Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Something needs to be done and done soon

The following information pack has been distributed by Derry campaigner Pauline Mellon.

Please share the attachment, video and website link below with your contacts.


This lady has suffered long enough. She needs to go home.

Done soon will not be soon enough. This should never have happened. In case some of us are inclined to forget what the Brit state actually is in essence when the avuncular veneer is peeled back have a read at the brilliant book by Ian Cobain: Cruel Britannia. This is the best non fiction book I have read since Guerrillas and Generals by Paul Lewis. A searing indictment of the long standing British state tradition of torture. The book cannot be recommended highly enough. I will review it shortly.

Vindictive as they always have been,British sense of fair play and justice is weighed against how powerful the opponent is,in the case of Marian and indeed Martin they have little or nothing to defend themselves with.British justice is a myth always has been always will be!

Sadly, it is with deep regret that Dolours Price, has been found dead at her home in Malahide, County Dublin.


Dolours PriceFound dead

this country is still under John Bulls Tyranny. After the sad news of Dolours lets see what the brit heart is really made of, Marian should be released today to grieve with her family.

Dolores Price has passed on,rest in peace kid..

All this on top of the sad news today of Dolours' death which will only compound Marian's suffering.

Can't imagine what she's going through today.

Our deepest sympathy to Marian and the entire Price family circle on the death of Dolours. I am deeply honoured to have known her and am so sad at her passing


justice is invariably wrenched from the British. They don't serve it up on a plate because they are of a mind to. Marian is an example of that. And they hounded Dolours relentlessly through the subpoenas while conveniently covering up their own activity during the conflict.

When I told my mother of Dolores's passing,she wept genuine tears. RIP Dolores.


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