monday, August 26, 2013 3:20 PM
To: Noel Doran
Subject: Re: website


if is concerns you that much then please check your schedule and make 
arrangements to meet in Drogheda at your earliest convenience.



From: Noel Doran
Sent: Tuesday, August 27, 2013 1:12 PM
To: Anthony McIntyre
Subject: Re: website


This is my fourth message to you in the space of a week, all making
the same simple request that we should have a telephone conversation
about what are plainly serious and urgent matters involving your
website. There is no more a necessity for me to travel to Drogheda
than there is for you to come to Belfast, and I do not understand why
you have been unable to either accept or reject my suggestion. I
would be grateful for a straightforward and final response indicating
if or when you may be available to take my call.

Noel Doran.


From: Anthony McIntyre
Sent: Tuesday, August 27, 2013 7:21 PM
To: Noel Doran
Subject: Re: website


You have my numbers. Nothing stopped you from calling me while your reporter 
was making baseless accusations against me to the NUJ and nothing is 
stopping you now. That you have not called me at any point along the way is 
not my doing. I certainly have not stopped you from picking up the phone.

I am and have always been available. Unlike your reporter I made the effort 
to attend both NUJ hearings even at great cost to myself and my family in 
order to facilitate dialogue on the issue; clearly I am willing to listen to 
anyone, anywhere, at any time. I have no football matches to attend that I 
am aware of on the horizon.

I welcome any genuine point of view but yet another vexatious threat on 
behalf of your unethical and truth-challenged reporter, in a futile attempt 
to censor me, is a waste of everyone's time.

I also will reiterate you have the option of a full right of reply, with 
plenty of space to air your grievances, or correct the record as you see it. 
You will certainly have much more space than your paper afforded me in the 
tiniest corner of page 10.  Anything you send in shall be carried in full.

However, you have my numbers so I fail to understand why you need my 
permission to call me. I am also available for you to meet with in Drogheda, 
at any time depending on your schedule. Surely if the matters are as plainly 
serious and urgent as you describe you would have already called or made 
arrangements to see me by now, instead of buggering around with this 
inexplicable pretence of needing some sort of permission to ring.

You can also Skype me: 



From: Noel Doran
Sent: Wednesday, August 28, 2013 11:02 AM
To: Anthony McIntyre
Subject: Re: website


I do not have your telephone number. It is more than a year since I
last spoke to you, and, other than an email address automatically
stored in our system, I had no reason to retain your contact details.
Asking for your number, in order to arrange a straightforward
telephone conversation at a mutually convenient time, is a simple act
of courtesy. I do not understand why you are instead raising football
matches and NUJ hearings in which I had no involvement. What I need
to do is have a telephone discussion with you about serious and
urgent matters relating to your website. We have reached a stage,
after five messages on my part over the last week, where a definitive
and immediate response to my proposal is essential. If you feel
unable to provide a telephone number and a time when you are
available, I will draw my own conclusions.

Noel Doran.


From: Anthony McIntyre
Sent: Wednesday, August 28, 2013 12:17 PM
To: Noel Doran
Subject: Re: website


and Bimpe doesn't have it either I suppose.

Football matches sometimes prove the worth of a person's character and 

If you want you can call me this afternoon. I will be at 353 XX XXXX 
between 1 and 3pm. I will listen to what you want to say. That is the one 
guarantee you have.

Any attempt to censor or the vaguest hint at a legal threat just put the 
phone down before I do



From: Noel Doran
Sent: Friday, August 30, 2013 5:02 PM
To: Anthony McIntyre
Subject: Re: website


As I indicated during our telephone conversation on Wednesday, it is
essential that the issues arising from the material on your website
in relation to Allison Morris, The Irish News and myself are
addressed immediately. I do not intend to go through again all the
aspects which are either misleading, false or dangerous, but the
article you published under the name of Paul Campbell sums up my
overall concerns.

Although you spoke of a commitment to the ethics of journalism, you
readily agreed that the by-line of Paul Campbell was invented and no
contact had been made with those who were the subject of the
allegations in the article in advance of publication. As a result,
your website has carried a completely misleading account of the
dealings between our paper and Dolours Price which falsely stated
that separate threats to the life of Allison Morris were `seemingly
made up,' `baseless' and `laughable'.

I can state with certainty that serious threats have been made
against Allison Morris by both loyalist and republican sources. Over
a number of years, and again more recently, I personally dealt with
the police and other groups in relation to these matters. I know the
gravity of the cases which were investigated and I am appalled that
your website should put forward such reckless and totally untrue claims.

Similar points could be made about most of the other articles
referring to The Irish News on your website, and the only
appropriate course of action for you is to withdraw all the material
in question at once.

I noted your views on the National Union of Journalists, The Sunday
Life and the website of Ted Folkman, but it should be obvious that
none of these could be remotely considered to be under my
jurisdiction. I would be prepared to consider further dialogue about
your opinions on the content of The Irish News, but only after you
have confirmed the removal of all the unacceptable material you have
published about our paper. The false claims on your website have
already been reflected on outlets linked to loyalist extremists,
adding further to my deep sense of alarm for our staff. I look
forward to hearing from you without delay.

Noel Doran.


From: Anthony McIntyre
Sent: Monday, September 2, 2013 18:22 PM
To: Noel Doran
Subject: Re: website


We listened to you for over an hour on Wednesday and have studied your 
email. We have endeavoured to find substance in your discourse that would 
give us grounds to reconsider our position. In neither your phone contact 
nor email have you persuasively demonstrated that it is essential that we 
bow to your demands.

You have failed utterly to show that any of the published material was 
‘misleading, false or dangerous.’

We did not ‘readily’ agree that the by-line by Paul Campbell was an 
invention. We stated no definitive position on it, opting to allow you to 
draw whatever conclusions you wished, right or wrong.

The items in the piece that you say concerned you were already in the public 
domain and you have put your position in respect of them into the public 
domain also. There was no compelling reason why you needed to be contacted 
when your response was a matter of public record.  We do not accept that our 
‘website has carried a completely misleading account of the dealings between 
(your) paper and Dolours Price’. We believe we have the evidence to show 
that the challenge to your account of the meeting can be substantiated. This 
does not mean that you are falsifying the account, merely that we have a 
version of what happened which is totally at odds with your own. Our account 
has been put in the public domain elsewhere including via sworn affidavit. 
You also engaged in a public exchange with Ed Moloney in respect of the 
account in which you presented your side of the argument.

