Tuesday, July 3, 2012

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Frighteningly Familiar

Martin Galvin in a letter to the Irish News on 2nd July responds to D Moore regarding the ongoing imprisonment of Irish republicans by the British state.   

 A chara,

It was frighteningly familiar to read D Moore’s claim that campaigners for Republican prisoners are “worse than the British holding people as political prisoners”, and invoking the H-Blocks to make his point. British officials in 1981 claimed I treated the Hunger Strikers as “pawns” to raise money for those they termed “criminal godfathers of the IRA.” It was a laughable British ploy to defend indefensible policies by blaming Thatcher’s H-Block victims and their supporters. It is not laughable to see any Republican stoop to British ploys to divert us from backing Republican prisoners.
I agree with D Moore that Republican prisoners deserve a “broad spectrum of support” and commended the Sinn Fein ex-prisoners who marched for Marian Price, as a step in that direction. I again acknowledge Sinn Fein statements for prisoners during its Ard Fheis, in Stormont and at Maghaberry.

However Marian and Martin Corey are still interned by license. Gerry McGeough is still in Maghaberry on 31 year old charges, while British troopers enjoy an undeclared amnesty for Bloody Sunday and the Ballymurphy Massacre. Republican prisoners still suffer the same naked brutality that Bobby Sands and Brendan Hughes resisted, despite the August 2010 mediated agreement. Clearly efforts by all sources have not yet moved the British. 
How would any broad campaign proceed without urging more from all supporters, including Sinn Fein, and without being labeled “worse than the British” for questioning the implications of arrogant British refusals? Should this broad spectrum tell Republican prisoners to “do their whack” and be happy with statements and purported “heavy lifting”? Should Republicans be claiming credit now while the prisoners suffer?  

Paterson says he jailed Martin and Marian on recommendation of Ford’s parole commissioners and that Ford orders the brutal strip-searches. Can we not ask Republicans who jointly appointed Ford to act?

How do we trust promises of support for Republican prisoners, accompanied by letters slandering prisoner campaigns?

Surely with his knowledge of the H-Block campaign, D Moore remembers how Republicans repeatedly called on the SDLP to withdraw from councils or assemblies and charged that staying within the British administration made the SDLP accomplices to the crown’s H-Block brutality. Was Sinn Fein right?

The British believe Sinn Fein is now so tightly wedded to its offices that the party will never divorce themselves from the regime, no matter what tender mercies the British mete out to Republican prisoners.

There could be no better confidence building measure in any genuine search for dialogue with other Republicans, than proving the British wrong and winning justice for Republican prisoners. 


itsjustmacker said...

There is nothing I could add to Martins Excellent straight to the point Letter, Except, I agree with everything he has written.
I am dumfounded that a so called republican as D. Moore could even think of writing such crap, his head must have been between his legs at the time he wrote this, "that campaigners for Republican prisoners are “worse than the British holding people as political prisoners”.

I think he will be sitting saying to himself, WTF, I didn't have to say that!!!!, thinking of the consequences, I for one hope he gets severe backlash from it from all Republicans. He should be ashamed to call himself a Republican, sounds more like a naturalised British Subject to me.

marty said...

Sounds like a shinner to me itsjustmackers,just normal qsf shit.

eddie said...

I know I shouldnt be shocked/surprised however it is hard to believe that someone could be that crass....can anyone provide a link to the Dale Moore article? Was he a H Block prisoner?

Dixie said...

Poor D Moore. Dale was shafted when a job he had applied for within PSF was given to a young niece of the McCartneys who wasn't qualified for the job.

In a fit of pique Dale resigned from the Queen's own Shinners, followed by his sister. However it wasn't long before both made their way back into the ranks to gather up whatever crumbs still dropped to the lowest levels.

In fact he decided to commute back and forth to Belfast rather than remain with those in Derry who had 'looked after their own first'.

Dale is known in Derry mainly as a PSF letter writer who's corresponce often smacked of one who craved the attention of those above. I wouldn't be surprised if his recent offering of more of the same.

Gerry it's me...Dale. Dale Moore!!

Sad really.

AM said...

Picket this Saturday

AM said...

From Helen McClafferty:

July 4th and Gerry McGeough

It gives me great pleasure to celebrate the 4th of July tomorrow. At least I have the consolation in knowing that we drove the British out and we never gave up until we were free. Freedom comes at a price and we must never forget that Gerry McGeough was one of the many brave men and women who dedicated their lives to the cause of Irish freedom and achieving the peace that now exists today. It sincerely troubles me to know that justice has escaped Gerry and his family, especially knowing he supports peace. It is up to all of us now to ensure that Gerry’s dedication to the cause of Irish freedom was not in vain. We must not allow the British to continue their campaign of injustice against him and other Irish republicans. If we are going to “move on” then there should be no doubt that Gerry, Marian and Martin Corey need to be immediately included in that process as well.

As Irish Americans, we must also stand firm in our commitment to put a stop to British Government interference in our country's academic freedoms as witnessed in their blatant sealed subpoenas of the Belfast Project Oral History Archives at Boston College.

Helen McClafferty
Chairperson - USA
Free Gerry McGeough Campaign

AM said...

From Helen McClafferty:

Since the Ruling went against Gerry McGeough in his Judicial Review Appeal this week there has been a massive increase in sectarian intimidation against him in Maghaberry prison. Other Republican prisoners are also suffering the consequences of sectarian brutality in the run up to July 12th. There is now a major clampdown against Republicans.

A letter posted by Gerry McGeough on Monday with details of a statement to be read out on his behalf at the AOH Convention in the USA at the weekend is being withheld by authorities in Maghaberry Prison. He mentioned during a tapped phone call that he had posted his statement which was then to be forwarded to the AOH. His post has not arrived.