Tuesday, December 4, 2012

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Doing the Taliban proud

Maryam Namazie with a piece that originally featured on her own blog on 20 November 2012 

The bad news is that a Pakistani court has sentenced 25 year old Hazrat Ali Shah to death for blaspheming against Mohammed and the Koran during a quarrel in his village in northern Pakistan in March 2011. Mother of five Asia Bibi also remains in prison whilst appealing her death sentence for ‘derogatory’ comments about Mohammad.

At least Pakistan has dropped blasphemy charges against 14 year old Rimsha for allegedly burning verses of the Koran (most likely only because the imam in question has tampered with the evidence).

Now all that the government needs to do (in this matter) is to rescind the blasphemy legislation altogether and immediately free all those imprisoned on blasphemy charges.

Isn’t it ironic how the Pakistani government tries to give itself a more humane portrayal by defending Malala Yousefzai vis-a-vis the Taliban whilst simultaneously issuing blasphemy rulings that would make the Taliban proud? If the Taliban and their Islamist brethren could, they would easily and legally sentence Malala to death for blasphemy.

Not that they aren’t trying.

The disgusting Sharia4Pakistan has called for Malala to be put on ‘trial in a Shariah court for the crimes she has been accused of’ – which according to them include insulting and belittling Islam and espionage!

By the way, Al-Mohajiroun – and the British Islamist Anjem Choudhary – are even holding a conference on 30 November to issue their fatwa against Malala and more.

Well it is a fight after all. They want to defend their medieval and barbaric rules in the face of the immense tide of support for Malala with their usual threats and fatwas.

What they haven’t realised is that they have already lost…


itsjustmacker said...
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marty said...

Sad to see anyone suffering for ANY god none of whom exist.

itsjustmacker said...


Just Google , "Inquisition".

I'm sure you will get a shock at the corrupt way my own church treated those who did not believe.
Now that all that has ended, Its sad to see It is still in force under Shariah law, that is so medieval in this modern society. Its sad that Hazrat Ali Shah has been sentenced to death, may his God look down upon him and free him from this agony.

Deleted previous post because of "Her" "Him" inaccuracy.

marty said...

I hear that the pope is now on twitter,twitter is 6 years old so that makes perfect sense...

larry hughes said...

I see four guys in their forties arrested in Derry with an improvised rocket launcher. Similar it seems to those used in Iraq and Afghanistan. Well, the dissident republican elite are in good company then.

Though at forty odd years of age running around with what were 'wobbly-wobblys' back in 'the day' defies reason. Not much danger of a green sharia law anytime soon methinks.

B+B until the pension for those four. 3 square meals and remote control satalite tv...