We see no evidence in your perspective that would substantively challenge 
the view of Paul Campbell that the threat Allison Morris claimed she faced 
as a result of Mark McGregor’s piece in her complaint to the NUJ was 
`seemingly made up,' `baseless' and `laughable'. You, when challenged on 
Wednesday, could produce nothing to show that there was any threat to 
Allison Morris’s life that resulted from anything that appeared on our 
website. You refer to your dialogue with the police but at no point have you 
been able, when invited, to demonstrate that any matters pertaining to our 
site formed part of that dialogue. You seem to have taken refuge behind 
general assertions and avoided dealing with the specificities that are 
essential if you are to impress upon us a serious concern on your part.

Were Allison Morris under threat that resulted from material on our website 
I believe the police would have alerted me. I fail to see why they would 
not. I would be open to any suggestion from any quarter that material be 
withdrawn if it endangered the life of any person. That would apply as every 
bit as much to a member of the PSNI as it would to a journalist. All have 
equal right not to be under threat. I have consistently spoken out against 
the use of political violence. In your own paper in October 2000 I made the 
point that republicans should never again use force in pursuit of their 
goals. It is a position that I have never once had cause to resile from.

You ‘state with certainty that serious threats have been made against 
Allison Morris by both loyalist and republican sources.’

Again, this is the broad brush with which you hope to sweep aside all 
narratives that you find unacceptable. Paul Campbell has constructed such a 
narrative. Unlike your generalisations Campbell’s narrative is specifically 
linked to claims made by Allison Morris to the NUJ that she was under threat 
as a result of material that appeared on our website. Campbell has called 
into serious question in a strongly cogent fashion the suggestion that 
Allison Morrison is under any threat in the context I have outlined.  You 
have failed to come up with even a modicum of evidence that Paul Campbell 
made ‘reckless and totally untrue claims.’

I am as concerned as anyone else that a person might face threat. I am even 
more concerned if the threat was to be result of anything that I have been 
responsible for. But it is all too easy to censor the freedom to write on 
the basis of an alleged threat for which no evidence has been forthcoming.

Indeed, during Wednesday’s call you reminded me that I had actually written 
to you supporting Allison Morris when you office was picketed by republicans 
opposed to what she was writing. Because we find ourselves on the opposite 
side of the argument from a person does not mean we would ever wish to see 
them harmed. Writing you in opposition to picketing is not consistent with 
someone who would approve threats.

You want all material in relation to the Irish News withdrawn from the 
website. This in my view is simply an attempt by you to censor us and by 
extension have questions raised about your paper hushed up.  I don’t find 
this in any way acceptable and I am deeply disappointed that a paper with a 
record of facilitating the freedom to write in an environment that was not 
always conducive to it should be making this sort of demand of one of its 

For us to yield to your demand that we remove all the material you find 
unacceptable would be to acquiesce in a censor’s charter. It is a power we 
will never confer onto you. While we hold to the maxim that we can write 
what we like, what we like shall continue to be informed, shaped, and 
constrained by wider considerations foremost of which remains the question 
of harm that may arise as a result of what is written. We seek to see no one 
harmed but it is not our role to protect people from the offence that may 
accrue from an opinion they might find ‘unacceptable.’

I genuinely regret that we have been unable to reach a satisfactory 
resolution of this matter given the very positive relationship we have had 
with your paper over the years. But your demand that we basically shut up 
and then talk to you offline once we do is totally unreasonable.

What we shall do again is offer you or any of your staff the unfettered 
ability to respond in full to any issues raised on the blog. In addition to 
being speedily facilitated you will have unlimited space to make your case 
as often and as strongly as you wish. That seems a much healthier way of 
addressing a clash of perspectives between rival narratives than the gagging 
of one by the other.

In conclusion I ask you to confirm whether you wish to avail of our offer of 
right of reply, and if that will finally resolve the matter for the benefit 
of all parties.



From: Noel Doran
Sent: Wednesday, September 04, 2013 11:01 AM
To: Anthony McIntyre
Subject: website


I was saddened by the tone of your response. Your
evasiveness after being caught inventing a
by-line for your personal attacks was
particularly telling, and follows your consistent
failure to check a range of false allegations in
advance of publication. You were given every
opportunity to voluntarily withdraw the tainted
material, in the interests of an agreed
resolution, and your refusal has been duly noted.

Noel Doran.

Complete coverage:



We have been instructed by Allison Morris, a leading and highly respected senior staff journalist with the Irish News in respect of false, defamatory, and harassing material which you have published on a website entitled “thepensivequill”

Indeed Fernando Murphy's remarks were exactly that!

I'm always dubious of the motives of people who would rather discuss by phone than put in email or writing ;o)




I'm always dubious of what Frank Furedi calls debatephobia. We gave them every opportunity to make their case and because they had no case to make they hired a censor lawyer. As you can see that has got me panicking and running around in a real tizzy. So intimidated am I by censors and their threats that I took the dog to the vet for her shots, dandered around town, browsed through a second hand bookshop and am now sitting winding up my son about his non-existent Latvian girl friend. And now I am going to browse through a novel. And tonight a glass of bourbon! Terrible times.

They, Alison and Irish News, are thinking about taking the matter to Court.... naw they can not be serious, are they? seriously even they cant think they have a credible case?
Jesus, who's next...? me...? for commenting here...? Where's the fucks that delete button when you need it....

Anthony nice to see you brushed up on your writing skills.
" you supporting Allison Morris when you office was picketed by republicans"ha ha telling me off when you write like a retard.
Why did you censor your phone number? Is it just in case an editor needs to contact you and think that your so important that they should have your number. That one makes me think that you wallow in your own importance.
You look like you were dragged through a second hand clothing shop never mind a bookshop, with Blue Peter sticky back plastic attached to all your body.

Reminds me of school yard fights...

Johnny beats Jimmy so Jimmy brings Big Brother.

This is clearly what has happened on this occasion Mackers, you published their every comment no matter how scurrilous and each time they came off 2nd best.

The fact that you allowed them the right of reply in that regard would weaken any case they might claim to have against you.

