Wednesday, July 3, 2013

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This & That: Take 22

Upsetting the Cardinal

In a welcome move the Dail has passed the first stage of the Protection of Life during Pregnancy Bill by 138 votes to 24. The Catholic right despite blustering pronouncements failed to mobilise significant opposition, finding real succour only in the ranks of Fianna Fail, the bulk of whose TDs voted contrary to party leader Micheal Martin.

Despite the anti-liberal lobbying of Lucinda Creighton, Fine Gael only faced a rebellion by four of its members in the Dail. They have now been told to clear off. While Micheal Martin, having little option, allowed a free vote it will be interesting to see what sanction Sinn Fein employs against its one rebel TD, Peadar Tobin. The former republican party had sought to impose the party line on its TDs compelling them to vote in a progressive manner.

The bill is now being discussed before the health committee prior to another vote sometime next week after possible amendments have been introduced.

Cardinal Brady, a man with a poor history as regards the protection of children has expressed his concern at the progress of the bill. In a statement today he said ‘this Bill represents a legislative and political "Trojan Horse" which heralds a much more liberal and aggressive abortion regime in Ireland.’ Great.  Liberal yes. And if by aggressive the cardinal means the aggressive defence or assertion of women’s rights, then that is no bad thing. Although, in truth, we know only too well the cardinal and his cronies are opposed to women’s rights and favours them being aggressively pushed back.

Getting Granda into Heaven

Molesting priests will go to some lengths to bamboozle their child victims. But serial abuser James Martin Donaghy seems to have come up with something novel. He told the 7 year old he had his lecherous eye on that he could get his dead grandfather a transfer from Purgatory to Heaven if the child would perform some sex act on him. But it was dependent on Cardinal Brady’s old trick – silence. If the child told anyone the transfer could not go ahead.

In a sense it was as honest a promise about the affairs of the afterlife as the rest of the guff spewed out by religion. It was just infinitely more egregious because of its selfish malign intent perpetrated out of no theological reason and solely driven by sexual gratification.

Last year a Belfast court sent this clerical fiend down for ten years. Judge Patrick Lynch told him he was a "ruthless individual" and "sexual predator" who used his "domineering personality" to abuse children.

And to think that the rights of women are more abhorrent to the clergy than the actions of a brute like Donaghy.

Hiding the Money

Despite all the pro-life waffle from the Catholic right, Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York has shown what many regard as the real attitude of the Church hierarchy towards the lives of children.

Documents released today in Milwaukee show that Catholic church leaders, including then archbishop Timothy Dolan, deliberately transferred $59 million to a trust in order to protect it from the claims of people who had been sexually abused by local priests. In a letter to a Vatican official, Dolan, now cardinal archbishop of the Archdiocese of New York, explains that the move will provide "improved protection of these funds from any legal claim and liability."

Dolan wrote his letter six years ago at a time when the Church was facing lawsuits that would have seen its money going to more worthy causes than it was used to endorsing. He wanted to ensure that a vile rape cartel would escape financial liability for its crimes against children. A real Goodfella.


michaelhenry said...


" It will be interesting to see what sanction Sinn Fein employs against its one rebel TD,Peader Tobin "

I support free speech and people should be allowed to do their own thing but in politics a person has to follow party policy-I hope Peadar gets less than a slap on the wrist for this even though I support Womans choice myself-to me this bill does not go far enough-

Saying that I have helped to campaign for Peadar in the past and I would have no problem going around the doors for him in the future-

AM said...


he is very able and articulate. One of their better media performers down here.

I don't see why a person should follow party policy but then again that's probably why you won't find me in parties.

I think he is wrong but don't think he should be booted out of any party for it.

marty said...

Great to see democracy in action for once and not the slavish following of the whim of the catholic church,hopefully another nail in the coffin of that paedo ring,a victory for everyone here not just womens rights I think.ya have to hand it to Donaghy "giz a blow job and I,ll get yer granda into heaven" I,ve been trying that line all week and all I,ve jot is a sore beak,
grandson born last night in an ambulance between Peterhead and Aberdeen,is this the start of the Irish re conquest of Scotland? we,ll do anything for a yes in the independence referendum.!

AM said...


congrats to you and Marie on the birth of your grandchild. And in such circumstances. Hope all are fine.

marty said...

Thanks a cara,
Bob doh brains rang Gerry Itwasntme and said"Doh I,ve just got this new coat from the house of Fraser,orginal price was £200 and I got it for £25,they said it was slightly imperfect,but doh I,ve had a good look at it all over and the only thing that I can find is that one of the sleves is slightly longer than the other two doh"!

marty said...

Pope John Paul 2nd is to be made a saint after two confirmed miracles have been attributed to him.the first ,the healing of a south American nun who prayed to him after he died was cured of her illness,the second, the fact that he was able to turn invisible the largest collection of child rapists until after he died.

itsjustmacker said...


To the grace of god for small miracles , to have identical twins , in this case two sets. more money for the church, new photos arriving of the latest saint, only £2.99. lol

frankie said...

HMS Perfidious Albion

So much for no strategic interests.

frankie said...

Grouch, if the independent state of Sardonia hasn't yet got a flag..Can I suggest this