The battle of the Blogside continues this should have been done with when they both refused to show and make their case.
It appears the Irish News is digging one hole and throwing the dirt in another and then wondering why the other is filled with dirt.
Reading the not for publication exchange although it is not funny it does present some laughable imagery.
Doran sounds less convincing in his attempt at arbitration and even less convincing in his desire to defend Morris.
I didn’t get the image of a take charge sort of bloke even his attempt at sounding flexible comes across as very phony.
With his we are the Irish News and you are a Blog we have deeper pockets but we don’t want to file a lawsuit but we will if you do not comply with our demands repartee reads the opposite.
He sounds unsure and he comes across as a mental midget looking up at Anthony and the blog in a very weak manner squeaking in his underhanded tone almost wishing Anthony would pull the articles so to end Doran’s headache of Morris and her blundering.

As for legal action I can only wish the prolific Irish News the very best of luck as it would be interesting to see what Google would think of setting a precedent of shutting down a blog because some journalists got their feelings hurt.

Mr. Doran I can respect your position on the matter I also expected a little more integrity I shall leave you with some words of wisdom from one much wiser than I.

“I swore never to be silent whenever and wherever human beings endure suffering and humiliation. We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.”
Elie Wiesel (1928 -)

You done right and by the book there. What were they thinking you were stupid making informal phone calls.

Again, breathless by the attempts of censorship. I am.

Daniel McArdle says:

5:26 PM, September 06, 2013 Reply

Anthony nice to see you brushed up on your writing skills.
" you supporting Allison Morris when you office was picketed by republicans"ha ha telling me off when you write like a retard.

daniel a chara

could you tell me what a retard is?

STEW has left a new comment on your post "NOT CENSORED BY THE IRISH NEWS"

Daniel Mc Ardle aka Fido, please let it go, Allison doesn’t give a flying fcuk about you as she tells every person that’ll listen, so why should you get yourself involved in this debacle she’s created herself, and putting all over Facebook that Anthony is the one giving stories to the Sunday papers?

Have you not noticed from your time on the Quill that Anthony writes what he wants and publishes what others write without worrying about what nasty little comments from weasels like yourself come back with? Why don’t you ask Allison to XXXX trying to get the next story and take up the offer AM has given her of a platform to tell her story uncensored? Sure what has she got to lose, certainly not her credibility, that’s long gone lol.

itsjustmacker has left a new comment on your post "NOT CENSORED BY THE

Seems the big guns are out to destroy you and the TPQ ,
without going to look for the obvious evidence which is in the public domain.

As for the piece on Dolours , the reporter was told to stop, she failed to do so, knowing Dolours was on very high calming prescription drugs.

As for the football match, the photograph says it all, when she should have been at your hearing as the accuser and you the accused, but thought it best to attend a football match, which she gave preference to as
being more important.

What evidence does Noel Doran need? He is an Editor, is
he not?

I am beginning to wonder who has got those unknown named posters to type vile accusations against your good self and Carrie. I could type a name or two, but maybe that would give some people another chance to log your
posters comments as evidence. The Price family have all the evidence when the Irish News reporter was told to stop the interview and leave. That reporter is stated by the family to have refused the family wishes and continued until that
reporter had no choice but to
leave. There then followed some concoction with another reporter regarding the Belfast project tapes which are held at Boston College.

What evidence do the "Irish News" need? They don't have a leg to stand on. I'm sure the family of the late Dolours would not hesitate to go to court to give evidence.

Exhibit A Me Lord!

Morrissey song on You Tube posted by one Allison Morris...

The fact is if the Irish News wants to sue The Pensive Quill then it'll have to include all of us who've commented on it,regarding Morris, as well.

who gives a fuck what she sues?

Hodgins- Paul Campbell its made up oh its not made up.

What about you I mean ur (your) writing skills Anthony? You were quick to jump on me, young kid still going through education Mr Professor! You think your Seamus Heaney your now going to jeopardise financially your home and family being a pretentious old fool- who I am actually feeling sorry for right now and have been having a banter with you on this because #you merry band of followers have amused me.
I hope you don't loose your livelihood its not right seeing you have a family but read through the emails to and from the irish news boy without blinkers ffs who's your lawyer?? Sack him! #howtolooseurhousein5mins can be a channel four show could make some money on that idea- its all yours. Enjoyed the craic guys. Keep the head up and enjoy the football.

Daniel (Fido) whatever you want to call yourself.

I'm just sitting watching the match myself.

But , your not going to see much of it.
Must have taken you minimum of thirty minutes to type that crap out. lol.
Get a life, some on here have done life , if you get my drift.

Noel, Fido, Alison & what ever lawyer is watching..Personally you are fighting with the wrong man. The guy is a Doctor for fcuk sake (makes him better educated than most of us)..Add into the mix he (AM) went to jail for what he believed was right, came through the dirty protest (and all that entails)...

Basically Noel you are fighting a losing battle..

Ask Alison why she could afford a night to two in Glasgow but not afford a night in London (trust me Noel Crashing a night in any major city on this rock is free...)

Fido..grow a pair of balls and take back your remarks..

I would agree that discussion via phone is rather dubious. I hope all works out good for you Anthony.

Frankie, Noel has no intention of asking anything. He knows but doesn't want to know. He has hitched his reputation to a wagon with dodgy wheels and is going nowhere fast in it. In my view it is a complete abdication of editorial responsibility and if he thinks he is up against something as docile as the NUJ chapel at the paper he manages he will soon learn the difference.

Meanwhile the doctor (I admit laughing at that now)is sitting in front of the TV, watching the game with my son, and merrily consuming a bottle of wine graciously given to us with the words 'fuck the Irish News.' That probably makes it all the sweeter! That will earn us another letter from the censor lawyer. But as Johnny Rotten would sing 'we don't care.'


he only used the phone to try and spook us. It was never about anything other than laying the ground for a legal action. Was he so obtuse as to think we would buckle? The bottom line is he can't censor us. We will simply play whackamole with him. If he closes down here, we pop up elsewhere. Injunctions, superinjunctions, fines, jail or whatever, none of it matters. We will continue to report on the failings of his outfit. There is no power in the world can censor the person absolutely determined not to be censored. We have been in the trenches for about 15 years fighting this type of battle. We are more used to it than he is. So what, if he lobs a shell or a genuine Katyusha (admittedly something his paper wouldn't recognise if it was handed in at the reception)? We merely shake ourselves down and come back. What does he do?

The complaints of Doran Grey by Allison Wilde is a novel well worth a read where terrible threats
and rage is made against a scribbler of tales by the tallest news paper that advertised for the invading army of the peoples of their fair land-but the people forgive the paper- but now
the people cant write their own views or the law will be used as well as the quasi legal Fido units at attempts at black op jobs-who will survive-

part two is out soon-

Now now Anthony don't get into a strap about Fido! I think he had his say and he had probably been warned not to entertain this by Allison seeing the court case pending. My numbers is 078xxxxxxxx if you want to confirm or go look at my twitter or facebook that you have already done.
Anthony I have a life don't loose yours over being an idiot, you have went too far in my opinion.
Be proud of yourself murdering in a drive by. I know no other person who has said that he got life or went to jail and boasted about it online, you have let your family down Anthony and your cheap joke at my writing skills have come back and bit me on the bum. I only came on to have a look at the website now its descended into a farce.
If Morris has the beef with you why two foot her and do this- its social media suicide. I'm trying to really trying to say this nicely- what the fuck were u doing and thinking? The band of crazies only fuel your ego and they aren't going to be on the receiving end when this all finishes you and your family are and it won't be much happy for you. Take a breather ffs


and people sometimes ask my why I like you! You make me laugh.

Sorry for writing without your response but just heard another Anthony McIntyre story at our meeting here- do you still fly the American flag outside your house? The socialist that you are! I know ur partner is an uncle sam but that is laughable in republican circles.

Utopia is about to come on so I am off to watch it. You see it yet Michaelhenry? It might appeal to you. I think it is great.


No I have not seen Utopia yet but I seen that last comment about the American flag flying outside your house-[don't know or care if its true or not]but I have attended some Republicans funerals over the years in which the Stars and Stripes
and the Irish National flag was on top of the coffin-one of those funerals was Volunteer Liam Ryan RIP-who was shot dead by pro-british forces in 1989- has Daniel McArdle no respect for our fallen now-and he says it was brought up at a meeting-scary-not-

Daniel (fido) or whatever you want to call yourself , I'm sure Martin Og would distance himself from you even mentioning his name and accusing Anthony of such a thing , If you have proof of such an accusation against Anthony Re Hugh Jordan , put it on here. I think you are bordering on the!!! which can lead to serious mental health problems. As for the Stars and Stripes, there are those of us who could not have done anything without the help of Irish who live under that same flag , and please Remember, I was a very good friend of Martin Og's Father at the start of the war, an Ardoyne Legend Martin Meehan (R.I.P.), I would be very careful of those accusations if I were you. I think you must have been watching the Norn Iron Match and got a few to many realising you were watching the wrong match.

Laughing in Republican circles! I can't imagine anyone laughing on close proximity to you.
What you have brought to this thread has been quite disgraceful and I would find it deeply worrying to think someone like you is being entertained in Republican circles.

Daniel/fido put the bottle down son your drinking yourself into a stumor and writing absolute nonsense, go on home and wait on the other half coming home,id leave a key under the mat though as shes always out working late, really dedicated to the job she is hahahaha cant believe youve actually dragged yourself into this as the whole of your own area know fine well your the eyes and ears of the PSNI/RUC and you have the cheek to attack republicans on this night night wee son, dont wait up

Anthony are you the last to know that Martin Og is Fido's bro in law? Please say you aren't? It would insult you very low intelligence! There is an email knocking about Republicans now in Belfast about yourself from Sunday world naming you as the Sunday World source on ONH! I don't have a hard copy but I will try to get it online.


if you want to read any more of him you need to go over to Bates & Wilkes Central. It is reserved for the trolls and others! We don't advise you to debate there on the simple principle outlined by Mark Twain: Never argue with a fool onlookers may not be able to tell the difference.

That was interesting - I was unaware of the US flag being on the coffin of Volunteer Liam Ryan.

Just wondering if a certain person i know got his injunction order lifted to be anywhere near his partners home, i hope he did, snakes should lie together lol dont know why she put it on him in the 1st place, oops maybe i do, he turned into a stalker after getting ditched, ahh that poor poor guy, now he wants to be her superman lol

TPQ reserves the right to edit comments if they are deemed personally abusive. The attempt by the Irish News to bully TPQ into silence gives rise to strong emotions. We understand that no one likes a bully but that is not a licence for commenters to heap personal abuse or bile onto anyone at the paper. People's personal lives, relationships, family, are of absolutely no concern to us. TPQ is a political blog that permits a full range of opinion but it is going to draw the line at personal abuse. Feel free to criticise Allison Morris all you want on the issues at hand. But the line will be drawn when it comes to sheer abuse.

Apologies for the typo should have said in Republican circles.
Republican circles I'm starting to wonder what that even means anyone?

The next comment to follow has been slightly edited

STEW has left a new comment on your post "NOT CENSORED BY THE IRISH NEWS":
Daniel/Fido, if there is an article to be published in the any of the Sunday papers entertaining your speculation that AM is giving stories to the Sunday World/life (I actually laugh out loud at this notion everytime) then my friend it just goes to show your partner up XXX she is again. She has been offered a platform on the quill to say what she has to say yet she won’t take up this offer. But she’s right and quick going to other so called journalists and asking them to carry stories for her, what a despicable human being that wee girl is, did it every cross your mind why these idiots i.e. Ciaran Barnes and co run with her diatribe? She must be a good a people pleaser XXXX. Poor Fido if you weren’t such a fool we would probably like you here on the quill. Slan for now


the circle that can be ruled out is the circle we used to be in. That is more a circus.

Sad to say I have to agree. But we are what we are and we will continue to be that inspite of the mud slingers from whichever circle.


you can only be guided by what you believe in. And for you that has been a mainstay. Abuse goes with the turf.

It still must stick in your claw. All you have came through and been up against and you have to entertain this dribble. Depressing!

Journalism, or what passes for it today enables the 'west' to tell the world black is white and to be amazed when people begin to see through it after decades of blind acceptance. A profession largely on a par with bankers.

Republicanism it seems to me on this thread has been reduced to those who feed off corpses or other peoples reputations, OR BOTH. On Another Man's Wound or the Croppy Boys 'cousin' seem to the calibre that infests the political landscape.

Chin up Mackers, nothing for you to fret about these days. But continually having to scrape this shite off your shoes must leave you wearisome!

It is troubling that a major Northern newspaper is desperately trying to stifle reasoned scrutiny of the outrageous behaviour of one of its journalists. In my view, the following line from the solicitor's letter is telling:

"Our client has no desire to become embroiled in litigation and would prefer if this matter could be resolved amicably."

In other words, they just want to sweep this whole thing quietly under the rug, hoping the threat of "a claim for substantial damages" will help them to do just that.

Typical bullies.

Notice my name has been mentioned a few times on TPQ a few times in this debate/discussion a chairde....

I don't wish to become involved in this particular debate as everyone has the right to air their views in a fair manner. I have always been treated fairly well by Mackers and TPQ. Likewise, I am related through marriage to Fernando...

Given those facts, it would be wrong of me to comment further. Suffice to say, I hope that matters are resolved properly.

Adh Mhor.


I have to agree with Anthony, that one was a laugh.


I would agree with you sending that youngsters? Comments to the idiots corner though I am not sure he even deserves a place there.


you are on the right mark as the Irish News is showing a half hearted fight that they particularly don’t want. Noel Doran’s exchange with Anthony was carrot and stick and that didn’t seem to go over well so now it is stick and the big Bad Irish News trying to police a blog and silence the articles and the comments.
It is not rational that a news paper would go to the lengths to enforce censorship and deny freedom of speech. I doubt they will bully this one of the internet as they are infringing on the democratic right to free speech. Shameful that a paper would champion censorship talk about cowardly “ if we don’t like what you say about us we shall sic the legal hounds on you.”

Good to see you again mate I hope all is well with you.


the only circles he is ranting about is the spin cycle on a washing machine and judging by the dirt flying around they make their own heads dizzy and delusional.

Best wishes to you and your family.

Ardoyne Republican

you should ask young Daniel why he decided to use your name in his scathing and extremely abusive comments here not to mention threatening.
You could also ask Fido to produce solid evidence to substantiate his claims that McIntyre is the source for a certain rag and also how exactly does he collude with “loyalist death squads?”

Judging by comments elsewhere it would seem you should be well aware of why your name eventually ended up being used by Daniel on the quill.

I am not here to pick on republicans as the Irish News is out to close down this blog if not at least censor it. It is not just a matter for republicans but for all people who believe in the democratic right to free speech.
The Irish News much like Fido have proved zilch and it does look like his only reason for barking would be his alleged connection with a certain female employed at the Irish News.

Tain Bo,
You are probably right, but it so troubling to think people like that are being given air room.
An amusing thought to think of him spinning about in a drum for a few hours especially on a hot wash.

Regards to you and yours also.


I agree with you but it would be more disturbing if they did not air their angry views and at least they are pointless enough to highlight spreading rumours and smears in the name of republicanism.
Anyone with common sense and decency would know better than to speak in such dangerous language.
They are not short of insults but are severely lacking in evidence to support their lies and claims.
The thing I find disagreeable with their posts is they are supporting censorship and the irony falls short of their sight as they have their posts displayed here.
If their posts where rejected that would only give them more fuel for their false fire yet the bright sparks have not figured that out.

Just had a laugh thinking back a few years when you me and Larry would have at it quieter times here on the quill.

All the best

Tain Bo,

"Good to see you again mate I hope all is well with you."

Thanks for your kind wishes. I won't pretend that life has been easy lately, but I'm hanging in there. It is good to be back posting on the Quill too!

Tain Bo
Just taking a break! I never had turbulent times with you it was Larry he loved winding me up.


I understand, unfortunately it is a constant struggle and admittedly I am not a kick in the arse behind you on a similar road. None the less it is great to see you here again.

Best of luck mate.


Sorry, I have been gawking at this computer I just worded that wrong I will blame my specs and not my empty brain. I know we have never had bad words so again sorry I was just thinking things here were a little more civil then… than lately.

Tain Bo,
Yes they were! We all debated and we all fell out but thankfully not for long.
Always managed to stay on your right side, probably because I almost always agreed with everything you said.


very generous words thank you. I don’t think it was a case of right side wrong side I would call it a happy coincidence that we share similar views on republicanism and on other issues, not to forget you are more than capable of holding your own.
I just don’t get the logic of any republican supporting or siding with censorship that would be on par with supporting internment.


'Just taking a break! I never had turbulent times with you it was Larry he loved winding me up'.

The problem with winding you up was I wasn't always starting from a 'genuine' position and ended up more often than not chasing my own tail. Same with my wee 'encounters' with Tain Bo.

All good sport, even if I bit off more than I could chew as often as not. Wee Marty brought me to your door for a big hug a few years ago, sadly you weren't in, (or luckily!).

Some of the remarks on here from 'professional journalists' and their buddies are shameful and worthy of being ignored.

Tain Bo
You always come across as a person that remained level headed and focused no matter how heated the debate gets.
The censorship debate is one thing but D McArdle or whoever he actually is , appeared to be mounting a personal persecution campaign.
It detracted from a logical debate into an attempted smear campaign which was not only untrue but quite offensive to read.

We had some heated ones alright! And I'm sure we will have them again.
I was sorry I missed your visit, probably would have descended into another riff though.
If we all thought the same there would be no point in coming to TPQ. It's the difference, if heated at times that makes it interesting.


'It was never about anything other than laying the ground for a legal action.'

There appears to be no other conclusion to be drawn from the correspondence. The verbiage of ‘alarm’, ‘concern’ and ‘urgency’ leaves one with the distinct impression of legal choreography with Noel Doran discernibly acting under instruction. He cuts a very translucent sock puppet for an already primed 'Defamation and Reputation Management' team tasked with arresting Alison Morris' long and tangled march to the Valhalla of ethical practice.

' I never mentioned the involvement of solicitors'

With the exception of Noel, will anyone buy into the idea that having concluded his correspondence with you on September 04, 2013 at 11:01am and having informed Alison of your refusal to yield, the teary complainant leaves the Irish News building, during her lunch break with a ham filled bagel, makes her way to Johnsons and an ultimatum is crafted and dispatched the same day? In the words of Mencken, ‘It is rumble and bumble. It is flap and doodle. It is balder and dash’


I completely agree with you censorship is one thing a very dangerous thing that only serves to enrich a police state.

I could not engage Daniel as he is a youngster (if not actually Fido) and if he actually is a youngster it would be apparently clear that he is being led by the nose.
That is no excuse for his scathing vicious remarks on Anthony and his family, which went beyond personal and is extremely threatening.
Unfortunately the rumour mill was not just confined to the quill and I pointed that out earlier in a comment with Fido howling at the moon about Anthony being a source for another rubbish rag.

Perhaps his alleged involvement with a certain female reporter at the Irish News could be the reason he is spreading unsupported lies dare I ad maybe a little guilty conscience barking louder to deflect away his own alleged connection with said reporter?
If this is an indication or standard of new republicanism then there is something terrible astray.
Republicans should feel embarrassed by this manner of senseless unprincipled behaviour again I am dumbfounded why republicans let alone any one would side with censorship?

This sideshow of howling at the moon is dangerous and deflects away from the issue of censorship as I said before it is not just a matter for republicans but for society.
Unfortunately those that have chosen to indirectly defend the Irish News by attacking Anthony and his family are blinded by their own anger and cannot or will not see the evil off censorship.


'Morrissey song on You Tube posted by one Allison Morris...'

Morrissey's 'You Know I Couldn't Last' per chance? or 'I Have Changed My Plea To Guilty'?
More likely 'This Charming Man'

'Punctured bicycle on a hillside desolate'

@Tain Bo, whether Daniel is or not Fernando Murphy is really irrelevent chara. As everyone who knows him also know that he has always been non-political and isn't in anyway a 'new republican' as you claim.

As for what he has said/posted or written. I'm not here to defend or condemn anyone. Suffice to state that he is an adult and can defend himself.

Like I said before, I hope the entire issue facing Mackers can be sorted properly? I do know what it's like to have allegations at and it isn't easy but he has faced worst and came out the other side.

TainBo was actually responding to a comment I made about this person Daniel/ Fido whoever?
I inturn was responding to a comment McArdle made about moving in Republicsn circles! Whether he is new, old, recycled or reconditioned matters not it was fact that he was implying he moves in these circles that we found disturbing.

He was anything but a knight in shinning armour. If he was your only defence you would rather throw yourself on the mercy of the court or the crowd.
Absolutely awful that someone would stoop so low as to attack a family and all because they are defending their right to be heard.

Free Thomas McWilliams Now

I get the impression fido/whoever is either worse for the wear of the hooch (no crime in my book) or worse and much more worrying, simply of seriously low intelligence. THAT makes me concerned for Alison Morris all the more should it be the case.

Someone in whatever bar/s he frequents should give the poor guy a hug and comfort him. On the bright side, the educational threshold for a career seems to have been reduced significantly. Surprising given the huge pool of unemployed talent available for the likes of the Irish News to be recruiting from. Am I missing something?


We certainly did have a few ding-dong little 'debates'. But that was when I thought you were adorned in blue doc martin boots, a skinhead and possibly gross body piercings and a snarl on your face against all men. Now that I've seen a photo of you looking all cute, blonde and pretty I couldn't bring myself to be 'bad'. Seeing that photo has destroyed my 'fantasy'.

Not quite sure to answer that! Sorry the fantasy is in tatters but I'm sure we will still have a few ding dongs.


I am laughing at another happy coincidence it is starting to sound like a few years back.

As always I appreciate your input as this is one of those issues that should be a non-issue.
I was a tad confused but well aware of the reason my remark seemed to be in dispute.
I made the comment and will stand by it as it is absolutely beyond reason for such vicious attacks.

It is said that every Squirrel has its nut but every now and then you will find the odd one or more that keep on digging and digging on impulse long after they have forgot or distorted what they had been digging for in the first place.
I would prefer not to be engaging in this side issue as the real issue of censorship is more relevant.

Speaking of which it is the quill so I am certain my reply will not be stifled as long as Anthony deems it responsible and fair enough for publication.
Honestly if you reread the comment it sounds absurd juxtaposing indirect neutrality with indirect matter of self-serving fact stance.
I can see and understand having a go at someone or thing but this issue is meritless and is completely lacking in common decency.

Free Thomas Williams,
I shall remain highly dubious of the sincerity in your salutation with good reason as your comment is something of a contradiction in terms bordering on an enigma obviously I am exaggerating as it is extremely clear your reasoning for addressing me.
You have taken personal umbrage at my original comment mentioning your friend Fernando spreading lies elsewhere which just happened to be directed at Anthony which you are more than aware of.

Your false pretence for your first comment regarding your name being tossed about on the quill was pretentiously transparent as the only one mentioning your name was indeed yours truly Fernando/Daniel?
Did you at least inquire as to why your foolish friend felt the need to mention you?

You will have to grant me a fool’s pardon as I am one of the many that have no knowledge or interest in gaining knowledge of Fernando/Daniel.

Here is where it gets a little confusing and by no means am I promoting the Queen’s English However from:
@ Tain Bo too the other side.
Rings of a very confusing authoritarian tone that sounds vaguely familiar although completely unnecessary as you are just repeating that which you already stated minus the part about Fido/Daniel using your name.

He would appear relevant enough to bring you to his aide slightly contradicting giving him legitimacy and then irrelevance in the same line?
The fact that he is non political I have to take at face value as Daniel/Fernando certainly was not talking about the washing.
If you feel that excuses him and his outlandish claims and behaviour then by all means defend him by not defending him.
You clarified that Fernando is Daniel which is of no importance to me however one may be judged by the company one keeps and Fernando and his duplicity (or is it a genuine split personality disorder) does not reflect well as If I take your word that he has no political interest then he definitely must be hearing political sounding allegations from others?

That is rather vague of you again in the transparent manner as you say you are not here to defend or condemn what was said or written then exactly why are you addressing me?
Why the sudden absence of Fernando and why is he not addressing me not that I have any wish to engage anyone over his foolishness. I am well aware of the answer.

I would ask you to reread my comment as I did not address anyone as a new republican a moot point as irrelevant people saying irrelevant things can be lost in translation and much of what I say may well fall short of the mark due to my substandard education.

Honestly my preference would be not having this discussion but I feel obligated to reply as you address me.


Again confusion you seem to green light the Fido’s of the world when you somehow manage to imply that Anthony has been trough worse are you suggesting he and his family somehow deserve such harassment on the grounds he has been through worse?

“Like I said before, I hope the entire issue facing Mackers can be sorted properly?”

I am not even sure what that means as it lacks genuine conviction in your concern and the question mark makes it sound iffy.
I would refer you to any of the comments your friend has made and you could honestly tell me that you remain neutral to his abusive slurs?

If anyone of my friends were behaving in that manner I would certainly ask them politely to wind their neck in and close the curtains.

I will be as clear as possible I speak for myself and no one else I would have had no interest in Fido if he had not made dangerous accusations and even if he is non-political that does not excuse him.
I would think that his political friends would have the decency to inform him that spreading unfounded rumours is bound to be challenged at one juncture or another.

All you have managed to convince me of is that Fido was or is just the delivery service and not the manufacturer.
I would not think unfounded scurrilous accusation would be considered principled in any circles’ well maybe amongst the unscrupulous so I will stand by my comments.

I trust in Anthony’s discretion and as always will wait to see if my response is considered fit and fair enough for publication.

I thought the author (Free Thomas mcWilliams) did not realise your comment was actually a follow on from or a reply to what I had said. Where I found it confusing, was the fact that the response should have been diirected at a few of us .All that aside always happy to take your part.


it is a stretch to claim neutrality when obviously my comment seemed to promote an unwarranted response the Fido issue should have been done and forgotten.
I think my reply should shed some light on the unnecessary issue and as far as I am concerned it would be foolish to lend Fido merit by any further exchange.
If others take offense at my lightweight comments that is their call as it is definitely nothing personal on my part and as I stated I felt obligated to respond.
If common sense comes into play that should be the end of this as I couldn’t be any clearer I don’t wish to engage in another futile argument that should never have seen the light of day.

I know you don't want to carry it on. I was just puzzled why it was your comment that was scrutinised when several people including me also said it?
But your right! It does not deserve further attention.


the reason my comment was singled out is simple. I merely highlighted that the same threats and dangerous language had been noted on other websites.
That brought a response from the one person who is aware of the fact that the smearing is going on.
Instead of offering proof or bringing it to an end he seems to be upset that I pointed out that “this behaviour is unprincipled and definitely not republican.”
I made no false accusation and still believe the rumour mill should either put up the proof as without it these issues grow a life of their own pointlessly going around in a vicious circle or at least give it a rest.

As I stated all he has done is prove that Fido in is non-political, political rants is just a carrier and not the creator. The rest is basically for interested readers to decide.

You hit the nail on its proverbial head and sadly that's what put you in the line of fire.
Doubt you'll lose too much sleep..


I would have been content to let the foolishness drop as I only highlighted what I see as a truth and my hand was forced to either call it out or remain silent.

There is nothing wrong with people having a go but there is definitely something wrong when people choose to spread and defend dangerous lies.

On a lighter note as heavily medicated as I am nowadays staying awake can be a challenge. I would like to think common sense shall prevail and this pointless exercise will have run its course.

Thanks again I do value your input.

Tain Bo,
Just being a friend as you have been to me. People can't always agree, difference is what makes people and debates interesting. All of us here on the Quill have clashed and will clash again it's par for the course.
But your right Tain Bo sometimes it's best to leave people in the hope that sense will prevail, if only for your own peace of mind.


certainly we should disagree when necessary although there is a limit when debate is off the rails and has the potential to become a disaster at that point I would question myself.

Am I just entertaining foolishness or is there anything positively constructive to come out of it.
On this issue I see no objective and although I am still open for debate it remains pointless when dealing with slurs and insults.
I made a factual observation and made my case what replies come in my direction from it I will deal with I will decide if it is worthy of a response and if so will respond responsibly and as cordial as one can be under the circumstances.
Nula, I can’t recall ever being at odds with you but with a bit of luck and longevity perhaps we shall get the chance to have it from opposing angles though upon saying that I would still value your friendship more than I would the notion of me being right.
Again, I hope common sense prevails and the issue is swept aside as there are many more relevant issues at hand.

Thanks and my best regards

I don't think the author of the insults, Mc Ardle or whoever is into positive or constructive criticism.
It's this hidden or rather veiled threat that I found churning.
'Republicans in Belfast, republican circles, emails knocking around, hard copies'
These people who have just happened along,seriously must think people sit quaking at their murky threats or impressed by their links to this that and the other?
They must think the rest of us just happened by on a bloody bubble up the Lagan.
Like you my friend, I hope it's over and we hear more puppy dog tales than bigger dogs snarls.


You sum it up not hearing another yelp would be ideal at least on the surface as for behind closed doors, that is another matter though if the mill starts grinding at least we aware of the direction it comes from.

I am still baffled as to why a non-political person would be fed rubbish and regurgitate it.
There are a lot wiser than me that should rubbish the idea of entreating lies and slurs.

It's the behind the door stuff I ignore. It's okay causing mayhem in cyber world. I much prefer people who can reiterate in the cold light of day. Few do!


I thought with good reason common sense would override personal pride then again I enjoy fooling myself as the omnipotence albeit false power the internet gives some they prefer to act in the name of republicanism and in the same breath deny it is anything to do with republicanism.

A little bit of the same smear campaign as promised by Fido and his handlers:

1. Ardoyne Blogger ‏@ArdoyneBlogger 5h
“TPQ @ AnthonyMcIntyre after24 hours and your refusal to comment it speaks volumes to Republicans YOU ARE the SUNDAY WORLD TOUT”

Since Ardoyne republican offered an awkward defense by not defending his wee doggy Fido it left him in a very strange position.
It is by no means a coincidence that the smear campaign went into high gear when a certain female journalist took a bit of flak for not defending her claims against Anthony.
It is simple to follow the trail of this little motley crew.

My offer to sweep it under the rug fell on deaf ears as how dare I challenge their self-imposed authority.
I don’t think I am of the mark by stating which seems to be the obvious reason for this buck-eejit to be taking the mantle and defending shall I say a female reporter that obviously is very near and dear to his wee heart .
Are these loud threats again to deflect attention away from their own dealings with the proverbial Trojan horse nameless female reporter?

The internet is fantastic but I know many people do not use it for one reason are another I was and have been thinking an open letter to various news papers will inform many of this behaviour.

I took a stand at what I see as wrong and called out the ring leader who in my opinion is bringing shame to his door disgrace to the people of Ardoyne and disrepute to principled Irish republicans and republicanism.

For now I will keep the gloves on and once again ask all those seedy individuals involved bring forth the evidence or stop putting a man’s life in danger fool yourselves but republicanism does not need to be used by those with a self-serving agenda.

'Sunday World Tout'
If ever there was a paper that did not rely on touts, sources or anything other than hot air, it's the Sunday World.
Realistically, the only thing accurate is the date and even then it's worth checking.

'It speaks volumes to Republicans'
More like valium for Republicans, because that's what should be prescribed for anyone having to listen to it.

Keep the gloves on TainBo, there appears to be a cessation or maybe it is just the valium kicking in.


those few lines made me laugh and it is good to laugh at these idiots. That was just snip of the latest so I sincerely doubt they have any intentions of ending their self- inflicted embarrassment.

I don’t stray too far from the quill so when these smears are posted elsewhere they are forwarded on to me as my friends are more up to date with navigating through the maze of political bantering on the web.

Considering the ring leader addressed me I feel obligated to highlight this petty vindictive behaviour and have no problem challenging their foolishness and showing how irresponsible they are.

Anthony is their target so I would ask them to bring their facts here and debate it in a fair and realistic fashion instead of feeling proud and powerful posting smears on whatever websites they visit.

Gloves are always on Nula, I just love a wee gamble and especially a good game of poker. It is not so much about winning or losing for me but I enjoy the fact that I may have nothing in my hand or I could have a strong hand to play?
I have called their bluff now it is time for them to show their collective hand or fold.

They thought they were opening their own brand of Pandora's box but all that came out was more hot air.
It never had the desired effect if anything it re-bounded.

A sad state of affairs made sadder by the fact that those who could have stopped it mid flow seemed happy enough to side track the issue.

It's lost it's sting and ithe initial interest.
In gambling terms it just might have folded.


I wouldn’t be entertaining it apparently Anthony done a number on me in some rag and that should be more than enough reason for them to go play with the fowl in the Waterworks!

How Anthony managed to pull that one off would be up there with Jesus walking on water as the only one time I would have been in his company was by proxy as I had my brother pick up a few copies of his book I think it was at Linen Hall can’t remember.

I would think the village elders would be tired of hearing how the village idiot keeps on having his lies exposed by none other than himself and his fellow inquisitors

Clue number one should have been easy I always address him as Anthony unlike those who actually know him refer to him as Mackers.
Apparently we may be in the presence of a Wizard as he somehow randomly picked me and managed to have a newspaper run an imaginary article that in some way exposed me and that is not even the interesting part, the only people that can see these invisible articles are the yours truly gifted few.

I refer back to your earlier comment of throwing yourself at the mercy of the court if given a choice between standing with these eejits at the corner of Flax Street or standing across the road at Crambrai street wearing a Celtic top amongst the loyalists I think the latter would be less brutal.

It's the platitudes that get me and the references to Republicanism.
As you rightly said, let them come and have their debates air their gripes and move on! But they don't, they fester and agitate and drip feed all those who are seemingly taken in by the them.
Republicanism is being dragged through the gutter and Republicans are bearing the brunt of much the viciousness that leaks from these people.


you are right it is self-serving and anti republican careful love they might do an imaginary news paper article on you for sharing the same disgust at their ridiculous antics I say that laughing as if they did then I would take it personal and have at them properly.
And to think so much was lost for so few and now more is being lost for even fewer.

These morons would make the British dirty tricks department proud.
It would seem pointless for this rabble to continue not that they had a point to begin.

They are an embarrassment and seem to delight in exposing their own smear campaign as nothing but lies which speaks volumes for their incompetence.
All this has done is convince me that a certain individual enjoys acting in a very threatening manner which would prove that the only thing he is capable of running with any efficiency is his mouth that he does with a fork tongue and an overdose of venom.

Surely they have to be laughed at as it has gained no attention that would matter and has been banished to the sewer here and the only reason I continue is I was singled out perhaps rather hastily I believe my reaction was underestimated.

It’s not a difficult choice end the lies or defend the


I don't want to leave any confusion.

"It’s not a difficult choice end the lies or defend the lies."

I have always had great friends and it does tend buffer you against most of this stuff.

I couldn't care less what is being said about me as, I said earlier few of these people will say anything to a person's face, it's all cyber hype and dribble.
The Internet has provided certain people with a format to undermine and spin in an anonymous way, it protects them and it makes the target even more vulnerable.

What sort of person taunts someone about losing their home?
Most decent people would be horrified to think of a family losing their home. The fact that this family already lost a home under similiar circumstances i.e exposing lies makes it even more gross .

Hope the isn't the quiet before another storm! Hopefully is the sign of people catching themselves on.


I just find these sorts of crusaders particularly sinister by nature. This is how they defend a journalist with lies and more lies.
Attacking a man is one thing ( not that they have reason) but attacking his family and home leaves little doubt as to their desperation seems to be quite trendy amongst the defenders of their princess journalist lie and lie until you believe your own rubbish.

I would hope it’s not a lull before the storm as their already self-inflected battered Armada will ultimately end up sinking itself.
The Oracle at the temple of Delphi would predict it would be prudent to sail away from the storm and leave it far behind.

I am more than willing to have the inquisitors come here and openly debate it with just me.

Apologies that my reply is not only full of typos but omitted words.
Phone texting not always a good idea.
I was trying to say straight up, face to face and being candid is not their way.
They hide in airey fairy land and fight the cyber battle, then in the cold light of day reality sets in.

Who cares what they say, record or flood the net with. Real people have their say and move on.
They have had an adequate opportunity to answer.
Best letting it filter out.


I understood your comment I was done with this before it started let’s hope it filters out.

Alison Morris has some cheek to talk about "false, defamatory, and harassing material" In 2010 she wrote an article claiming my the just sentenced Republican brother was the main suspect in murder, had been on the run etc, etc, and not a word about it and wouldn't retract either,Karma must have came back round for her.


her particular brand of reporting is usually lacking in facts to her credit she has a great imagination probably wasted on journalism as she would be better at writing fairytales


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